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Verdict: Hey Saturday is an agency that specializes in shooting and photo modification for online dating in the United Kingdom and the US. Marked by dozens of accolades, Hey Saturday can help create a quality photo for your dating app profile regardless of your age and occupation, even if you’re a photographer yourself or are involved in photo/video shooting. Their professionally-made photos will attract more matches in Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble.

The main aspect that sets this agency apart is their creative approach to the photo shooting process and the fact that work in a unique genre that the company created and keeps developing – online dating. Hey Saturday photographers will help you prepare for the shoot and give terrific advice on what clothing or props you should bring. Afterward, they will provide quality retouched photos that will definitely improve your profile.

  • Large selection of services
  • Quality image editing
  • Professional photographic works for photographers
  • Safe cooperation during the pandemic
  • Personalized approach to each client
  • Affordable prices
  • Can’t receive RAW files or unedited JPEGs
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Hey Saturday employs the best portrait photographers that know how to take professional photos for dating apps. Hey Saturday employees approach photoshoots and image redaction creatively, knowing how to highlight the most attractive features of their clients, whether they are photographers, designers, or artists.

Complete Hey Saturday Review

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Hey Saturday offers a photoshoot and high end image editing services for online dating. The company doesn’t consider such orders mundane work but rather views them as an adventure. It means that each client is approached differently and the photos will reflect your style, interests, and hobbies.

This Hey Saturday review will highlight the agency’s combination of creativity, technical proficiency, and many years of experience. It has its own interests and convictions: a clear anti-racism stance and active work on solving the climate change problem with the help of the special One Tree Planted campaign.

Creative Photo Shoots

hey saturday interface creative photo shooting

Even if you don’t like having your pictures taken, Hey Saturday will ensure the created photos are beautiful and unique. You’ll meet the photographer that you’ll be working with and they will do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable and receive terrific portrait photography results.

You can read their advice on what you should bring to the photo shoot, as well as what clothes and accessories to wear. Hey Saturday picks shooting locations that have access to clean and spacy public and restaurant restrooms, where you can easily get changed.

Since Hey Saturday works outdoors, it helps taking natural, relaxed, unexposed photos, which is very important for dating apps. Additionally, it allows minimizing expenses since streets and parks are free so you only have to pay for the shooting and process of image modification. Such an environment is also safe so you don’t have to worry about not being able to take great dating photos because of lockdown restrictions.

High-Quality Post Production

Hey Saturday strives to provide images of the highest quality using digital technologies. The time spent editing and slightly retouching the photos is an important part of the creative process and the photographers handle it themselves rather than delegating it to someone else.

This process usually takes up to 7 days since the photographers take photos in large RAW format to provide maximum quality, and then edit them in Lightroom and Photoshop. The company utilizes fantastic photo editing software for PC to deliver the coolest dating photos out there.

Impressive Portfolio

hey saturday awards

Hey Saturday has worked with over 6000 clients in the UK and the United States, helping them create a fantastic photo set for their dating profiles in social media for photographers. That’s why the agency can boast a diverse portfolio with positive reviews from thousands of clients.

Their efforts were marked by multiple awards and articles published in Time, BBC, GQ, and other popular magazines. Their team of creative professional photographers isn’t just involved in photoshoots and professional headshot retouching services but also writes useful articles with advice on how to express your personal style, etc. You’ll learn what relaxed poses are best suited for street photoshoots, and what are the coolest portrait photography poses for online dating photos.

Firm Anti-Racism Stance

Hey Saturday acknowledges the problem of systematic racism in the world as well as in local communities and strives to support an anti-racism culture, policies, and procedures. The founders of Hey Saturday created a safe, supportive platform for discussing the problem of racism and its effect on society. The agency signed a Commitment to combat racism, which is why they use their resources to promote racial equality and prevent racism.

Their approach is reflected in their respectful treatment of all clients regardless of their race, nationality, or skin color. They cooperate with everyone equally and ensure the delivered Hey Saturday dating photos are always of the highest quality.

Caring About the Environment

hey saturday taking care of the environment

Hey Saturday has an ongoing partnership with One Tree Planted. For each sold Hey Saturday photoshoot, a tree is planted in Ethiopia. The company considers the fight against climate change and racial injustice to be tightly intertwined since these issues disproportionally affect marginalized communities.

Such an approach helps improve the ecological state of the planet. You can be certain that thanks to your photoshoot, whether it’s a short or a long one, the planet will have one more tree, as you help reforestation.

Hey Saturday Prices

You can choose a plan with a suitable time and place that will help you steal the hearts and minds of hot dates on your favorite dating app.

Mini Adventure - $247. An approximate shooting time of up to 30 minutes, which enough for 1 attire change along with accessories and props. You’ll receive the 3 best photos, slightly retouched and presented in digital form.

Big Adventure - $317. Photoshoot length of up to 60 minutes, up to 3 clothing changes + accessories and props. You’ll receive the 6 best retouched images in digital format.

Excellent Adventure - $447. The duration of the photoshoot is up to 90 minutes, 5-6 attire changes + accessories and props. You’ll receive the 10 best images.

You can also order a Customized Adventure that is calculated individually for each client and you can learn the price by contacting the company’s representatives and discussing all the details of the photoshoot. To do so, make use of the company’s email or call them.

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