Illustrator vs Xara Xtreme

By Ann Young 15 days ago, Apps and Software

When it comes to creating vector graphics, use one of these programs: Illustrator vs Xara Xtreme.

Illustrator is an advanced program that can help you create stunning vector graphics and other complex illustrations. It includes a number of different tools that allow designers to make their drawings as realistic as possible.

Xara Xtreme is a professional graphic editing software that combines photo retouching, image manipulation tools, and graphic design features for professional photographers, web designers, and others.

Final Verdict:

Adobe Illustrator offers many more advantages over other popular similar programs on the market, and also if you need something that offers you a lot of flexibility, this particular software is certainly worth considering.

Illustrator is the winner >

Illustrator Features:

  • Color synchronization
  • Live shapes support
  • Brushes collection
  • Customizable design options
  • CSS extractor tool

What is Illustrator?

illustrator interface

One of the most important features of Illustrator, which can be useful for beginners as well as professionals, is the ability to use masks. Masking functions allow you to make use of patterns and shadows to shape parts of an image. This can help to make the image appear to be less cluttered than it actually is.

With Adobe Illustrator, you also have an additional level of flexibility when working on the design to customize your workspace. You can easily change fonts, colors and other elements according to your needs. There's even an option to let the program save space by allowing you to create tabs on your workspace.

One of the features that is not well known is that it is capable of exporting to raster files. Raster files are similar to JPEG's but much smaller, containing only a few dozen pixels in each cell. By exporting an image file in this format, you will be able to send it to any printer without losing any quality.

What is Xara Xtreme?

xara xtreme interface

With just a few simple mouse clicks you can import images from your digital camera, adjust and crop images, remove red eye, sharpen image, and enhance color and contrast, using Xara Xtreme. Besides that, the other great features of Xara include its extensive photo and graphic editing tools, a wide variety of drawing tools, layer support, image masks, and much more.

It provides a number of options for enhancing images such as merge and overlay tools, spot color correction, background shading, and red eye removal. It also provides options for restoring a picture to original look including adjusting colors, restoring backgrounds, adding text, adjusting florals, gradients, and more.

Xara Xtreme also incorporates a number of other useful features such as cool photo effects, unique interface, quick and easy import/export, page layout optimization, and web-based file management. It is fully customizable, so you can choose what fonts and colors to use, adjust and tweak all aspects of the software, and more. This makes it practical for any kind of professional image editing and creating needs.


illustrator logo
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Illustrator & Xara Xtreme Features:

  • SVG export
  • Automatic updates
  • Integration with Adobe's apps
  • Design tempaltes
  • Ready-to-use presets
  • Color settings
  • Direct publishing
  • Photo editing capabilities
  • Import and export of illustrations
  • In-built content catalog

Illustrator and Xara Xtreme Price:

STARTING PRICE $20.99/month $79.00/license
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FixThePhoto Choice:

The ease of use and advanced features provided by Illustrator make it a desirable choice for digital artists who need to create professional quality artwork. Graphic designers working with vector graphics can create and modify various shapes and designs using one of the most popular and versatile drawing tools available in Adobe Illustrator.