Calvin Seng Digital Marketing Agency Review 2024

By Kate Gross 5 days ago, Apps and Software

Calvin Seng Digital Marketing Agency

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Verdict: The Calvin Seng agency focuses on building websites for different target audiences. If you are a photographer, the agency can create for you an adaptive website with a high degree of protection.

Calvin Seng also works with individual clients. The company creates custom solutions and enterprise-grade mobile applications in a short time. It specializes in full-stack development and is considered to be one of the best digital agencies on the market.

Unlike those who use multiple programs when implementing a digital marketing strategy, the company focuses on automation. This helps them use centralized data and get accurate results. This way, they can create easy-to-access solutions. The agency works with photographers, retouchers, and large companies.

  • Help photographers automate online platforms
  • Result-driven strategic consulting
  • Reliability
  • Affordable rates
  • Fast results
  • Focus on e-commerce
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The Calvin Seng digital marketing agency was established in 2017. In 4 years, the company has collected a solid client base. They worked with SinCo, SpaceLogic, Midea, Oppo, and CarClub. The Information Technology Development Authority in Singapore considers this agency to be the best solution for E-commerce platforms.

Calvin Seng made it to the Top Website Optimization Agencies List created by DesignRush in April 2021. They are one of the Top 10 Software Developers in Singapore. The company continues to expand its outreach around the world. It has a team of like-minded people who work together on Internet improvements.

Calvin Seng Agency – Main Features

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The Calvin Seng agency develops effective solutions when creating websites, applications, and content. This digital marketing agency offers strategic business consulting services to help you develop your brand. The company was founded by Calvin Seng, a business strategist, web developer, and filmmaker who started his career as a freelance web designer.

User-Friendly Websites for Photographers

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The agency specializes in website design and development. Using the best web design software, they create websites that load quickly and can be accessed from various devices. Specialists also work with website builders for photographers that let you add an unlimited number of services or products to your site.

The Calvin Seng agency creates scalable websites that can be integrated with different services. They can create a complex e-commerce platform from scratch or improve an existing one. Besides, they can add a product to the webpage. As a result, you will get a website with extensive functionality that can be further customized depending on your needs.

Besides working on UI/UX, colors, images, and fonts, they also pay special attention to the effectiveness of your website. They simplify the interface to ensure a positive user experience. The agency specializes in building e-commerce websites. The prices start from $699 and depend on the complexity of a project.

Building a Brand Identity

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The Calvin Seng agency can create a brand identity from scratch. Besides, they offer marketing packages, including business cards, signboards, T-shirts, and brochures. The team can design a logo and create a brand concept. To create a corporate identity, the agency analyzes the target audience, competitors, goals, advantages and disadvantages of the brand.

Building a Strong Strategy for Mobile Application Development

Their team of professional developers creates mobile applications. They build native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile apps. Before starting work on your application, the team conducts research to develop a strong strategy.

A mobile app is essential for a variety of industries, including food, education, banking, trade, and communications. A well-designed application will help you grow your customer base. Digital marketing specialists focus on creating effective and functional mobile applications.

Focus on Useful Content

To strengthen the brand's presence locally and on the Internet, digital marketing specialists from the Calvin Seng agency create useful content. It allows their clients to gain the trust of customers who want to try their services and products.

When it comes to marketing strategies, professionals focus on creating engaging social media posts. They also pay attention to the visual component of the brand to develop an attractive design.

Deep Analysis of Performance Indicators

The team regularly writes reports on the performance of their websites and mobile apps. In these reports, they analyze backlinks, landing microsites, funnels, visits/traffic.

Besides, they pay attention to the relevance of the content. They create relevant content across various platforms and add backlinks.

Extended Customer Support

Each client receives extended support without paying extra fees. The team responds quickly to inquiries.

The agency quickly copes with assigned tasks. The exact duration of a project depends on the type and complexity of tasks.

Calvin Seng Digital Marketing Agency - Prices

On the official page, you will see a price list for web development services. To find out the cost of other services, you need to contact a manager via messengers or the form on the website.

You can choose one of the three website development packages. The cost of the Basic package is $799.80. It includes a 10-page website, unlimited SKUs, multiple payment methods, invoice and delivery notes, basic adjustments, and pro-level selling features.

The Plus package includes a 30-page website, unlimited SKUs, point of sales, various payment methods, advanced customization, invoice and delivery notes, high-level selling features. The cost of the package is $1,399.

With the Pro package, you will get a 70-page website, unlimited SKUs, point of sale, branded mobile apps. It also includes various payment methods, advanced customization, invoice/delivery notes, and high-level selling features.