Filestar Review 2024: Pros & Cons


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  • Platforms: Windows
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Verdict: Use FileStar to work on your documents at home or work. It is a complex file manager that allows photographers to manage, convert, and read files in all possible formats. It’s definitely better than similar tools available for your PC or other devices.

You will quickly convert hundreds of docs and save valuable time. Despite numerous features, this software is intuitive and easy to use.

  • 365 file formats
  • 129+ photography formats
  • Doesn’t require much space
  • Simple installation guide
  • Data security
  • Only for Windows
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FileStar will help you handle all the tasks faster and more effectively. It was developed to boost your productivity. This software delivers more than 30,000 file conversions, thus enabling you to avoid repetitive tasks.

The FileStar service is a perfect solution for photographers, designers, managers and pro developers. It offers easy access to files and provides convenient file-sharing options.

Filestar Main Features

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FileStar allows resizing, compressing or rotating pics. With it, you will achieve desired results in a blink of an eye. You may apply filters or change colors. The software allows you to edit PDF files by splitting, merging or removing pages. With FileStar, you can perform any operation with text, audio and video files in several mouse clicks.

Widest File Format Support

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FileStar supports a huge amount of file formats that could be useful for photographers. Using this software, you can open audio and video files, graphics and documents in 365 formats. Visit the official site to check a complete list of the supported formats.

The list includes rare extensions for backups, 3D models, encrypted files, fonts, and projects. I was happy to discover that FileStar supports raster and vector graphics in more than 150 formats. Besides, you can work with 54 video formats and quickly convert one into another regardless of the file size.

Convenient File Managing

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If you want to make the working process as productive as possible, pay attention to file management. To keep everything in order, you should properly name your files. FileStar allows you to quickly rename several files and put them in separate folders. In case you don’t have enough space on the hard drive, you can compress large files.

The FileStar service makes your files easily accessible. The process is automated for your convenience. Plus, you can instantly convert any file to .csv and use it to transfer data into the database. All buttons are located on the main panel. You can perform operations in several mouse clicks, which makes it easier to cope with multiple tasks more quickly.

Document File Handling

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FileStar also allows you to convert files from one format into another. By using this file converter software, you can convert your docs to PDFs as well as split, merge, extract, delete pages, and protect PDF files. First off, you need to use the “Convert to PDF” option to convert files to PDF. Next, you need to merge them into one PDF. It helps you avoid issues with document formatting when you open your file on another device.

The FileStar service enables you to extract and merge pages. With it, you can create a report in any text format. Moreover, your docs can be protected by a password. By using FileStar, you can:

  • Convert DOC to PDF (and vice versa)
  • Merge PDF
  • Extract PDF pages
  • Protect PDF (encrypt)

FileStar provides a set of tools for creating presentations. It allows you to convert Word, PDF, or Excel files to PPT. You can also make changes and share them with colleagues using cloud storage.

Multiple Tools for Graphics

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FileStar greatly simplifies the process of organizing images. It allows you to save time for more important things. It is essential for photographers who use photo organizing software.

When working with the FileStar service, you can:

  • Resize photos
  • Compress files
  • Crop images
  • Flip or rotate
  • Add filters
  • Make images black and white
  • Add vintage look

What is more, FileStar can be used as an image converter. It allows you neatly organize your files. You can name each picture, number it and add a date. Use a “rename” tool to add credentials to the file name and perform other manipulations.

Protect your photos by adding watermarks. It will add copyright text or a stamp to a picture. This way you can also limit access to several images simultaneously.

If you want to add text, you can write something special on several photographs or indicate where the photo was taken. Plus, you may add dates on several pics. To do it, select several photos and then use the “Add text” option.

To create truly eye-catching projects, you can apply filters, change exposure, resize, rotate, or add a vintage touch to your images. You may also zoom in on the subject. If you don’t want to spend much time editing your photos, contact professional photo retouching services.

Easy Video Processing

As I’ve previously mentioned, this software supports a great number of file formats. Some platforms or devices are compatible with particular file formats, like AVI or MP4. Plus, sometimes it’s necessary to compress files to send them via email. Sometimes you have to change the resolution to improve the image quality. In some cases, you even have to convert video files to post them on social media platforms. FileStar will help you perform the following batch tasks:

  • Change the resolution
  • Convert video files
  • Compress video files

You can also use this software as an audio converter and a file manager. It is particularly helpful for professionals working with a wide array of audio formats. Besides, you can always contact a professional video editing service.

Most similar programs support only standard formats, like MP3, OGG, MP4. However, FileStar allows you to import files in such rare formats as OPUS, RA, SHN, TTA, WAV and export files in AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, M4R formats.

FileStar Price

A free version has limited functionality. To access all options, you should pay for a subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any moment on the account management page. After that, your account will switch to a free plan with limited functions.

With a free version, you get 54,585 conversions for 10 months. A paid version costs $9 and includes unlimited conversions and several additional functions. By paying for an annual subscription, you can save 24%. This way, you will pay only $6.75 per month.

You can pay with all main credit cards, like MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Union Pay and JCB. Plus, you can use PayPal or electronic transfer.

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