How to Get Unbanned from Twitch and Back to Channel

How to Get Unbanned from Twitch and Back to Channel

Sharing and discussing gameplay can be fun. Then you may start wondering how to get unbanned from Twitch, especially with the introduction of more strict internal rules.

You often visit the video streaming service Twitch to see what your favorite gamers are up to. But what to do in case you get banned? In what way can you be unbanned on Twitch and return to your favorite channel again?

There are ways to bypass the Twitch ban:

Twitch is Amazon’s streaming platform primarily focused on streaming video games in real time. The service broadcasts esports and popular games both live and in streaming format on demand.

Initially, the service was created to exchange game streams. But it offers other types of content as well: music festivals, interviews, reality shows. The platforms that stream popular Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft and WoW games include Windows, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One.

Types of Twitch Bans

chat ban how to get unbanned from twitch

Channel-specific ban is a big change and tightening for users with banned access to streamer chat. Instead of canceling participation in the chat, the blocked user won’t be able to see the chat and will receive this ban. Their additional accounts will receive shadow bans by IP address.

Shadow bans will prevent you from interacting with the streamer until the channel owner or moderator lifts the ban. If the ban is cleared for one account, the shadow ban is removed from the entire IP address.

The banned user will be removed from the list of channels and streamer subscribers for several hours and up to permanent disconnection. If you are banned, you will not be able to re-subscribe, whisper, send friend requests, post your streams on the channel where you are blocked. The channel will be completely disabled for you. Messages sent by alternate accounts won’t actually be visible to anyone.

mod ban how to get unbanned from twitch

Temporary chat ban from channel moderators has now become common and simplified means for moderation with the advent of the new Mod View. The functionality of command-based mods has been replaced with standalone widgets that can be moved and resized to suit the user’s needs. Frequently used widgets can be pinned. Moderators can explore user data and history in a dedicated space.

account ban how to get unbanned from twitch

Account suspension as a temporary or permanent measure of blocking the entire service by Twitch staff for violation of the terms of service and/or community guidelines is also possible. You can read the terms and conditions in the sections of the article about account enforcements and chat bans from Twitch help.

Ways to Get Unbanned from Twitch

Twitch tracks viewers by both the username (account) and the IP address assigned to the account to connect to the service. When a device connects to the Internet, it gets an IP address. It lets other devices on the Internet to find out which computer sent the request for information so that they know who to respond to.

Twitch uses both the name and IP address to forcibly block the user. This doesn’t allow you to use another device with a different username or use your username on another device. While this may seem hard to overcome, there is a tool I suggest when it comes to the question of how to unban in Twitch.

1. Switch VPN Server

express vpn how to get unbanned from twitch

A virtual private network (VPN) is an excellent tool for unblocking almost any online service, and Twitch is no exception. By connecting your device to the server of one of the best VPNs for streaming, you will be temporarily assigned a new IP address, as if you are connecting from a different location not only in the entire country but also around the world. Here is how to unban Twitch in a few steps using a VPN:

STEP 1. Select and subscribe to a VPN provider from the offered list.

STEP 2. Download and install the client application of the selected VPN.

STEP 3. Launch the VPN application and connect to the nearest P2P server.

STEP 4. Connect to the Twitch service in your favorite browser.

STEP 5. Create a new account and enjoy watching.

The new IP address allows you to sign up for Twitch with a new account, pick a new username and return to watching streams from your favorite players. When creating a username, enter new descriptors. Also, don’t connect cameras for streaming before approval: monitoring of new users and account bans are managed by people whose identical name and identity may not pass verification.

nord vpn how to get unbanned from twitch

If you log in to Twitch exclusively from a game console, consider these best VPNs for PS4 as an option to cover only your gaming device.

2. Appeal Your Ban Request by Contacting Twitch Staff

twitch support page how to get unbanned from twitch

If you believe that you were banned unfairly or it is the first time this has happened, and you will make sure it doesn’t happen again, the service gives you the right to appeal against Twitch bans. Even if you can’t log in to your account, the contact support team button is available. You can also send the appeal from the contact support page. Only these forms of communication will be reviewed by technical support when filing an appeal:

suspension appealing how to get unbanned from twitch

STEP 1. Before filling out the form, click Login at the top of the page or in the form to log in with the Twitch account you want to appeal against (even if the account is currently suspended) and click Contact Support.

STEP 2. From the drop-down menu, select Account/Login Issues> Suspension or Warning, as appropriate.

STEP 3. In the Twitch ban appeal, specify the reason why, in your opinion, you were blocked by mistake.

STEP 4. After your appeal is sent, you will receive an automatic response to the email registered for your Twitch account. It should confirm that your appeal has been


STEP 5. As soon as your appeal is reviewed, you will be notified of the status of your appeal and your accounts. This is the end of the appeal process.


  • Why can I be banned on Twitch?

Users can be banned by chat moderators or Twitch service for several reasons:

  • Copyright infringement, use of the service for illegal reasons
  • Impersonating other Twitch members
  • Uploading illegal or pornographic content
  • Sending unsolicited offers to other Twitch members
  • Collect email addresses or other personal information from Twitch members
  • Harassing, insulting or threatening other Twitch members
  • Materials of a sexual nature or violating ethical standards that are not related to the gameplay
  • How do I contact the moderator or channel owner if I don’t see them?

If you are banned from communicating on a particular channel, you should contact the channel owner or moderator to appeal (if this is technically possible in stream summaries). Representatives can ban anyone on their channel regardless of the reason. Twitch Staff won’t help to lift these bans. The issue is submitted to the channel representatives for consideration.

Approach the Twitch support team to help you contact the channel’s representatives by viewing the chat recordings if necessary. Please note that improper use of Whispers or other features to attack or harass, which is why you received a channel ban, will lead to the suspension of your account by Twitch Staff.

  • I didn’t write anything in the chat, but I was banned, why?

Perhaps the stream was launched in subscriber-only mode, and you weren’t subscribed, but you got access to it. This is often a temporary measure for the duration of a given stream. If you wish to continue watching, try whispering to one of the mods to unblock you for viewing the stream. If this is technically impossible, wait until the ban expires and subscribe to the channel to watch the stream recording.

  • There were cases of gross violations, but these streamers were unbanned, why?

Cases involving top streamers and officials were widely publicized, and the entire Twitch gaming community followed the denouement. The issue of ethics was being resolved: top streamers attract new viewers to the channel, bring money to the service for subscriptions, and there is also revenue from advertising on top channels. So banning them meant losing part of the profit.

The business won, but the streamers made a nominal public apology on other channels like YouTube so that the Twitch community wouldn’t be offended by similar situations. I can conclude that if you have a wide audience, public “repentance” can be considered as another way to unban your account.