Quick eSelling E-Commerce Platform Review 2022: Pros & Cons

Quick eSelling Platform

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Verdict: Quick eSelling is an e-commerce platform that contains all the tools you need to build a successful online retail store and make your existing store more popular. Quick eSelling e-commerce platform is suitable not only for traders running business online, but also for photographers, artists, and designers who want to expand the range of services and attract more people to their seminars, courses, and educational training.

The notable feature is that Quick eSelling is based on a SaaS platform, so you can easily transform retail stores, taking advantage of e-commerce possibilities. Thus, you can quickly and easily create your own fully-fledged and well-established business. 

  • Doesn’t require a programming background
  • Allows creating a fully manageable store
  • Manage your business using a single CRM
  • Integrates with leading payment services
  • Built-in QR code scanner
  • A complete set of functions is paid
quick eselling platform interface

Quick eSelling is an ideal platform for e-commerce needs, using which you can launch, manage, and optimize your online store. The platform contains premium-quality themes for your website, an intuitive backend, tons of marketing tools, a customizable interface, and a host of other features that make it easy to build a successful store.

Quick eSelling Platform Main Features

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Quick eSelling is one of the most convenient e-commerce platforms, which is suitable for managing business on the go. You can easily make changes, modify banners, highlight the latest promotions, add or update sections without special programming skills. So, you don’t have to be a tech-savvy photographer to start and promote your photography business.

Efficient Business Management from Any Device

quick eselling platform desktop and mobile

Quick eSelling is a cross-platform tool that can serve as a website builder for photographers. You can easily manage your store from computer, phone, or tablet, resolving burning issues on the go. Quick eSelling e-commerce platform contains many instruments, which makes it extremely popular among beginner and experienced users.

In addition to a customizable interface and great layout, you can promote your store with powerful digital marketing tools like push notifications, coupon codes, emails, SMS, daily leads to attract clients, and more. Besides, this hosted ecommerce platform integrates with leading payment gateways such as PayPal, Paytm, Razorpay, 2Checkout, and others.

quick eselling platform payment gateways

If you do business, using mobile devices, you can use hyperlinks to link your marketing materials to a real product, thus increasing sales conversion. Moreover, with the help of reliable website hosting for photographers, you can integrate a special search feature, so your buyers will find the needed service/product quicker.

Social media integration allows potential customers to log into the system, using their social media account, as well as share their experiences, describe products, and services on social networks. You can also integrate voice search and live chat into your store, and provide multilingual or multicurrency support.

Sales Increase With the Help of QR Scanner

quick eselling platform qr code scanner

This e-commerce shopping cart software allows you to use a QR-code scanner to boost your sales and improve client service. The visitors of your online store can scan QR-codes or bar codes with the help of QR-code generator software. This way, you can quickly analyze the profitability of your business in the app. With the help of this feature, you can attract new clients and improve your marketing ROI.

If you use QR-codes in your advertising campaigns, your clients will be able to scan ads in printed media to be directly redirected to your mobile app. Besides, the mobile QR scanner is the most effective method of encouraging impulse purchases.

Powerful CRM For Website Management

quick eselling platform crm

The Quick eSelling e-commerce platform has a wide selection of analytics tools that will help you meet your clients’ needs and make their shopping experience more enjoyable. This e-commerce development company provides effective marketing solutions and prepares useful reports that will help you analyze your sales, traffic, and online store performance.

With it, you can easily manage your listings and orders, customize themes, integrate your website with social networks and delivery services. In the dashboard, you will find information about the top-selling products and services.

В2В eCommerce Selling System

quick eselling platform b2b

In addition, Quick eSelling allows you to use an integrated B2B eCommerce selling system. You will get access to a professionally developed product catalog template. Besides, you can easily boost your profits by setting the minimum order number for bulk purchases.

Thanks to the Express Order system, you can track and manage orders, history, transactions, and discounts. The Quick eSelling e-commerce platform has in-built marketing tools that include push notifications and email newsletters, which allow your clients and suppliers to learn about your newest products. You can manage several online stores from your admin dashboard.


quick eselling platform price

Quick eSelling offers 4 plans to choose from. You can use a free plan, which allows you to create a responsive website on a sub-domain and get a native android app. Users have to pay a 5% transaction fee and can post listings of 1,000 products.

All three paid plans include the options of the free plan and have extra advantages. After paying $199/month for the Standard plan, you won’t need to pay a transaction fee. You will get your own domain and push notifications for apps. With this plan, you can create up to 5,000 product listings. The most popular Pro plan costs $399/month. It includes all the options covered by the Standard plan and allows you to create apps for iOS, iPad, and Android tablets. With it, you can create listings for 5,000 products.

The Premium plan costs $599/month and includes all the features covered by the Pro plan. Besides, it supports ERP integration and allows you to create an unlimited number of listings. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager.


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