Marketing Lad Link Building Review 2022

By Kate Gross 9 days ago, Apps and Software

Marketing Lad

  • Rank
  • Platforms: Online/Browser
  • Pricing: From $500/month

Verdict: Marketing Lad is a link-building company that can increase the online presence of your business with the help of various techniques (generation of target content, posting it on various platforms, and more). What I like most of all, is that its specialists work very transparently developing a plan and sharing it with clients for approval.

Besides, the Marketing Lad agency performs all tasks manually, thoroughly building up the link mass for productive advertising campaigns on the web.

  • Tunes link building by hand
  • Produces related content
  • Backlinks from top-rated servers
  • Does not offer complex digital marketing services
marketing lad website

Marketing Lad serves their clients by looking for associated industry web pages, creating do-follow links, and posting them on the web.

The company’s specialists do their best to determine the most suitable websites, where they can share your links. By doing so, the company increases your business presence online and promotes recently created resources.

Marketing Lad Main Features

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Marketing Lad service helps promote your business as efficiently as possible. They don’t use external links from the platforms that they consider to be unreliable.

The specialists develop an effective strategy and choose trustworthy online resources that can help a newly generated web page get a higher ranking on Google. Their priority is to establish professional relationships with the websites that have not had cooperated with other link builders yet.

Manual Link Building for Quality Promotion

marketing lad link building

Do-follow links are important when you have generated a web page using a website builder for photographers. By turning to a digital marketing agency, you can expect that the package will include page optimization features.

With proper link-building tactics, you are sure to attract more visitors to your business page, ecommerce platform, a personal blog, etc. The strategy searches for websites, the audience of which may find your services useful.

Afterward, specialists create links and content to post them on various websites including blogs, forums, social networks, etc. All the operations are performed manually, as Google is unlikely to push a photographer’s website to the top if it relies on automatic tuning.

Detailed Analysis of the Target Audience

marketing lad target audience analysis

To produce related content and choose the donor websites that will advertise your business on the web, it is essential to determine the target audience. Marketing Lad company analyzes the general portrait of a clientele, divides it into segments, and defines the specific characteristics intrinsic to every group.

Besides, when studying the audience, it is important to realize what additional services a photographer can offer. Taking into consideration all this info, marketers can find the appropriate do-follow link posting platforms for driving quality traffic to client’s websites.

Writing High Quality Nearlink Content

marketing lad сontent writing

The content is one of the most important aspects of link building, as it should show people how they can derive benefit from the offered services The conversion rate of a business depends on the ability of copywriters who prepare content to understand the level of a photographer’s professionalism and show it to the target audience.

Nearlink text can give visitors insight into what your website is about, and the Google search engine regards it as the additional link text. Knowing that the content influences a website ranking, professionals of the company take the task of its creation very seriously.

Posting Links in Favorable Terms

Once the text is written and links are built, Marketing Lad specialists wait for their turn for publishing content with a do-follow link. This is very important for developing working link-building tactics, as marketers need to keep an eye on the situation with donor websites.

To achieve optimal results for the client’s website and drive as much traffic to it as possible, it is necessary to post links on popular and active web resources, which you can monitor with professional website traffic checkers. The specialists of Marketing Lad service follow the principles of white hat search engine optimization.

In case the selected donor site doesn’t stick to the rules, your tactics won’t work, or, even worse, Google may penalize you. This is the reason why it is important to post external links manually. You should know where and when it is more reasonable to publish content.

Setting Up Search Engines on Demand

marketing lad search engine optimization

Marketing Lad not only offers link building but also high-quality search engine optimization services. Experts analyze the search queries of the shooter’s business and the competitors to understand how they work with their clients and what results they get.

Besides, the Marketing Lad team can optimize a website according to the requirements of Google and other search engines. If you are interested in some particular service for advertising your resource on the web, get in touch with the company’s marketers so that they will select an expert in your question or recommend high-quality SEO software.

Moreover, the company offers learning materials for those users who want to learn more about page optimization. You can learn how to drive more traffic, get your website to a high position in Google ranking, build a quality domain, and get the necessary info concerning the basics of Google analytics.


There are two main packages offered by Marketing Lad company.

The price of a Basic package is $500/month. By purchasing this plan, you can get three links published on three domains, custom domains, and a text with 700+ words. You can also count on manual outreach and tracking access.

The Regular package costs $680/month and offers the same options. The only difference is that marketers will build and publish five links on five domains.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the agency’s search engine optimization service for promoting your business online. You can learn the cost of the service that interests you by contacting the company’s specialists.