KEXINO Marketing Agency for Start-Ups & Small Businesses Review

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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: from $5,000/per project

Verdict: KEXINO is an award-winning full service marketing agency that also provides branding, advertising, and sales optimization services. They are notable for full competence in the sales and marketing process, meticulous work, as well as a top-notch level of proficiency. Few other agencies can boast such a vast array of services offered.

I appreciate the fact that KEXINO doesn’t stick to conventional methods and, instead, concentrates on developing a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy for every one of their clients. The majority of marketing agencies don’t personalize their approach to that same extent.

  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Amazing portfolio
  • Individualized services
  • Excellent project management
  • No hourly rate
  • Less suited to smaller businesses/solopreneurs
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KEXINO focuses mainly on working with start-ups and small businesses since they require help first of all. For a cost-effective price, the company offers professional-level marketing services and ample resources for businesses of any size.

Having a rich experience of more than 13 years, KEXINO has helped approximately 350 startups boost their sales. Businesses choose KEXINO because its aim is not to change the very essence of the existing marketing strategy. The company builds its ideas, campaigns and initiatives upon what is already working.

Complete KEXINO Review and Main Features

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A marketing agency or marketing company is involved in researching, analyzing, coming up with the strategy, branding and promotion of services or products. Many companies approach marketing firms in order to turn their core audience into customers, expand the number of customers, boost revenue and sales, take the brand and the business to a whole new level.

KEXINO was founded in 2008. While its headquarters are in France, 80% of clients are based in the USA. The agency specializes in branding, strategy, design, and marketing tactics.

Wide List of Services

kexino small business marketing company review services

Start-ups and small businesses require a different kind of marketing. KEXINO takes it into account and offers a vast selection of marketing services oriented at smaller enterprises exclusively. This helps cover all the components of marketing, as well as provide a comprehensive and insightful service to customers.

In order to achieve the greatest possible conversions and lead generation, KEXINO experts create awesome branding and brand communication. Speaking of digital content, they can also design brochures, factsheets, presentations, direct mail, newsletters and eBooks. Besides, the company deals with search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization.

kexino small business marketing company review services

KEXINO approaches the planning of content strategy thoroughly, integrating photography marketing, materials for blogs, white papers, eBooks, infographics, social media, etc. The video production services are present as well by means of whiteboard explainers, product demos, infomercials and tradeshow promos. The company provides small business video marketing services for those who need to expand their social media outreach and grow their brand’s online presence.

Extensive Portfolio

kexino small business marketing company review portfolio

Another benefit to mention in this KEXINO company review is their comprehensive portfolio of previous client work. If you visit the website, you will see the results of their work, like videos and designs, in full detail..

As for brand development, KEXINO shares the case studies for certain companies, which have been their clients before. You will find an in-depth description of each step of the working process so you can grasp how a particular start-up company turned into a big brand in less than 2 years.

KEXINO’s portfolio also contains links to the websites that they have designed in the last few years. A number of examples of brochures, exhibition graphics, sales sheets, email newsletters is impressive as well. If you are interested in video production services, a couple of video examples are shared on the website.

Professional Team

The creative team of KEXINO unites experts in the spheres of marketing, design, web and application development, video production, communications, business development. The total number of team members is 19. Since the team is rather small, each member has the clients’ best interests at heart.

KEXINO small business marketing company takes advantage of up-to-date email marketing software, Instagram marketing tools for rapid growth and other top-grade tools to bring each marketing strategy to perfection.

The company excels at being quick-thinking, responsive and providing efficient management of deadlines. Their main priority is to stick to the specified timelines and maintain a rational communication style with everyone.

Helpful Blog

kexino small business marketing company review blog

Apart from examples of work, the KEXINO website presents a handy blog with neat marketing ideas for small companies and start-ups. This blog is a storehouse of valuable information for businesses of all sizes, helping them deal with widespread marketing problems and mistakes in creating a marketing strategy. All this is shared absolutely for free.

Efficient Content Translation

kexino small business marketing company review content translation

There might be some problems when it comes to marketing strategies targeted at the audience who speaks another language.

KEXINO takes this into consideration as well and provides an online translation management portal – QARTO. It helps in translating content and services accurately, depending on the language, in order to achieve adequate marketing communication with customers from foreign regions.

When translating, the portal addresses linguistic and cultural peculiarities of the target language so that the reader fully understands the message conveyed originally in the source language. All this greatly boosts the website localization along with sales tools and such marketing means as emails, advertising, flyers, etc.

Impressive List of Clients

kexino small business marketing company review clients

When searching for a credible marketing firm, find and examine the list of their clients. Their level of success may serve as a great example of what to expect from working with a particular company.

Over 13 years, KEXINO had the chance to help hundreds of clients. American Media Inc., Timberland, Blue Ocean, Continental Web Press are just a few prominent names from the list.

At some point, all these companies approached KEXINO for marketing support services. KEXINO helped them develop an effective marketing strategy and grow to their current size.

Great Reputation

kexino small business marketing company review awards

The company’s reputation also plays a significant role in choosing a marketing service. KEXINO can definitely be trusted due to a number of awards for achievements in the field of marketing, which they take pride in and tell about it on their website.

Since the competition is high, it is difficult to break through and earn recognition in the marketing sphere. But KEXINO managed to do it, becoming one of the respectable and remarkable marketing companies these days.


KEXINO’s fee structure stands out as well. They don’t offer an hourly rate or a fixed price list since the company is against providing a universal scheme for everyone. According to KEXINO, “marketing packages” can’t be personalized to the full extent.

As the company aspires to give each client a one-of-a-kind and individual marketing tactic, they charge a set amount for a project, no matter how long or short it is. As a result, the client knows the exact price for the services.

Before they tell you the price, they need to get an understanding of your business, the product you sell, your core audience. Besides, KEXINO asks for such information as the existing marketing plan, current expenses, and whether you gain some profit or not.

In case charging per hour is a must for you, KEXINO can meet you halfway. The company works on projects of $5,000+.

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