Motionzhuke 2d Animation And Video Production Studio Review


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Verdict: Motionzhuke 2D Animation and Video Production Studio is a Ukrainian marketing company, best known for creating animation clips. The main advantage of the studio is its individual approach to each client.

It allows them to create truly unique content. Besides, unlike other 2D animation companies Motionzhuke releases videos that can engage your audience and serve as full-fledged marketing tools.

  • Unique content
  • Managers always keep in touch with clients
  • Target audience analysis
  • Flexible pricing policy
  • Individual approach
  • It takes much time to complete a project
motionzhuke 2d animation and video production studio interface

Motionzhuke is a small company that employs about 10 people. Despite its size, the studio has proved to be very efficient when working with world brands that are eager to use its services.

In this review, we will tell you about a variety of services offered by the company, such as video production, graphics design and the creation of unique animations for e-commerce companies, IT, business services, etc.

Motionzhuke 2D Animation – Animated Videos for Business

First and foremost, Motionzhuke specializes in the creation of promotional video clips in 2D animation format. Such videos are suitable for promoting a company, its products and services. For instance, after reading these photography marketing tips, you will learn that such video clips are perfect for promoting your website on Instagram and other social networks as they can instantly grab the attention of your audience.

1. Explainer Video

Motionzhuke uses a creative approach and produces video clips in 2D animation format. In such a video, you can tell your clients how to use your product, offer life hacks (for instance, how to take great photos), and explain to your audience how to use your services.

Thanks to illustrative animations, your clients will be able to fully understand all the details and remember all the information. The duration of such videos ranges from 60 to 90 seconds, however, the Motionzhuke 2D animation and video production studio can make it shorter or longer depending on your needs.

2. Infographic Video

An infographics clip is another type of animation video created by Motionzhuke. By using them, you can creatively present boring information and grab the attention of your target audience. For instance, these clips are perfect for showing off your achievements and listing all the advantages of your company.

Being one of the most professional 2D animation companies Motionzhuke creates every video clip from scratch since the team doesn’t use any templates. They write a custom script based on the order details filled by a client. After creating infographics, they complement it with an audio track. The duration of such clips is up to 10 minutes. It might take up to 5 months to create them.

3. Pitch Video

motionzhuke 2d animation and video production studio order form

The Motionzhuke team also creates pitch videos. The main purpose of such video clips is to explain some information and make it accessible for your audience. For instance, they can tell more about the area that the company specializes in and the services it offers. The studio creates pitch animations in various formats, for instance, you can order whiteboard animation.

Such videos allow you to bring across an idea or point, which will make products or services offered by a client more appealing. If necessary, the company can add subtitles and a full-fledged voice-over to a video to heighten the most important points.

4. Ads Videos

Besides, the Motionzhuke 2D animation and video production studio specializes in the creation of advertisement clips. Such 2D animations stand out among other video ads. The company can create video ads that can be posted on various platforms, official websites, social networks.

What’s more, the company is ready to provide clients with recommendations on how to make a video clip engaging. Motionzhuke knows how to create a clip that can grab the audience’s attention from the first seconds, which is especially important if you are going to post your video on social networks.

Motionzhuke 2D Animation – Unique Web Animation

motionzhuke 2d animation and video production studio web animation

The second area of their expertise is the creation of unique web animations. The Motionzhuke professionals can create a fully functional mobile app with a 2D animation design.

For instance, the company can develop an information app that will help users to stay healthy by following simple tips. They can create a full-fledged 2D animation design and complement it with standard photos. The Motionzhuke company is always ready to produce a fully unique product that will impress its customers and all their clients.

Motionzhuke 2D Animation and Video Production Studio Prices

Similarly to other companies working in the field of video production Motionzhuke has a flexible pricing policy and calculates the price quote for each client. Its professionals always take into account all client’s requirements and the difficulties they might face when working on a project.

On their official website, the Motionzhuke developers have indicated that the price for a simple, short animation starts from $700. They guarantee that every clip will be unique and all the animation elements will be tailored for each client.

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