TunnelBear vs VyprVPN

Are you choosing between using TunnelBear vs VyprVPN? Read on the article to learn their capabilities and features.

TunnelBear is an ideal choice to protect corporate data and assets, from being compromised through the internet, to reduce bandwidth costs and to optimize website performance.

VyprVPN is an acclaimed, dependable, and safe VPN service based in Switzerland. This VPN service offers high speed internet access through its encrypted tunneling technology.

Final Verdict:

VyprVPN is a dependable, quick, and safe VPN service provider based in Switzerland; a country with strict privacy laws that observe complete respect for individual rights of individuals. The VPN service utilizes different strategic approaches backed by an impressive set of features that include; unlimited bandwidth, more than 73 international server locations, secured DNS servers, more than 15,000 IPs, a reliable kill switch, and a free software distribution. Unlike typical public VPNs, VyprVpn utilizes dynamic IP address management to prevent a device from being found on the unprotected Internet. Another feature of VyprVpn is the use of DNS server monitoring to identify threats and take corrective action.

VyprVPN is the winner >

Vyprvpn Features:

  • Unlimited streaming
  • Up to 5 connections
  • 20000+ servers in 70 countries
  • L2TP
  • Сross-platform

What is TunnelBear?

TunnelBear interface

One of the best features of TunnelBear is its privacy policy. The web browser also has an option to hide your location through a JavaScript code. However, the TunnelBear privacy policy ensures that your browsing activities are kept confidential and does not compromise your security in any way. TunnelBear uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that all your information is kept private and safe even while you're browsing. You can read the complete privacy policy at the website.

TunnelBear's free VPN software has a built-in firewall that keeps viruses and other attacks from intruding on your computer. The built-in firewall also stops third-party applications from loading whenever you use the Wi-Fi hotspot. The free version only features four servers located between you and your wireless router. But the paid version has twenty-four Wi-Fi hot spots located throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. The software allows you to set up a hotspot anywhere in the world that supports the WAP standard.

What is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN interface

The VyprVPN system allows its users to connect through the Internet from one computer to another using a public or private server network. The company utilizes Open SSL/TLS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) as well as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide secure connectivity. The company's goal is to provide optimal benefits to corporate clients while allowing individual consumers to take advantage of affordable, efficient, and reliable VPN solutions. VyprVPN's servers are protected by state-of-the-art encryption algorithms, which enable them to provide optimal protection from eavesdropping and data leaks that can occur from unsecured networks.

One of the most attractive features of VyprVpn is the implementation of a unique server network that it calls "Virtuozzo". This is a 100% private network used only by VyprVpn servers and authorized users. Unlike other VPN solutions, Virtuozzo does not utilize client-side encryption. This feature provides for much faster browsing speeds and the ability to utilize unlimited bandwidth regardless of how many users are connecting to the server.

Some of the other features included in VyprVpn for android are browser compatibility, which means that all of the browser features available with Vypr VPN servers are available with the android operating system. Users can easily browse the web using their smartphones and tablets with complete security.


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TunnelBear & VyprVPN Features:

  • Including stand-alone ad blocker
  • Good speed test results
  • Excellent privacy policies
  • Streaming HBO GO
  • Supports P2P connections
  • Strong encryption
  • Excellent speeds
  • Full WireGuard support
  • Entirely self-owned server network
  • PPTP

TunnelBear and VyprVPN Price:

STARTING PRICE $3.33/month $1.66/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Although the free version is a bit limited, one of the most interesting features of TunnelBear is their view plan, which allows you to view all encrypted sites.

VyprVpn is designed to work in a layered manner. It operates as both a router and a VPN, providing for extremely fast internet speeds thanks to its networking equipment.