InDesign Torrent

InDesign Torrent

Want to install InDesign torrent for designing posters, online or printed books, digital magazines for free? Read more about the consequences of using Adobe InDesign CC torrent and other safe ways of downloading InDesign for free.

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How Does Adobe Deal with Piracy?

Earlier so-called “pirate” users could take advantage of torrent recourses and download the latest versions of the best desktop publishing software completely free of charge. Since 2013, the company has limited the possibilities of illegal programs.

Having completely reviewed the business model, the Adobe company’s developers presented an updated Creative Cloud system which does not only require a new, monthly payment but also has some additional functions: cloud storage, close integration with other products, etc.


Why Should You Stop Using Torrent Resources?

Probably, you didn’t know it, but several years ago, 5 biggest American providers (Verizon, Comcast, AT & T, Cablevision and Time Warner) introduced a system for fighting against illegal InDesign CC torrent resource on the Internet.

If your provider noticed that you use torrent recourses, you would get a warning on your e-mail concerning the copyright violation. In the next letters, you will be notified of possible consequences. Further, in case you ignore provider’s requests, it will be obliged to disconnect you from the network.

In case you decided to involve another provider and use torrent again, you would be taken to the court. The minimal consequence is the fine ranging from $1000.

InDesign Torrent: Pros and Cons

Everyone knows the advantages of using illegal softwares but not everyone clearly understands the consequences which may impact not only you personally but also your PC.


1. You get the software completely free of charge

The first thing that makes users download InDesign torrent is that they should not pay for it. Unlike Creative Cloud, this software does not have additional functions, but it is completely free.


1. Court proceedings and a $1000 fine

adobe indesign torrent download

I think everyone likes free uploads, bonuses, and, in this case, free professional software at all. However, when you download illegal programs using torrent once again, mind that you do not only violate the copyright but also involve yourself in court proceedings.

2. You will spend hundreds of dollars on a good antivirus

If you notice that your computer works slower, advertising windows constantly appear on the screen, or some files disappear ‒ your computer is infected with viruses. The thing is that so-called “bad hackers” are likely to add into the hacked program a virus that will slowly, and at first quietly, kill your system. 

3. Your software will not update

You probably know that developers often update their software, introduce new functions, tools, possibilities, correct old bugs, etc. They do it in order to keep up with the latest software trends, maintaining the leadership among other alternative programs. Anyway, if you get the software illegally, you will never have the updates and may forget about various improvements.


4. Do not expect to get assistance from the Customer Support Team

Perhaps, you do not often approach Technical Support, but imagine the following situation. You have recently downloaded a new software and noticed that the necessary tool tab does not work. Having installed the app again, you see that nothing has changed.

First of all, you probably approach customer support and they will ask to provide the info on your software, the license key, in particular. The developers do it to suspend illegal users. If you do not get through the verification, you will not get any assistance.

5. Get used to various program bags

adobe indesign torrent download

Before hackers upload InDesign to torrent, they process the source code, rewriting it and changing some elements. However, it often happens that hackers are not real professionals and work with the source code inattentively making mistakes and breaking the structure at all. 

That is why various program bags and lags occur. So, before you say that the program plays up, you should understand who processed and wrote it.

How to Get InDesign for Free?

Unfortunately, a completely legal way to get InDesign free does not exist. In other words, you will not own this software without paying a cent. However, there is one method which will help test all program functions and Creative Cloud possibilities for seven days.

Use Adobe InDesign Free Trial

Adobe InDesign

  • Rank
  • Reviews: 310
  • License: Trial version
  • Downloads: 12.7k
  • Version: 14.02
  • Compatible: Mac/Win

InDesign Free Trial is a great way to get access to software completely free of charge without violating the law. It should be noted that the functions will not be limited. Moreover, you will get additional options provided by Creative Cloud: cloud storage and close integration with other products.

The only drawback of this method is limited time. You have only 7 days from the first program launch to use Adobe InDesign free.

STEP 1. Go to an official Adobe site.

STEP 2. Register or log in your Adobe account.

STEP 3. Open the tab “Creative & Design” and choose “View all products”.

STEP 4. Find InDesign among all programs available and choose “Start free trial”.

STEP 5. Finish the second registration, having indicated the info on your bank card and payment method. When the free trial period is over, you will be asked to pay for the next month.

Use a Mobile App Adobe Comp

Adobe Comp

  • Rank
  • Reviews: 101
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 219
  • Version: 1055
  • Compatible: Android/IOS

adobe comp logo


Iphone App Store

download from google play


Some of you may not know that Adobe Company has a mobile app that performs almost all the functions InDesign offers. Using a Comp application, you may not only draw, create projects for printed issues but also design different models and banners.

The interface is more understandable than that of the previous version. It should be mentioned that Comp is a part of the Creative Cloud system, which means that you may easily start working on your smartphone and finish it in InDesign or Photoshop on your computer.

Free Adobe InDesign Alternatives

If you are not satisfied with the Adobe InDesign price but do not want to fall behind the advancements using professional tools, I have prepared the list of good InDesign alternatives.


  • Well-designed interface
  • Scales down file sizes without losing quality
  • Lacks the "spell check" option

One of the most popular InDesign alternatives is Scribus. It is fully-featured software that works on Windows, Mac OS and most Linux distributors capable of creating professionally printed publications.

It supports the majority of raster formats, including those created in Adobe Photoshop. It offers a powerful learning guidance. It should be mentioned that Scribus has an open source code that allows adjusting the program manually.


  • Does not require PC installation
  • Intuitive
  • Some tools require improvement

Lucidpress app offers a convenient and completely understandable interface in combination with powerful tools completely free of charge. It should be mentioned that Lucidpress does not require downloading.

This app works online which means that it is supported by any OS. Indeed, Lucidpress is intended for InDesign, as Pixlr is ‒ for Photoshop.

Swift Publisher

  • Fast response
  • Tools suitable for professional tasks
  • Paid
  • Supported only by Mac OS

Swift Publisher is user-friendly software for page layout and desktop publications on Mac. This program offers all the necessary tools to create impressive and professional documents, such as leaflets, brochures, catalogs, magazines, etc.

It is cheap and very simple. It does not have high-technology InDesign functions, but it perfectly copes with basic tasks, such as the development of leaflets, posters or brochures.


  • Web and desktop versions
  • User-friendly
  • Free functions are limited

Vivadesigner is a good app for desktop publishing which is available both in free and premium versions. Some functions are limited in free access but the interface is understandable and structured intuitively allowing the users to start working immediately.


canva logo USE CANVA FREE
  • Completely free
  • Big collection of images, fonts and textures
  • Does not require downloading
  • Some tools need improvements

Canva is not a traditional desktop publishing app. Instead, it presents itself as a tool for graphic design. The target users of Canva are those designers who want to create appealing graphics quickly and easily.

The app succeeds in creating heavy graphics objects, such as posters and flyers. The program is easy to master and offers a big range of free fonts, colors and photos.

Bonus Freebies

If you develop your own designs or create various projects for printed issues, you are likely to need textures. The texture is an image that reproduces the visual properties of any surfaces or objects.

Free Texture "Dark Turquoise"

Do you want to find anything mysterious and extremely beautiful? Try the grunge texture. It has an intense dark-blue color with black scratches. The material is paint. It may look amazing in your fashion images.

Free Texture "Blue Sky"

This aquarelle texture has a light-brown color and is performed in the touch-up painting technique. The main peculiarity of this texture is a harmonious transition from the brown color to soft white shades.

This free aquarelle texture will look perfect in wedding and newborn images.

Free Texture "Classical Wall"

If you think that your project might look more interesting with a uniform red brick background, choose this texture.

It is a great background for a website or an online shop.

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