Sketch vs Lucidchart

Does your job involve creating flowcharts, technical maps, site wireframes, and UML diagrams? Do you have to keep in touch with your team all the time? Then check out the Sketch vs Lucidchart comparison and pick the right software for your needs.

Sketch is a free vector drawing software for OS X operating system that is extremely popular among designers because of its extremely easy to use features and capabilities.

Lucidchart is an easy-to-use proprietary web-based open-source platform that enables users to collaboratively revise, draw and share complex diagrams and charts. It's developed by Lucid Software Inc., based in Provo, Utah.

Final Verdict:

Along with easy access and multiple sketching tools, other features present in Sketch Pro, which makes it a favorite among designers is that it allows you to share and save sketches online. You can email your sketch to your colleagues for review and comment, and even print it out if you want to share it with everyone.

Sketch is the winner >

Sketch Features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy learning curve
  • Useful collaboration features
  • Works with Illustrator assets
  • Drag & drop tools

What is Sketch?

sketch interface

One of the most useful features of Sketch for beginners is its AutoRecolor function. AutoRecolor is similar to Adobe Photoshop's built-in Auto recolor feature wherein it allows users to automatically colorize a portion of an image without requiring any input from the user.

Unlike alternatives software, Sketch uses a "ring style" coloring system where colors are placed around the image based on the distance between two adjacent images. AutoRecolor also allows you to remove any unwanted color marks on your sketches.

Another great feature of Sketch is the built-in layer menu which lets you manage your sketch layers in real time. This feature is similar to Photoshop's layer panel in that it lets you switch between your sketch layer and your design layer with a single click.

What is Lucidchart?

lucidchart interface

Lucidchart allows its users to import any text, image or multiple layers of data into the charting software with the use of a web browser. In addition, the app allows the users to choose from a number of popular templates and edit the existing ones as well.

It also offers a number of additional charting tools and functions such as customizing bars, converting PDFs to drawings, hiding the background image and coloring the Pie Chart Editor.

Another amazing feature of Lucidchart is its ability to export your charts into PDF format, so that you can print them out for presentation or other uses. It offers a lot of other features as well including a facility to upload any custom logo that you may want to use for a certain chart.


sketch logo
lucidchart logo

Sketch & Lucidchart Features:

  • Library brushes
  • Prototype creation
  • Drawing, shape and text tools
  • Edit shape points and Bezier curves
  • Fast organization
  • Smooth user experience
  • Plentiful object libraries and templates
  • Integrates with many apps and services
  • Document management
  • Easy to use

Sketch and Lucidchart Price:

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FixThePhoto Choice:

Sketch is equipped with scaling tools and automatic color detection in your document, making it a leader in this comparison.

Lucidchart includes a wide library of brushes and templates, and integrates with many applications and services.