Naked Photography

Naked Photography

The human body is a vital component for creating great naked photography. Many centuries ago, the human body was a great inspiration for famous artists and sculptors.


The naked body has taken many forms in art throughout our history. For the first time, the naked body became an important art form in Ancient Greece. In the period of the Renaissance, this art form took on a new form.

The artists created their masterpieces of the naked body, trying to give more freedom and emphasize emotions and movements. At that time, it was not so easy to curve all the bodylines as is today.

45 Breathtaking Naked Photo Ideas & Projects

Nowadays, the naked photography industry is very developed and continues to develop. There are many professional photographers who create their extraordinary unique naked body photos and blow the whole world’s socks off. Let’s have a look at some extraordinary naked body photos!

1. Use Candles for Eccentric Photos

how to take a good naked photo

You can take amazing naked body pics using candles. They may be of various colors or shapes. Just place them on any part of the body or use PS to do it. Personally, I am into images where candles are located on the subject’s back.

2. Capture Details

extraordinary nudes

Don’t get upset if the model is not eager to take a portrait. There is one great trick you can use. To get the best naked photo, focus on the various parts of the body which appeal to the subject most.

For instance, hands on a naked body, back, legs, breasts, etc. Consider the behind position to emphasize the attractive curves of the subject’s body.

3. Straighten up to Show the Body

best naked body

It becomes less complicated to capture the naked human body and emphasize body shapes when the subject has good posture. The photographer also reproduces body language and gestures. The clothes act as a shelter for the people, especially for their soul, while the naked body opens the true emotions.

Naked body photos captured by a skillful photographer show us the attractiveness of human natural beauty.

4. Milk Workshop by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

best naked pics ever

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz knows how to take a good naked picture. His main aim is to win the viewer’s heart and capture attention. That’s why Jaroslav created the “Milk Calendar” project.

Nobody can pass by his milk-splash pinup images. A well-known milk splash master plans every step beforehand. The result is overwhelming. Hard work stands behind every masterpiece. Look at his photos to get an incredible dose of inspiration.

5. The Shapes of the Body by Klaus Kampert

amazing naked body

You will be able to take the best naked pics ever after looking at the works of famous photographer Klaus Kampert. He creates impressive images in shadow tones. Klaus says that the body is the shell of the person’s soul. He is sure that his works belong neither to erotic nor to nude photography.

Bringing pleasure with photos isn’t his aim. He is convinced that viewers can start thinking in another way while looking at his pictures. The most popular projects he has already presented are “Non-utility-movements” and “Solar son”.

The “Non-utility-movements” project presents free and simple movements of the human body. You will definitely be impressed with the flexibility and shapes of a woman's body after seeing his work.

6. Katty Dee

professional nude photographers katty dee

Have you heard of Katty Dee? She is a professional shooter from Moscow who takes appealing photos of naked women’s bodies. Her works are fantastic. The models are wearing extraordinary outfits that emphasize their attractive curves.

The better effect is achieved due to the use of specific poses and interesting elements. Katty is sure that women should show their attractive bodies and professional naked photos is an excellent way to do it.

7. Human Temple by Trina Marry

professional nude photographers katty dee

Trina is a body painter with more than 10 years of experience. She has created thousands of bodypaintings. Trina uses painting on the body to reveal themes of consumerism, technology and freedom.

She created an unusual art project called “Human temple,” giving new meaning to the phrase “my body is a temple.” For this, Trina cooperated with 17 naked models. She needed nine hours of painting to take such a fantastic naked body photo.

8. Elena "Kassandra" Vizerskaya

professional nude photographers vizerskaya

Elena is a professional shooter. She creates uncommon and surrealistic worlds in her photos. You are not supposed to understand them, but to feel them. Each shot will disturb your imagination and develop a unique story.

Elena uses photo manipulation services to achieve such an effect. The main feature of her best naked photos is the spontaneity.

9. 365 Days Nude Photo Project by Fernando Schlaepfer

extraordinary nudes project

Photographer Fernando Schlaepfer from Rio de Janeiro involved himself in an extraordinary project. It started with posting an amazing naked body image. The location doesn’t matter for this shooter.

He dealt with all genders and performed interesting experiments. Fernando’s shots reveal the innocence and freedom of the human body. His photos are crazy enough; however, the destinations are crazier.

10. Naked Celebrities by Annie Leibovitz

professional nude photos by annie leibovitz

Annie is one of the most famous photographers who shoots celebrities. She is known for 10 years of photography for Rolling Stone magazine and then for Vanity Fair. Lots of her magazine cover photos are world famous.

Surely, many people remember her picture of the pregnant Demi Moore. She was also a photographer during some Rolling Stones concert tours.

Her incredible image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono is known far beyond the world of photography. To cut a long story short, Annie is one of the best professional nude photographers.

11. Nude Zebra by Lucien Clergue

best naked photo zebra

Lucien Clergue became famous in naked photography for his series of shots in the style of “Nu Zebres”. All photos are similar in composition.

Lucien is experimenting with various lighting techniques to get amazing black and white stripes on the model’s body. As a result, his images are distinguished by a peculiar eroticism and artistry.

12. The Balance of Power Between by Philbert

naked photograph balance

This is one of the best naked body pictures that symbolizes the unity of two principles: male and female. This is an image of the harmony of two opposite sides which are a source of power and strength for each other.

The contrast between black and white is simply incredible. I will also note the perfectly selected models’ positions that enhance the photo.

13. Granit by Natalia Mukha

professional naked photos granit

Ukrainian Natalia Mukha is known for her graphic approach to nude body photography. Her photos often shock with their incredibly powerful ideas.

This example may look a little more subdued than most of her photos, but it is still impressive. Playing with the shape of the male body, she strikingly shows the surroundings.

14. Drifting by Olivier Valsecchi

nude body photography drifting

The main feature of Olivier Valsecchi's images is a combination of the traditional approach to naked photography with Flanders' still-life paintings. His new Drifting series will guide you through the history of art in an ingenious way.

Creating his extraordinary nudes, Olivier uses muted color schemes, adheres to his special light technique and chooses a direct sense of composition. In his photographs, you can see the incredible interaction of stillness and smooth movement.

Along with the gloomy mood, his series draws the viewers’ attention. When you look at his best nude photographs, it seems that the bodies turn into liquid and flow from the surface.

15. Cyanotypes by Ruediger Beckmann

best nude photographs cyanotypes

Ruediger has been taking professional naked photos for about 16 years. He observes and captures vanity, ideal beauty, and incredible attractiveness, together with indignation, bias, and vulnerability. He strives not only to shoot the subject but also to show the reason, to take into account our state of mind and our needs.

16. Memoirs of a Geisha by Larry Woodmann

naked body photo black and white

Larry Woodmann is the nickname of a famous Milanese photographer. He is an employee of a telecommunication company and takes pictures during his numerous trips. When meeting with a suitable model, he tries to concentrate on a deeper artistic expression.

His approach is not based on any accepted techniques or methods. The key to successful naked body photos is his subtle aesthetic feeling and instinct. He captures the model in the way he is inspired to.

17. Erotic Photography by Radoslaw Pujan

nude professional photography radoslaw pujan

The popular Polish photographer is known for his pictures of naked body. Radoslaw Pujan started photography as a hobby and then it became his profession. At first, he photographed landscapes and then he began to capture friends and strangers.

He developed his skills and knowledge by studying photography and art on his own. Moving to Krakow, Radoslaw looked at photography in a new way. He switched to using old film techniques and began to look at the process of photographing from a different perspective.

18. Fine Art Nude Photography by Lindsay Adler

naked photo ideas water

Lindsay Adler is a brilliant photographer and educator who has reached the top in her industry. Lindsay lives in New York and her fashion editorials have been published in many famous magazines, such as Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, L'Officiel, Elle Magazine and many others.

She gives presentations all over the world at the best events. Lindsay shares her knowledge on how to take a good naked photo and many other issues related to the photography industry.

Her name has been on the lists of the best fashion photographers for a long time and she has been often requested both as an educator and as a photographer.

19. Photo from the Back for a Mysterious Effect

best naked bodies photography

Gentle poses and the right shadows are two elements of successful naked body images. This pose is a traditional one in nude professional photography. The subject stands with their back to you. Such a posture allows you to make an accent on her back.

As a result, the woman looks flirty and mysterious but doesn't feel uncovered. If you want to show more individuality in the picture, just ask the model to look back or put her hands on the triceps.

20. Lying on the Floor

professional nude photos

Another great way to show the best naked body is placing a girl on the floor. Ask her to close her eyes and raise the upper part of her body. Move around the model and shoot from various angles until finding the perfect one.

21. Portrait in the Water

best naked photo

This is one of the most popular naked photo ideas but you need to prepare for it beforehand. Make sure that the water is warm and clear enough and ask the subject to pose there. It is very important for the subject to feel comfortable in these conditions.

22. Full Body in the Water

naked photograph

For implementing this idea, the water must cover the whole body, including the arms and face. Only the breast should be open. Such a position will look amazing in the long run.

23. Shot in the Forest

professional naked photos

The forest is one of many popular places for realizing naked picture ideas. As in the case with water, you should make sure that the subject feels comfortable. Shoot from the top angle and ask the model to be completely naked.

24. Pose to Accent the Legs

professional naked women

Want to take extraordinary nudes? Then consider this pose and make an accent on the natural curve of the subject’s body. Ask her to bend her upper leg slightly and cross it with her other leg. As a result, you will get a more roundish effect. Also, mind that the torso must be extended and the shoulders set backwards.

25. Show Beautiful Lingerie

nude body photography

This pose appeals to most models as it creates a more roundish rear view. Ask the girl to cross her legs whether she is lying or standing. A deeper angle in the lower back is created due to the natural curve of the body. As a result, it emphasizes every curve.

26. Shoot Body Parts in Macro

best nude photographs

Is your model shy? Then take naked body photos of the parts she definitely likes. Back, legs or breasts with her hands on them will create a winning look.

27. Use Ice as an Accessory

naked body photo

Professional naked women pictures should be mysterious and even hot. If your model is brave enough, use some ice during the photoshoot. Ask her to cover her body with ice cubes. This idea may seem to be very plain at first glance, but actually, it looks great, especially in macro.

28. Use a Bath for a More Sensual Effect

naked body photos

Professional nude photographers don’t limit themselves to shooting only in a room. Consider a bath to place the model into the water. Add some accessories like fruits or flower petals, and pour paints or milk.

29. Show the Flexibility

naked picture ideas

Use the model’s flexibility to take impressive photos. In this way, you will make an accent not only on her naked body, but what her body is capable of.

30. Use the Shower

nude professional photography

Consider the shower to realize nude photoshoot ideas especially if it is a vintage look or very beautiful. Prepare everything in advance. Turn on the shower beforehand with hot water so that the glass fogs up.

Then, let the subject in. Shoot how she turns on the shower or what happens when her body touches the glass. Make sure the shower is clean and the model feels comfortable.

31. Use the Mirror

naked photo ideas

Purchase a big mirror for nude body photography. You can use it for shooting the model’s face in the mirror or the whole body. Place the subject opposite it and start experimenting.

32. Take Artistic Photos Across the Window

best naked photos

This idea doesn’t require any additional accessories or preparation. Just find a big, bright window.

Use it for creating sharp shadows on the subject’s body or take a silhouette photo. Before you start, make sure nobody is observing the girl from anywhere outside.

33. Use Color Lighting

nude photoshoot ideas

For taking extraordinary nudes, use colored filters, gels, transparent overlays or various light sources.

34. Using Flowers

professional nude photos flowers

Photographers have an opportunity to capture out-of-the-ordinary, breathtaking naked body shots involving extraordinary ideas, astonishing decoration, and interesting objects. The best nude photographs should have some feeling of mystery. Use flowers, for example. Place them near the subject or on her hair.

35. Use Flour to Take Dynamic Photos

pictures of naked body

You can upgrade your own portfolio with dynamic pictures of naked body. Using flour, you will be able to play around with shots and poses, as well as check how quickly you react. Ask the model to throw the flour and make quick movements.

36. Minimum Furniture and Empty Walls

naked photo ideas simple

A blank wall is a great platform to implement your naked picture ideas. If you have an empty plain wall in your apartment, this is a big advantage for you. However, if the entire room is filled with furniture against the walls, you can rearrange it.

In case it is impossible, buy a plain background for your nude photos. Besides, you can use your furniture as a backdrop if it matches your style and ideas.

37. Turn up the Heat

best naked photos pregnant

When models aren't wearing any clothing it can cause them to get cold quickly. Raise the room temperature before shooting. It should not be too hot (this is also not very comfortable), but warm enough to make the models feel good.

Don’t forget that the comfort of the model affects the shooting atmosphere and influences your chance to take a great naked photograph.

38. Keep It Relaxed

pictures of naked body relaxed

As a rule, if a model agrees to shoot naked, he/she does not feel discomfort being without clothes in front of a stranger. However, you may at some point take pictures of an ordinary person, or perhaps this is the first nude photography experience for a model. Therefore, to get the best naked photo, you need to create the most relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes, simple physical comfort is not enough. Talk with the model about some regular topics and let her feel at ease when communicating with you.

39. Keep It Simple

best naked pics ever tender

Do not make the poses too complicated unless you are taking pictures of a naked pair or creating a project in the style of fine art nude photography. This is especially important if you are not photographing a professional model but an ordinary client.

You can take great pictures if the model is sitting, lying or just standing. The main thing is that the model is in a calm and relaxed state.

40. Approach Professional Photo Editing Services

editing service for nude body photography editing service for nude body photography
Order Photo Editing Service $2 per photo

Today, many photographers order image post-processing of the portraits at reliable outsourcing companies. Such services are always the key to a quality picture retouch in a short time. Moreover, it is possible to order photo retouching in your style.

41. Nude Photography Doesn’t Have to Be Totally Nude

naked photograph painting

Many people mistakenly believe that nude photographs mean completely naked bodies. In fact, many photographers capture their models covering some part of the body.

Thus, not all photos of this genre can be considered erotic. You can get the best naked bodies shots if you use a well-thought-out and ingenious cover for your models.

For example, ask a female model to cover her torso with her hands. If you photograph a man, he can hide his groin with his hands. Moreover, you can use various props to achieve your ideas.

42. Try Black and White

professional naked photos project

When taking color nude photos, we run the risk of getting quite conflicting results. I've had the experience shooting in color where neither I nor my models were delighted with the pictures.

Since few people have perfect skin without any spots and blemishes, all these imperfections are very noticeable in color photographs.

43. Add Props

professional naked women props

Use props not only to get incredible professional naked women and men photos but also to help reduce stress. Another advantage of adding props to the frame is their effect on the texture and color of the picture, increasing visual interest.

Besides, you don’t have to think about what to do with the awkward hands of the model. However, you should be careful not to overdo it with your props.

Use a curtain as a background to create a smooth motion effect. You can also use some piece of furniture as a seat or put something in the model’s hands.

44. Get Outside

extraordinary nudes outdoor

Do not be restricted by the limits of your studio if you want to get the best naked photos. Take a look around and you can surely find a secluded place where you can take great pictures against beautiful landscapes as a backdrop.

45. Never Touch the Model

naked photography

During the shooting, you'd best forget about trying to position the model’s arm or leg as you like. Doing so could be embarrassing or add some tension if you did not ask for permission in advance.

FREEBIES for Editing Professional Naked Photos

You will get amazing naked body pictures in the shortest time if you add these free Photoshop and Lightroom tools to your photo editing workflow.

Light & Airy Lightroom Preset "Pastel"

free lightroom preset for nude body photography free lightroom preset for nude body photography

This filter is perfect for a variety of genres, including wedding, newborn, family and naked photography. Adding pastel shades to the images, this preset creates a special atmosphere and enhances emotions.

Light & Airy Lightroom Preset Free "Soft"

free lightroom preset for professional naked photos free lightroom preset for professional naked photos

Use this filter if you need to eliminate sharp shadows in the picture. Your photos will look softer and more tender.

Fashion Presets Lightroom "Glamour"

free lightroom preset for naked photograph free lightroom preset for naked photograph

Make your professional nude photos incredibly appealing with this powerful preset. You will get a more even skin color, which is very important for this genre. Besides, a few yellow shades will give your pictures a special charm and style.

Preset Lightroom Film "Vintage"

free lightroom preset for professional nude photos free lightroom preset for professional nude photos

I recommend applying this filter if you want vintage images with faded colors. It is great for pictures with dominant blue hues, like naked body photos near the water, against the sky, etc.

Free Lightroom Preset "Sunshine"

free lightroom preset for naked photography free lightroom preset for naked photography

Add some summer sun to your photos by applying this filter. It will make your images brighter and more colorful. This preset goes well with nude photos taken in natural light, especially during dawn. Add an impressive cinematic look to your naked photograph and get fantastic results.

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