How to Get Pixelmator Free and Legally

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Are you interested in finding out how you can download Pixelmator free? Wonder whether it wins Pixelmator Pro vs Photoshop battle? In this article, I’m going to tell you about the benefits of using Pixelmator, why you shouldn’t install pirated versions, and what alternative graphics editors are available for Windows and Mac users.

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Pixelmator Free Benefits

  • Uses Core Image and Automator technologies
  • 40+ tools for image editing
  • 16 tools for color correction
  • Over 50 filters
  • More than 160 effects that can be combined
  • Can work with images in Photoshop
  • Supports PNG, PSD, and JPEG formats


  • What kind of OS do I need to run Pixelmator?

Pixelmator 3.9 Classic is supported on macOS 10.13 (and newer) and requires a 64-bit processor.

  • Can I get a Pixelmator for Mac free trial version?

Yes. The Pixelmator free trial period lasts for 30 days. You can download the graphics editor on the developer’s official webpage.

  • How much does Pixelmator cost?

The current Pixelmator sale price is $29.99. The iOS version costs $4.99 and can be purchased in the AppStore.

  • Is Automater supported by Pixelmator?

Yes. Thanks to Automator, you can quickly enhance your photo, change its size, add various effects and convert the image into over 100 different file formats.

  • Does Pixelmator offer support for layered Ps files?

Yes. You can use Pixelmator iOS to open Photoshop images with layers. However, Photoshop’s layer styles, shapes, corrective layers, and masks are currently not supported.

  • Is there a Pixelmator version for Windows?

No, Pixelmator works only on Mac devices. This graphics editor is built using Mac OS X technology and functions, which are absent in Windows.

Pirated Version Pixelmator

Downloading a pirated version of a program comes with many risks: system failures, viruses, and legal proceedings. Before you use a cracked Pixelmator free download from a suspicious website, read about all the possible problems that might await you.

Copyright Violation

When you’re downloading unlicensed programs, you’re breaking the developers’ copyright. While your first violation may be forgiven or go unnoticed, the more illegal software you download, the higher the probability of your internet service provider tracking your activity and blocking your internet access. The next stage involves you going to court to answer for your crime.


When downloading Pixelmator, you risk infecting your computer with harmful software. If that happens, you’ll have to “cure” your computer from viruses or completely reinstall your system while losing all of your files. Additionally, a questionable program can gain access to your personal information, such as your credit card number. To protect your data, only use licensed programs.

No Tech Support

In case you encounter any problems while working in Pixelmator, you can always approach the tech support specialists. Meanwhile, if you download Pixelmator free pirated version, you’ll have to deal with all difficulties yourself. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that the graphics editor downloaded from a third-party shady website will allow you to comfortably work with images without errors at all.

Pixelmator Alternatives

You can use Pixelmator free trial for 30 days. What should you do next? Buy the paid version or look for alternatives? I suggest you check out this list of graphics editors available for Windows and Mac users.

1. Lightroom

lightroom logo
  • Integrated image management/catalog system
  • Non-destructive image editing
  • Convenient and fast synchronization options
  • Doesn’t have layer support or blend modes
  • Somewhat restricted editing tools

Lightroom is a cloud graphics editor that allows editing, storing, and grouping photos on your computer or smartphone. Thanks to the Adobe Sensei AI, the program is capable of recognizing people and themes, allowing you to find the needed photos and create albums in a matter of minutes. The photo editor comes with tutorials that allow you to learn new techniques without ever leaving the program.

2. PicMonkey

picmonkey logo
  • Easy-to-use program
  • Has tools for work with text
  • Majority of functions are available for free
  • There a maximum image size restriction
  • Image export is a paid feature

PicMonkey is an online image editing program that can be accessed from a PC or smartphone. The developers made a range of tools for editing photos, including portrait shots, and over 2400 templates for invitations, business cards, and other design needs. The program also offers an open API for those, wanting to integrate PicMonkey into their site directly.

3. FotoSketcher

fotosketcher logo
  • Very user-friendly
  • Lifelike simulation of traditional artistic drawing tools
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Could benefit from more export formats

FotoSketcher is a free program for Windows that you can use to transform a photo into a drawing made with paints or pencils. Additionally, a user has access to standard photo editing functions: you can work on several photos simultaneously, enhance specific image areas, combine filters, and create your own effects.

4. PictBear

pictbear logo
  • Works with pressure-sensitive pen tablets
  • No limit to the number of undo/redo actions
  • GIF and PSD support
  • Restricted maximum canvas size
  • Isn’t supported by the developers

PictBear is a free image editor for Windows. It allows you to work with layers, apply image filters, crop and rotate photos, change their size, brightness, and contrast. Using the program is very intuitive and it offers tablet and touchscreen support.

5. Paint.NET

paintnet logo
  • Free plug-ins
  • User-friendly, minimalistic UI
  • Solid set of image editing functions
  • Layer masks aren’t included in the base version
  • Small number of brushes

Paint.NET is a free raster image and photo editor for Windows. It’s a great replacement for the standard Paint editor. The program’s UI resembles Photoshop and it allows you to work with several files simultaneously. The software has layer support.

  • If you’re interested in finding even more image editors, you should check out this list of open source photo editor.

Download Pixelmator Free

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A beginner or a professional photographer selects a program for image editing for comfortable work. Try Pixelmator for free to see if the program is right for you, or is it better to experiment with alternatives.

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