5 Best Voice Recognition Software in 2022

Make sure to use the best voice recognition software to quickly write any text, take important notes on the go, analyze sounds and transform audio recordings into text. These programs usually have versions for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Top 5 Voice Recognition Software

  1. Dragon Professional - Best for daily activities
  2. Google Docs - Integrated with Google Suite
  3. Gboard - Best for mobile
  4. SpeechTexter - For Chrome browser
  5. Voice Finger - Set up command capability

After installing such a program, you will be able to quickly write any text. Keep in mind that clear dictation is a must. When using a voice-recognition program, you can also edit a document. To make the right choice, check whether a program is simple to install and use, comes at an affordable price and has great voice-recognition tools.

I also considered whether these programs support voice commands. Besides, some of them support several languages and dialects. Some programs can be integrated with other software as well. For instance, you can use them with dictation software.

1. Dragon Professional - Our Choice

Best for daily activities
  • Integration with many apps
  • Synchronized with other company products
  • For individuals and small businesses
  • None

Verdict: Dragon Professional is the perfect tool to capture important dictations and turn them into text. This voice recognition software does not just save dictations - it also saves audio files that can be played on a computer or PSP to listen to the recorded voice. It also has a handwriting recognition feature so that the user will be able to recognize the writing on a document.

You will be able to write documents, make notes and submit emails from your PDA, laptop, or cell phone. You can choose the Dragon Professional package which offers all three voice recognition options - Quick dictation, Slow dictation, and Voice Recorder. This speech to text software for Mac is compatible with many text messaging apps including Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger.

dragon professional voice recognition software interface

2. Google Docs

Integrated with Google Suite
  • Supports 43 languages
  • Voice commands
  • Hide your spelling errors
  • Works online

Verdict: Google Docs provides all the functionality necessary to create, share and edit documents. The process is as easy as entering some text and linking it to another document. This voice recognition software is responsible for these voice commands and dictation ability.

This speech to text software allows multiple people to work on the same documents simultaneously. The voice recognition feature will also greatly reduce the time it takes employees to enter and save the information into their Google Docs accounts. Google Docs can be used across multiple computers on a local network or remotely over the Internet.

google docs voice recognition software interface

3. Gboard

Best for mobile
  • Works with email, browser, document
  • Transcribes fast
  • Learns preferred words
  • Restricted customization

Verdict: Google has developed a speech-recognition software that can be used in mobile phones to give the user access to search, address book, calendar, and so on. Gboard works with email, browser, documents. It offers fast transcribes and learns preferred words.

Development was able to achieve an accuracy of 97.7% in speech recognition. This is quite impressive and it also means that you will not have to rely on the speech recognition software that you install on your PC or laptop.

gboard voice recognition software interface

4. SpeechTexter

For Chrome browser
  • Convenient voice commands
  • Auto-save feature
  • Also for Android
  • Occasionally it mistyped words
speechtexter voice recognition software logo

Verdict: If you need a cheap way to record professional-looking audio while doing certain repetitive tasks, then you should take a look at SpeechTexter. This voice to text app converts sound into text that can be read on a computer screen. The software also enables the user to record a short piece of music that plays in the background.

You can open the software directly onto the computer, and begin recording voices. Once you have finished doing this, you simply need to press a button, and the voice recognition software begins to work. In just a few minutes, you will have completely transformed speeches into professional-sounding documents.

speechtexter voice recognition software interface

5. Voice Finger

Set up command capability
  • You can control the PC with voice
  • Supports speech recognition commands
  • Accuracy is above average
  • Doesn’t work on Mac
voice finger voice recognition software logo
Voice Finger

Verdict: Voice Finger improved on the standard Windows speech recognition programs by minimizing the amount or duration of voice commands necessary to perform different tasks. It also provides facilities such as speech recognition for tone, pitch, rhythm, and modulation.

Besides basic commands like asking, listening, searching, and asking again, it is also useful for controlling the Windows Task Manager, controlling which programs should be closed and running, controlling which processes are allowed to run, and much more. In voice-recognition software, a digital voice signal is extracted from the telephone conversation and converted into an audio file. The resulting file is then played back in the user's computer speaker, thus generating a speech output.

voice finger voice recognition software interface