5 Best Oscilloscope Software in 2022

The best Oscilloscope software is an ideal option for those users, who need a kind of a CRO program to analyze signals and sounds, but can’t afford to get paid tools. This list of budget-friendly software contains reliable instruments that will easily cope with analyzing different signals from circuits or devices.

Top 5 Oscilloscope Software

  1. Real-time Spectrum - Displaying real-time waveform
  2. Soundcard Oscilloscope - With signal generator
  3. Oscilloscope - Stereo Mic input
  4. AUDio MEasurement System - Easy to use
  5. VisualAnalyser - With two signal spectra

While looking for the best Oscilloscope software, you need to understand that most programs work as spectrum analyzers, so they read input signals and “generate” FFT viewing environment for users to see the frequencies, crest factors, peak voltage, and other parameters. We have examined numerous programs and presented the most robust ones in this article.

1. Real-time Spectrum - Our Choice

Displaying real-time waveform
  • Lightweight tool
  • Doesn't require installation
  • Easy to configure
  • No help documentation

Verdict: Real-time Spectrum is Oscilloscope software tool for all spectrum analyzers. With its user-friendly interface Real-time Spectrum is simple to operate. It has universal oscilloscope GUI library for data acquisition, model, simulation, debugging and validation.

real-time spectrum interface

2. Soundcard Oscilloscope

With signal generator
  • Signal input is displayed on the interface
  • Changes the spectra plot parameters
  • Sets time from 1 m to 10 s
  • A few UI lags

Verdict: Soundcard Oscilloscope software allows you to work with oscilloscopes and the basic waveforms used in most computer based audio editors. It is useful when creating sounds using computers because it lets you experiment with different waveform widths.

It is also possible to use a computer synthesizer with Soundcard Oscilloscope to create and modify oscilloscopes and send them as digital signal to external audio hardware like amplifiers or filters.

soundcard oscilloscope interface

3. Oscilloscope

Stereo Mic input
  • Supports both Windows and Mac OS X
  • Image sequence can be exported
  • Supports new audio file format
  • Cannot analyze a signal

Verdict: Oscilloscope software is part of a multi-channel audio filtering tools. It has the ability to decode/transmit analog signal that has been processed through an audio Oscilloscope device and measures the frequency response of that signal.

This type of software is used for both analog signal processing tasks as well as those complex audio transformations which include convolution and wave-shaping, also it can work as audio restoration software.

oscilloscope oscilloscope software interface

4. AUDio MEasurement System

Easy to use
  • Сomes with a signal generator
  • Has frequency response measurement tool
  • Scale parameters can be adjusted
  • Only Win version

Verdict: One of the best things about AUDio MEasurement System is that it is actually a freeware and it can be used on Windows operating system. This particular software has been used as a Oscilloscopy trainer since it does not require any type of prior experience or training in order to be used effectively.

One of the main features that this software has is the ability to display a large number of Oscilloscope traces in an easy to understand way, which is something that not all audio editing software can do.

audio measurement system oscilloscope software interface

5. VisualAnalyser

With two signal spectra
  • Users can use filters
  • Values are computed in real-time
  • Сomes with preloaded FIR low pass
  • Makes fails under openSuSE

Verdict: VisualAnalyser software has some great features that can be used in the field of science, engineering and industry. It is the main tool for the analysis of mechanical and electrical systems.

VisualAnalyser is a great way to create digital images of systems, such as pumps, fans, engines, motors, and more. There are many additional apps for VisualAnalyser software, and this is why it is such a great program to have if you are going to work with oscilloscopes on a regular basis.

visualanalyser oscilloscope software interface