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Can’t find a Betternet crack link? It’s no wonder as this VPN program appeared just 5 years ago. After the launch of the program, it quickly started gaining popularity, particularly among the owners of Android devices. Aside from Android, Betternet is compatible with iOS and Windows applications, along with Chrome and Firefox extensions.

A great benefit of this program is that it is completely free, so you don’t need Betternet crack kinks. Besides, the registration isn’t required so you don’t have to provide your personal info.

Due to the increased expenses, the developer had to release a Premium version of the mobile application more than two years ago. This version grants access to a wider range of location and IP selection options, round-the-clock support and specific services (only 11 servers in 10 countries). There is an opportunity to test the capabilities of the Premium version with the free weeklong trial.

Betternet VPN Features:

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Open VPN Encryption
With this commonly accepted technology, it is possible to prevent intruders from spying on the user’s connection. Moreover, this free VPN service comes in handy when the user needs to escape throttling from the ISP, blocking of a website from a public place. Another typical VPN-related functionality is supported as well.
Customer Support
Even though the round-the-clock support is accessible only to premium subscribers, it is good to know that the support is present at all. Live chatting is unavailable, but it isn’t really a must. The website features an FAQ that doesn’t provide plenty of info. That’s why if you have any questions, you will have to approach customer support.
App Simplicity
With this application, you are sure not to get lost in a variety of menu options, as the feature-set isn’t so extensive. The ease of use is exactly what you need in case you aren’t going to connect to a server in a certain location. Your only task would be to download the application, open it and click “Connect”.
No Log Files
Aside from the price, another drawback of the program is the no-logging system. It implies that they are unable to share the user’s IP address in case they receive a DMCA takedown notice. That’s how certain VPN programs exposed the identity of their users.

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