Film Production Distribution by Mario Ghersi Review: Pros & Cons

Film Production Distribution by Mario Ghersi is aimed at artists and business partners who want to create cinematic films of any size with the help of a full-fledged professional film production team.

Mario Ghersi: Biography

mario ghersi film production and distribution

Mario Ghersi has served as chief producer and head of the company for over 30 years. His company includes experts from all industries, screenwriters, sound engineers, shot directors, designers and many others. It provides a wide range of film production services, from shooting short films to creating long series.

The experts also specialize in the production of cartoons, animated graphics and promotional product videos. They can write a script for your show or record and optimize a video for Amazon Prime Video.

High-Quality Film Production and Screenwriting

film production and screenwriting by mario ghersi

Film Production Distribution by Mario Ghersi has a huge team of professionals with over 30 years of experience, including sound and frame directors, computer graphics experts, programmers, animators, artists, and designers.

The team uses professional equipment, such as video cameras, lights, microphones, stand-holders, auxiliary equipment, and much more. A set of expensive equipment will allow you to create high-quality videos that meet the standards of the filmmaking industry.

You can also order their script-writing services. Share your ideas with the team, make edits, and the rest will be done for you. This service is often ordered by environmental companies.

Pre-Production Location Research and Scouting

pre-production location research by teams mario ghersi

The company also has a team of experts who can find the most suitable filming location. All your wishes and the script of the film / advertisement will be taken into account. The experts will help you create a realistic atmosphere.

For instance, the company had found suitable locations for filming the television program When Dinosaurs Roamed America that aired on the Discovery channel.

Creating Cartoons and Characters from Scratch

If you have a multi-episode cartoon or you want to start production of an animated movie, then the experts from Film Production Distribution by Mario Ghersi will help you create models of characters of any type, from simple to more complex ones.

Besides, the team can animate all kinds of movements or create full-fledged graphic effects using cartoon making software.

Advanced Product Demo Videos and Stereoscopic Films

You can also order product demo videos for your eCommerce store. The team can create and edit such videos for different sites. For example, if you have your own shoe brand, you can showcase your products while running or climbing. As experts say, product demo videos increase sales by 600%. The company can also develop a standalone mobile app using iSolutions, which will increase your brand awareness by 350%.

If you sell equipment, such as an aerial photography drone, you can use the stereoscopic (3D) method to demonstrate your product in flight, from all sides.

Clear Understanding of All Amazon Prime Video Requirements

amazon prime video requirements by team mario ghersi

To promote your brand and increase your sales, you can publish your content on Amazon Prime Video. The Film Production and Distribution studio Mario Ghersi has thoroughly studied all the rules for publishing content and distributing it on Amazon.

The videos will have English subtitles in SRT format. The company creates videos in 3 sizes that meet all design standards. The team can add text to them if needed.

Open Library of Cinematic Works

open library of cinematic works by mario ghersi

Unlike other film-making companies, this one has a library of ready-made films accompanied with short descriptions. For over 30 years of work, Mario Ghersi and his team have shot more than 100+ successful full-length and short films. They stage scenes, write scripts, and can promote your products on Amazon Prime Video and other sites.


Every project developed by Mario Ghersi and his studio requires a unique approach. Whether you need to write a script or create a film or commercial, you will need to contact the company directly to get a price quote.

To find out the price, you need to register and send the Terms of Reference, after which the managers will contact you to confirm your order and clarify any issues.