Photo competition

Photo competition

Our company has an idea to find unique photographers from the whole world and write an article about photographers you should follow in 2017 by FixThePhoto in our retouching blog.

Do you know that the photography industry becomes popular and develops today? Almost everyone with camera or smartphone in hands consider himself/herself to be a photographer. The social network is the way to share your best shots. You may check out the Top 10 remarkable Instagram photographers that will inspire you to create new funny and extraordinary photographs. The great number of shooters creates their amazing works skillfully, as it becomes easier today. The well-known photographers surprise with their eye-candy images of different genres. The photo editing is an essential part of every photographer job. Read more about The history of photo retouching, and observe the images which were edited in American photo manipulation services many years ago and compare them with modern photo editing services.

There is a wide range of photography genres and every photographer is a specialist in his/her genre. Our company, FixThePhoto, provides photo editing services, not depending on the genre. The photo editing services are mostly used by businesses and photographers. Our outsource photo retouching services are praised for accuracy, efficiency, and affordable photo retouching prices. We provide wide range of photo retouching services, as family photo editing, old photo restoration services, real estate photo editing, product photo retouching services, baby photo retouching, post processing services for photographers and many others. 


Our company has an idea to find the best photographers from the whole world and write an article Photographers you should follow in 2017 by FixThePhoto in our retouching blog. The famous modern photographers, who have passion for their job, can become a part of our project. The aim of this article is to show the most popular photographers and photo manipulators in 2017, and grab millions of people’s attention by photographer's stunning images. 

If you want to take part in our project and become the famous photographers in history, send us a short information about yourself, photo retouching examples with their description and their reference links to the email address The famous modern photographers have an opportunity to be in competition with amateur photographers and see the level of their skills. Also you will be published on our blog and promoted. So don’t forget to write us the link to your photographer portfolio. 

Every day our company has almost 10 000 new viewers who read our retouching blog with essential information and refer to it. So, we are looking for new faces and extraordinary photographs, and waiting for photo retouching examples of different levels and genres to broad out retouching blog. Read our previous article about 4 photo retouching levels in 1 photograph  to know how to name the level of your work. If you have passion for fashion photo sessions, especially studio boudoir photography, send us your shots where you used portrait photo retouching. When the nature photography is your passion, we are waiting for your shots, edited in professional photo color correction services and background removal service, which improve any disadvantage. We are also looking forward to luxury wedding images with bright accessories, which you professionally edited in wedding photo retouching services, jewelry retouching services and photo post production services

Our company hopes that our project will not leave you indifferent and you will not miss the chance to become famous photographers in history of our website. If you want to get inspired by magic shots read the articles Photoshop or reality and Most controversial photographs ever taken. We are sure, this photo competition is the great opportunity to one of the well-known photographers and makes your works iconic from pole to pole.  


Send your photographs and short “About yourself” at


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