Adobe Presenter vs 360Learning

By Ann Young 2 days ago, Apps and Software

Use one of Adobe Presenter vs 360Learning programs for your educational courses creation.

Adobe Presenter is a web based presentation software that allows online training in corporate presentation procedures.

360Learning is a leading provider of virtual education training and services, that has provided clients a great way to save on cost while they improve the quality of their training.

Final Verdict:

Adobe Preserver is a useful training tool for those who wish to conduct training sessions for their own organization on particular topics or even on a wide variety of topics. There are different course authoring options provided by Adobe that can be used for training purposes, so I recommend it for the majority of users.

Adobe Presenter is the winner >

Adobe Presenter Features:

  • Video creation and editing
  • Offline access to materials
  • Templates collection
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Connection with Adobe's programs

What is Adobe Presenter?

adobe presenter interface

The Adobe Presenter system allows students to create and share presentations using Microsoft Windows-based programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Office FrontPage, or OpenOffice. This course authoring tool provides online training for professionals in all fields including web design, multimedia, education, marketing and a host of other areas.

The course authoring features provided by Adobe Presenter are extremely useful to any online lecturer and can be used to create training courses, presentation modules and personal project presentations for use with classroom sessions, conferences and presentations. One of the most advantageous options is user-friendly navigation, which enables learners to access all features from their own desks. Adobe also provides facilities for online retraining from Adobe Certification specialists on any subject.

The options of the program enable to incorporate text, audio, videos, photos, documents, slide shows, interactive quizzes, tests and many other features using freely available tools. The most important advantage to using Adobe Presenter as a course authoring tool is the control and ease of use it offers over other similar programs.

What is 360Learning?

360learning interface

360Learning uses the latest technologies, one of which is Video Raven, a video-production tool used by the company to create course curriculum. By incorporating such high-end tools with already established course authoring features, 360Learning has created an environment that allows to have the best quality programs.

One of the advantages of using 360Learning is compatibility with Microsoft products such as Office Suite and Project. Users are able to conduct virtual classroom training courses that appear almost like real class settings. They can create lessons and share projects, access classroom resources, and present information in a format that can be easily transmitted over Internet.

One of the most popular course authoring features is 360edia, which is like an encyclopedia of sorts for any topic. This database allows to search for the exact definition you are looking for. You are able to search by keyword. In addition to standard information found in the dictionary, 360edia tool also includes cultural information, art forms, historical facts, trivia, etc.


adobe presenter logo
360learning logo

Adobe Presenter & 360Learning Features:

  • Stock content library
  • Adjustable parameters
  • Quizzes creation
  • Interactive elements adding
  • Sharing ability
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Collaboration options
  • A/B testing
  • Automated course building
  • Gamification

Adobe Presenter and 360Learning Price:

STARTING PRICE $14.99/month $8.00/per user/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

The interface of Adobe Presenter, is simple and straightforward to use. It allows to get started and produce good quality presentations in a very short time. The advanced features make it very efficient at accomplishing complex tasks, even complex presentations that involve a number of technical items.