Is Movavi Safe to Use

Movavi is a group of Russian developers of video, photo and audio editing software, which was founded in 2004. The main task of the company is to create programs that can help inexperienced users to simply working with video and photo data. The main consumer-areas are the USA, Japan, and European countries.

Movavi became popular only several years ago and since the number of pirated copies of legal company’s programs is growing very fast, users want to know “Is Movavi safe to use”? If you also want to learn the answer to this question, keep reading, as I have studied this topic in detail.

Top Movavi Softwares

  1. Movavi Video Editor
  2. Movavi Photo Editor
  3. Movavi Video Converter
  4. Movavi Screen Recorder
  5. Movavi Photo Manager
  6. Movavi Photo Focus

The company has released over 20 independent programs and has pleased their loyal users with a complete multimedia package, consisting of video conversion software, instruments for video editing and playback, PC screen capture, online sharing and disc burning.

About Movavi Company

Movavi Company was created in 2004 by enthusiasts, who managed to develop their startup into a reputable and competitive business. Nowadays, the team comprises over 60 like-minded employees supplying millions of users all over the globe with professional tools for work with footage.

Movavi software are available in over 150 countries being compatible with both Mac and Windows devices. The main office of the company is located in Novosibirsk, Russia, while you can also address regional agencies in Moscow, Russia and Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.

Movavi has been developing multimedia programs for over 15 years. Recently, they also started developing mobile and online applications. Usually, their programs are quite easy to manage and are oriented on beginners. Of course, such a broad range of distributed products, eventually caused the appearance of hacked versions, which makes the question of “Is Movavi safe” more relevant nowadays.

Movavi Antivirus Check

Scanning all Movavi programs using all existing anti-virus programs to understand “Is Movavi safe to use” is not an easy task. But thanks to the variety of antivirus software, I managed to analyze several Movavi programs.

VirusTotal – Check of Movavi Programs

  • movavi photo editor virustotal check
  • movavi video converter virustotal check
  • movavi video editor virustotal check

    VirusTotal is a very efficient way to find out whether Movavi software is legit, because it uses dozens of different antivirus engines for the validation. In other words, the file undergoes several checks and is examined from various perspectives allowing you to know a sure answer to the “Is Movavi safe” query.

    I have checked Movavi Photo Editor, Movavi Video Editor and Movavi Video Converter and got an excellent result – there isn’t a single dangerous or damaged file.

    OPSWAT – Check of Movavi Programs

    • movavi photo editor opswat check
    • movavi video converter opswat check
    • movavi video editor opswat check

      OPSWAT is an online platform with a stylish and straightforward design that allows uploading files up to 140MB. They are scanned by over 30 different antivirus engines simultaneously. This website is regularly used by such giants like Kaspersky, Microsoft, AVG, and McAfee. As you can see, Movavi programs are clean and free to use.

      Conclusion: Is Movavi Safe or Not?

      Any self-respecting company will ever embed malware in their programs because even a single record of this kind can absolutely ruin its reputation gained over many years. Of course, Movavi is no exception and there is no proved case of malware infection in their software. However, I decided to check Movavi programs myself, using OPSWAT and VirusTotal. The results you can see above.

      So, if you are looking for a video converter for PC or Mac, an easy-to-use video editor or any other program for work with footage, you can safely rely on products developed by Movavi.

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