8 Best Writing Apps For Mac in 2022

Using the best writing apps for Mac, you can take your writing skills to the next level. They will help you improve your content by carrying out spelling checks, correcting grammatical errors and suggesting stylistic changes.

In this article, you will find out about the special features of such apps, what they can offer to you, what issues might occur when using them, and how much they cost.

Top 8 Writing Apps For Mac

  1. Ulysses - Perfect for writers
  2. Google Docs - Online word processor
  3. Apple Pages - Mac-native app
  4. Scrivener - For longform documents
  5. iA Writer - Great file exporting
  6. Bywor‪d - Budget app
  7. Reedsy - For book editing
  8. Grammarly - With grammar checker tools

When creating this list, I paid attention to how these applications cope with the content organization and whether they were simple to use. Also, I checked if they provide full ‘versioning’ or revision history so users don’t have to worry about losing their work.

Besides, I made sure they have a distraction-free writing environment, offer collaboration opportunities and support the most common formats for export.

1. Ulysses - Our Choice

Perfect for writers
  • Includes a word count
  • Publishes directly to your WordPress
  • Exports your work to text, PDF, or DOCX
  • Free templates
  • Expensive subscription-only pricing

Verdict: You can now take advantage of a completely new way to edit PDFs and markdown your documents with Ulysses. The interface has been designed in a manner that allows for the user to easily select the area of the document. Once they are done with that particular section, all that is required of the user is to tap the screen in order to bring up the next section. The menu bar also helps to make it easier for people to see which section of the text they should work on at any given time.

This software has a very strong editing system, allowing users to correct their mistakes. It also provides users with a private network of writers who can exchange words and topics through real-time discussion.

ulysses writing app for mac interface

2. Google Docs

Online word processor
  • Easy file sharing
  • Totally free
  • Voice typing
  • Many integrations available
  • Some bugs while transferring text

Verdict: Google Docs allows anyone to easily create a powerful document format from scratch and edit it from anywhere on the web. You can either open it directly within Google Docs itself, or you can access it through the browser. And either way you'll be able to add files to your document, rename them, move them around, and a whole lot more.

This speech to text software allows you to literally drag and drop everything you want onto the page, which is then indexed by Google, so you can pull up a search result almost instantly. You can give your document a title, description, and any attachments you'd like to put on it. Also you'll be able to edit your text on the same page.

google docs writing app for mac interface

3. Apple Pages

Mac-native app
  • Over 70 templates
  • You can collaborate with PC users
  • With page-layout mode
  • No footnotes and endnotes

Verdict: With Apple Pages you can create books and articles. The writing features are not particularly complicated, but many new writers find that they need a bit of help. If you would prefer to work with an editing program, then you will find that there are a number of useful tools.

You can add much more information on your pages such as links and pictures and use over 70 templates for creating documents.

apple pages writing app for mac interface

4. Scrivener

For longform documents
  • With a fullscreen mode
  • Include a file browser
  • Outline and corkboard modes
  • Hard to find some commands

Verdict: Scrivener does allow you to use a variety of different tools that will enable you to write and edit documents easily using the built-in interface. This writing app for Mac should give you all of the tools that you need to create professional looking content.

You'll find that the program is relatively intuitive to use, and it is capable of handling most forms of content that you can throw at it. For creating short notes, it is more convenient to use journal app for Mac.

scrivener writing app for mac interface

5. iA Writer

Great file exporting
  • iCloud sharing
  • Has a focus mode
  • Markdown formatting
  • Has pre-loaded templates
  • Limited export options

Verdict: With iA Writer, you can save a document in one document, a document in multiple documents, change the text, highlight, and format. Software does all of that extremely quickly and automatically. It's very easy to learn how to use the different functions. Program has pre-loaded templates, so you can create documents faster.

ia writer writing app for mac interface

6. Bywor‪d

Budget app
  • Built-in exporting functions
  • Publishing to WordPress
  • Used with Markdown
  • Not ideal for long-form writers

Verdict: Byword is easy to use as it has several options available for the user to select from. One can either edit the articles manually or use the various features present in the software application for making the editing process easier. Some of the basic features include a spell checker, an inline citation, correct grammar, error indicators, and many more.

Once you are finished with the article, you can send it directly to your clients through the website or by e-mail. There is also an option available where you can schedule the assignment. You can add links to articles and published your works in top online directory such as ArticleBase. In this case, you will be provided with high ranking and thus improved visibility in the eyes of the search engines such as Google.

bywor‪d writing app for mac interface

7. Reedsy

For book editing
  • Powerful book editing tool
  • Collaborative editing
  • Formatting and Typesetting
  • Limited pool of service providers

Verdict: The Reedsy writing app for Mac allows to write much faster and more efficiently. It works as a language translator between English and any other languages that you may want to learn.

As you learn more and become a better writer, you can expand your vocabulary and learn all kinds of advanced tips and tricks. That is one of the greatest benefits to using Reedsy – you can expand your language vocabulary as you learn more.

reedsy writing app for mac interface

8. Grammarly

With grammar checker tools
  • Grammar and spell corrections
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Sentence formation
  • Limited free version

Verdict: Grammarly helps to improve English grammar skills and knowledge. This grammar checker will automatically detect mistakes in your writing and you will get instant feedback about the errors and get immediate feedback about your grammar. Also this software has a plagiarism checker tools.

grammarly writing app for mac interface