5 Best Video To Text Converters in 2023

While many people watch videos, only some of them know that one can use the best video to text converter to transcribe clips. Developers have been releasing such programs for years, but few people know how to use them. However, nowadays, more and more people become aware that such converters exist.

Top 5 Video To Text Converters

  1. InqScribe - With subtitling function
  2. EureScribe - With flexible features
  3. HyperTRANSCRIBE - Most potent tool for transcribing
  4. 360Converter - Online tool
  5. TextSniper - Online tool

These programs support an assortment of features and can convert audio and video to text. Some of them can be used on the go. By using them, you can transcribe phone calls and lectures to create an easy-to-read text file.

In this article, we will tell you about the most reliable options for transcribing audio and help you find the best video to text converter for creating documents.

1. InqScribe - Our Choice

With subtitling function
  • Superior sound quality
  • Affordable
  • Terrific customer service
  • Mouse-free media controls
  • Free version is limited

Verdict: InqScribe is a software that can be used to convert voice messages into text format. This is one of the best free video converters for Windows that can be purchased over the web today as it has an excellent feature list that will satisfy even the most demanding computer users.

Features like automatic captions, line breaks, automatic timing of the audio, adjustable font size, and the ability to align the text with any character on the screen are some of the best attributes that this amazing program has. This is also considered as the best video to text converter that can be used at home or at the workplace because of its great features.

inqscribe interface

2. EureScribe

With flexible features
  • Makes subtitling more manageable
  • Breaks long clips down
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Can be prone to bugs

Verdict: EureScribe is a software that has been designed especially to convert any text file into a PDF format, in an easy and effective way. It comes with features that will not only to you the user with the most flexible features but also the user-friendly one.

The greatest advantage of using this file converter software is that it will provide you with the best option of saving your time and money for those important projects. It comes with the option of converting audio files into text. You can also add videos to your documents and merge them with the text, thus giving an effective and unique document structure to the final draft.

eurescribe interface


Most potent tool for transcribing
  • Quick media processing
  • Rewind and loop options
  • Available for both Mac and Win OS
  • Lack of video and audio editing

Verdict: HyperTRANSCRIBE is one of the most flexible and convenient tools that can be used for converting different kinds of files. It can be used in different circumstances, which include educational purpose, commercial purpose and even for business purposes.

HyperTRANSCRIBE is an efficient tool that can perform a variety of transcoding functions that are similar to that of a conventional video tape recorder. It can convert files from different formats such as PVR, AVI, WMM, HTML, EPS, PDF, Mpeg and other popular media files.

hypertranscribe video to text converters interface

4. 360Converter

Online tool
  • Automated timestamps
  • Searchable, editable and interactive transcripts
  • Realign time codes
  • Out of date interface
360converter video to text converters logo

Verdict: 360Converter is a popular video to text converter that offers some advanced features that are not available with other video to text converters. The original 360 Converter can also perform a transcoding operation with the help of the proprietary technology of the company, which enables the conversion of various video formats such as DivX, XviD, MAV, Video Flash, PICT, and MPEG-2 videos to a compressed HTML or Flash based format.

The latest versions of this free video converter for Mac includes the option for the QuickTime or Real Audio which give a great effect to the converted text. The HTML text file can be used to create presentations, web documents and other online documents through various applications which are supported by all types of Operating Systems.

360converter video to text converters interface

5. TextSniper

On-device OCR technology
  • No need to upload documents
  • Custom shortcuts
  • Supports text-to-speech recognition in video games
  • Supports several languages in macOS Big Sur
  • Supports English language only in macOS Catalina
textsniper video to text converter logo

Verdict: TextSniper uses advanced OCR technology to quickly capture text in any part of your screen, whether you need to copy it from an online presentation, YouTube video, graphic image, or PDF file. To solve this task even more effectively, you can use custom shortcuts. You can easily find this program in the macOS menu bar.

With it, you can easily convert video into text in 3 steps. Start by pressing CMD+Shift+2 or selecting the Capture Text option from the menu. Then, select the area that you want to capture. The program will automatically recognize the text and copy it to the clipboard. After doing this, you can press CMD+V to paste your text into a messenger or a text-editing software that you are using.

textsniper video to text converter interface