5 Best PV Design Software in 2023

The best PV design software allows you to create solutions when designing a photovoltaic system or solar power plant. Most modern software solutions support advanced features despite their simple design.

For instance, in energy production modeling, they take shade into account. Others allow you to create robust designs and reports that include bank suitability data, complete sales proposals, and bills of materials.

Top 5 PV Design Software

  1. Aurora Solar - For exporting CAD diagrams
  2. SolarGraf - With high quality aerial images
  3. OpenSolar - With solar touch & 3D interface
  4. Solar Nexus - Higher bandwidth
  5. Sighten - Integrated financing solutions

It might be difficult to select the best PV design software as today's market offers many cloud-based options. Most of these programs have a free trial period. Besides, some of them integrate with commonly used design tools, like Aurora Solar.

1. Aurora Solar - Our Choice

For exporting CAD diagrams
  • Design accurate commercial projects
  • Charts accurately the losses from cell
  • Customizable sales proposal templates
  • No NABCEP qualified installer

Verdict: From the PV design to your home-on-grid solar power system, Aurora Solar provides you with all the resources you require to manage your customer's solar energy needs in a convenient and streamlined manner. You need to give renewable energy as much attention as you can, and now you can easily get the necessary tools to create a system that will reduce your energy costs while increasing your level of energy efficiency.

The use of PV design software while projecting the house with architectural design software has gotten so much more affordable in recent years, and now you can also take advantage of the cloud technology to save even more money.

aurora solar pv design software interface

2. SolarGraf

With high quality aerial images
  • Virtual customer assisted site assessment
  • Collaboration tools
  • Electronic signature
  • Calculations are way off

Verdict: A lot of people have already heard of the SolarGraf PV design software that Solar Power International has been developing for quite some time now. The software has a lot of cool features that will really help you in saving money on your solar energy system while designing the house with the help of landscape design software.

And if you are a beginner, then you can also find the best PV design software that you need here. With the help of this 3D interface, you will be able to create your own solar panel very easily. If you want to make solar panels and then connect them with batteries, then you should think about this option first. It will be very easy for you to create a panel and also connect it with batteries with the use of this interface.

solargraf pv design software interface

3. OpenSolar

With solar touch & 3D interface
  • Offers a flexibility
  • Fully integrated CRM
  • Free and paid integrations available
  • Only paid version

Verdict: The one of the best solar PV design software for a person to have in their computer system is what is called OpenSolar PV design. It is easy for anyone that has no technical background whatsoever with solar panels to understand and use. It also has videos available for people who might be intimidated by the solar PV design programs out there.

trustcont pv design software interface

4. Solar Nexus

Higher bandwidth
  • Better speed in ports
  • Centralized organizational control
  • Each module is fully functional
  • Problem with fabric modules
solar nexus pv design software logo
Solar Nexus

Verdict: Solar Nexus is a powerful tool to create solar power systems for your home or business. The main reasons you will need this program are because it allows you to create professional looking designs for your solar power systems that can help you get approved by the local electric utility company and also get the lowest rate possible.

Not everyone knows exactly what it takes to build a good solar power system and what parts you will need. This software can help you with all of that by providing you with the information you need to complete the system.

solar nexus pv design software interface

5. Sighten

Integrated financing solutions
  • Customer’s ability to track work progress
  • Simple workflow with single platform
  • Ability to track work progress
  • Not too easy to use
sighten pv design software logo

Verdict: Sighten has been designed to help home and business owners to generate PV cells in a quick, easy and cost effective manner. The program was created by a leading PV manufacturer in the world, which has helped to make it one of the most popular design software programs for creating solar panels.

There are many benefits to using Sighten PV design software when building a solar panel, and with some simple steps, you can easily add PV cells to your existing home or business building, saving you thousands of dollars on each installation.

sighten pv design software interface