12 Best Photo Square Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 16 days ago, Software Reviews

A photo square app comes in handy if you need to create a square-sized image without installing Photoshop or Lightroom. The apps below are useful when preparing photos for social networks or thumbnails for blog articles.

Top 12 Photo Square Apps

  1. FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch - Photo editing by professionals
  2. Instfit - Post full-size
  3. Square Fit Photo Video Editor - Insta-size editor
  4. No Crop & Square for Instagram - Personalized tools
  5. Square Sized - Supports layers
  6. Square InPic - Great filters and editing tools
  7. Instasize - 80+ premium filters
  8. Instasquare Photo Editor - With sketch effect
  9. Square Fit Size - 300+ collage templates
  10. Square Pic - With templates and effects
  11. Grids - Unique Instagram style
  12. Photo & Picture Resizer - Fast resizer

Below, you will find photo square apps that include both standard photo resizing tools and more advanced features. You can edit pictures at a basic level, create a collage and apply filters.

1. FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch – Our Choice

Photo editing by professionals
  • Fast turnaround
  • Knowledgeable retouchers
  • Different services to choose from
  • Free trial
  • Not found

Verdict: FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch is a high-quality image editing service where a team of skilled retouchers performs various tasks. You can ask them to make a photo square, complement pictures with text, recolor captions and change their position. Import your images to the app and specify what text you want experts to add to it.

You need to wait several hours and then download a finished photo. There is a free trial, so you can test the capabilities of the service to figure out whether it complies with your demands. Besides adding text to photos, these guys can change your images the way you like.

fixthephoto editor and retouch photo square app interface

2. Instfit

Post full-size
  • 40+ collage maker templates
  • HSL editing option
  • Advanced coloring tool
  • 40+ built-in filters
  • Not found

Verdict: Thanks to Instfit you can resize photos to square or choose one of 10 other popular formats with and without frames. You can also blur the background, edit pictures, combine them into a collage and use the HSL editing option.

This app includes a great coloring tool. It allows you to take any shade and mix it with the colors in the photo. If you are looking for the best photos background app, test Instfit. You can choose a suitable background style using one of 140+ offered backgrounds. Besides, you can choose a hue on the image and use it as the background.

instfit photo square app interface

3. Square Fit Photo Video Editor

Insta-size editor
  • 30+ filters
  • 40+ background templates
  • Photo layout tools
  • Text tools
  • You cannot save background-color settings
  • Inconvenient location of the camera icon

Verdict: Square Fit is designed to change the format and edit photos. By downloading the application, you can publish full-size videos on Instagram without cropping. Moreover, this app to make photos square allows you to move, rotate, scale, and flip photos and videos.

Users can access 30+ filters, patterns, frames, stickers and text. In addition to changing the format of the photo, you can also rearrange them. Place the image in the center or closer to the edge without time-consuming image editing.

inkscape svg converter interface

4. No Crop & Square for Instagram

Personalized tools
  • 400+ stickers
  • 200+ backgrounds and 30 filters
  • Output directly on Instagram, Facebook
  • Collage making tools
  • A bit complicated
  • Image editing options could be better
no crop and square for instagram photo square app logo
No Crop & Square for Instagram

Verdict: The No Crop & Square for Instagram app allows you to create and edit a square photo quickly. You can also add filters, effects, and emoticons, including animated, 3D-emojis and captions to the picture.

This app to make pictures square for Instagram has ready-made templates for creating a collage, 200+ background images, and 30 filters. Besides, you can personalize the photo by adding your own background to it.

no crop and square for instagram photo square app interface

5. Square Sized

Supports layers
  • Layer support
  • Import from Facebook and Instagram
  • Custom fonts
  • There are tools for working with video
  • Lags sometimes
  • Lack of app support
square sized photo square app logo
Square Sized

Verdict: Use Square Sized to prepare your photos for sharing on Instagram. You can add frames to each image to publish them in full size. You can import pictures from Facebook or Instagram, and after editing, share the results with subscribers on social networks.

Using the layers option, you can easily add filters and typography to your pictures as well as change the background. The photo square app also has a collection of custom fonts: you can change the size and angle of the text.

square sized photo square app interface

6. Square InPic

Great filters and photo editing tools
  • You can use your own backgrounds
  • There are blur tools
  • Built-in square format
  • Good filter set
  • Ads
  • Long image downloading
square inpic photo square app logo
Square InPic

Verdict: With Square InPic, you can create square photos, collages, add frames, stickers, and text. You can get a square photo with one click. Besides, you can easily improve contrast, brightness, and saturation.

You can experiment with your own backgrounds in the pictures to make them more unique. Another option for working with the background is blurring. To change the style of the photo, use the built-in filters, or add text using typography tools.

square inpic photo square app interface

7. Instasize

80+ premium filters
  • 80+ filters
  • Wide collection of frames
  • Collage templates and backgrounds
  • You can share the photo on social networks
  • Advanced features are available only in the paid version
  • Bugs during photo editing
instasize photo square app logo

Verdict: Instasize is an app to make picture square fast and easily. You only need to download the image and the application will automatically change its format.

This filter app offers you more features than just creating square photos. You can improve images with 80+ filters, adjust sharpness, brightness, exposure, contrast, etc.

instasize photo square app interface

8. Instasquare

With sketch effect
  • Neon Sketch Tool
  • Ready-made layouts and frames for creating collages
  • Hundreds of filters, grids, frames, and fonts
  • Social share feature
  • Overloaded with ads
  • Sometimes lags
instasquare photo square app logo

Verdict: Instasquare Photo Editor is designed to resize images to a 1: 1 square format. You don’t even have to use a cropping tool.

If we talk about photo editing functions, then this one of the best photo editing apps for Android has all the necessary tools to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, outline a photo and create a neon sketch, add a drop effect, and stickers.

Thanks to AI technologies, the application analyzes the photo and draws a sketch on it. You can change the thickness and color of the lines.

cloudconvert svg converter interface

9. Square Fit Size

300+ collage templates
  • 300+ collage templates
  • Shadow 3D effects
  • Overlay photo effect support
  • Sticker collection
  • A lot of ads
  • Few fonts
square fit size photo square app logo
Square Fit Size

Verdict: This square sized photo app allows editing photos and creating collages. Thanks to the preset square size of the pictures, you can immediately prepare images for social networks or create a collage from them.

This photo collage app has 300+ templates. You can choose a frame and layout, add up to 9 photos and create your own collage for posting on social networks.

Text editing options, blur, Round Corner Drag, Drop Zoom In and Zoom Out Rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, work with shadow are other important options.

square fit size photo square app interface

10. Square Pic

With templates and effects
  • 50 background patterns
  • Design forms
  • Collage layouts with gradient background-color
  • 10+ mirror effects
  • Advertising
  • Lack of fonts
square pic photo square app logo
Square Pic

Verdict: Thanks to Square Pic you can post full-size photos on your Instagram account without cropping. This Instagram photo size app helps you avoid a blurry mosaic background and shadows. You can also create collages, add mirror images and effects to them, for example, Video and Splash Color Pop effects.

The photo square app also contains features such as working with creative forms, an instant square with variations of the background, and 30+ filters and overlays. Photo editing options include Drag and Drop Zoom In and Zoom Out, Rotate Round Corner.

square pic photo square app interface

11. Grids

Unique Instagram style
  • Intuitively simple application
  • You can choose one of the popular photo formats
  • There are tools for working with text
  • Customizable stickers
  • No image editing tools
  • Paid application
grids photo square app logo

Verdict: The Grids app will help you split your photos into square pictures to create a unique style for your Instagram page. As a result, it is not necessary to crop the picture manually or resize it.

You just need to choose the appropriate format from the offered ones, edit the photo, and post its parts on Instagram. This app to make picture square indicates the correct order of your photos.

There are no photo editing tools in the application, but you can replace certain areas with color or gradient, add text and stickers to the picture.

grids photo square app interface

12. Photo & Picture Resizer

Fast resizer
  • It saves projects automatically
  • Predefined popular formats
  • Photo quality isn't deteriorated
  • You can set your own resolution settings
  • There no image editing tools
  • Ads
photo and picture resizer photo square app logo
Photo & Picture Resizer

Verdict: Using Photo & Picture Resizer you can quickly reduce the size of the image or its resolution to use the photo for sending in a message, by email, for publication on Instagram and Facebook.

Moreover, the quality of the image won’t get worse, and the aspect ratio won’t change.

This app to make pictures square offers other popular formats. Besides, a user can set his/her own resolution settings. All projects are automatically saved in a separate folder and the original images remain unchanged.

photo and picture resizer photo square app logo