MyOwnConference Webinar Platform Review 2023

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Verdict: MyOwnConference is a feature-rich webinar platform and a web conferencing environment highly popular among people all over the globe. Using this service, you can efficiently organize and manage conferences regardless of the number of participants. I like that this software combines all the necessary functions for smooth communication, such as links, records, invitations, chat, and more.

MyOwnConference webinar platform is a go-to option for many users because here you can share your ideas with like-minded people without bugs, freezes, and inconveniences. The range of available features also adds to its popularity. This cloud-based platform relies on established European data centers, so you can enjoy stable and secure broadcasting.

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The strong point of MyOwnConference webinar platform is a plethora of handy features. You can take advantage of built-in recording technology, audience interaction instruments, and a fast mailing system. Moreover, all these goodies come with a reasonable price tag. Recorded videos are saved in Full HD, UHD, and you can share them on different websites, YouTube included.

Unlike similar services, here users can savor absolute freedom when it comes to customization. You can adjust the working environment to your personal needs, alter the mailing process, and change the login procedure.

Complete MyOwnConference Review – Main Services

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MyOwnConference can fully satisfy the needs of organizations that have to host conferences, webinars, and online training courses on a regular basis. They offer the best uptime of 99,98% allowing you to share info with 10,000 attendees at a time.

Staying on par with the top free webinar software, MyOwnConference is suitable for photographers and businesses interested in corporate/partner meeting tools to reach their distant clients. The platform adheres to the highest security standards, offers 24/7 access, and failure protections with 5 reliable data centers and 280+ servers at their disposal.

Modern Toolset for Holding Webinars

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Those engaged in photography marketing often choose this platform when they need to organize a webinar for a large audience, hold personal consultations, prepare training courses, etc. If you want to show your presentation during a webinar, keep in mind that you can pre-upload its PDF version and launch it right from the platform.

Users appreciate a multitude of useful options. For example, you can record, broadcast, and output content to various social networks. Besides, the service supports MP4 format, so you can work with videos in high quality. Once you are done recording your webinar or training session, you can share it with other people as many times as you want. Moreover, you can create unique links for a specific member and send them only after a person pays for your work.

Choosing this video conferencing software, you get access to all must-have functions and tools for streamlined work. For instance, you can use a chat feature, different video playback options, and record webinars right on the platform instead of looking for third-party screen recording software. Besides, users like the availability of storage, screen sharing capabilities, automated webinars, and listener statistics. During live presentations, participants can clear things out right in the Q&A section.

Since the platform is designed to make cooperation effortless and fast, the developers included drawing and survey functions, optimized it for iOS and Android devices, and made it possible for people from different parts of the world to remotely attend online training and webinars within the comfort of their homes.

Full Process Customization

MyOwnConference webinar platform is fully customizable and available in 16 different languages. Thus, the range of people who can use this service grows immensely, while language barriers totally vanish.

If you want your webinar to perform not only educational but also branding purpose – opt for MyOwnConference. Here you can add your logo, banner, and other corporate elements to your webinar.

People who want to “attend” your webinar have to register and you can also use a registration page for business promotion. For instance, you can change a picture, add fields, etc. Besides, it is possible to make the registration process faster by linking your webinar with social networks.

Audience Interaction Tools

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If you plan to hold a webinar in a digital environment while your listeners will be scattered around the globe, you should use the interaction tools and presentation settings to make the experience enjoyable for all participants. As a host, you can enter the room earlier and set every element.

First off, set up single-choice polls, which you can later use across different webinars. Another option is to use tests, which resemble polls but come with additional features – points for correct answers, single/multiple-choice answers, complement questions with images, and more.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to launch a call-to-action to all members of a webinar whenever you want. Before doing so, you can adjust the title, description, and button text. When you launch a call-to-action, attendees see it as a pop-up.

Convenient Chat and Q&A

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On-site chat and Q&A section make the communication even more convenient. As a host, you can pin any message on top of the chat for instant access. It is a great idea to pin the call-to-action, so it will occupy a separate place in a chat and will be located right under the webcam. I like that you can ask a question privately without interrupting a host and get an answer individually or publicly if you want.

All participants can directly access messages and chats, contact other members to talk over important moments, and share their ideas without interrupting a presenter. This is a really great way to clarify any issue.

Useful Blog

MyOwnConference blog contains useful articles about education, books, webinars, tips on how to conduct them, as well as overviews of various similar software with honest reviews.

Articles are divided into convenient paragraphs with lists to make the information easier to understand. Besides, all texts are complemented with infographics and pictures. Thus, you can easily find the category you need and read particular information.

MyOwnConference Price

The service has a straightforward pricing policy that can cater to the needs of both individual users and SMBs. Besides, up to 20 attendees package comes with a free trial. Regardless of the package you choose, you get access to all features and tools without restrictions.

You can shift from one plan to another if needed. All paid plans appeal to users with unlimited recordings, webinars, and recording times. You can pay for MyOwnConference webinar platform for 1 day, month, or year. If you pay in advance for 2 months, you get a 5% discount, 3 months - 10%, 6 months - 15%, 12 months - 20%.

Plans vary depending on the number of participants:

Micro Plan - $36 per month with 5GB disk space and 60 attendees.

Comfortable Plan - $60 per month with 10GB disk space and 150 participants

Optimal Plan - $83 per month with 30GB disk space and 300 attendees

Maximum Plan - $119 per month with 100GB and 500 attendees

Ultra Plan - $296 per month with 100GB and 1000 attendees.

Flexible Plan - $533 per month with 100GB and 2000 attendees.

If something goes wrong or you want to learn more details about a particular offer, you can contact the tech support via live chat, Skype, email, or phone. Those choosing paid plans, will get many nice features – audio/video conferencing, social network integration, MP4 video broadcasting, YouTube export, desktop sharing, statistics, drawing instruments, affiliate programs, text chat history, Q&A section, polls and surveys, and Google Analytics Integration.

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