8 Best Lightweight Gaming Mice in 2022

By Robin Owens 20 days ago, Computer Mouse

The best lightweight gaming mice that are cheap and compact.

top 8 best lightest gaming mice

If you are serious about gaming, you will benefit from using a mouse that doesn’t weigh much. Such peripheral devices allow you to move the cursor more quickly and spend long hours in front of your PC without experiencing muscle strain.

However, you need to pay attention to the overall performance of a mouse without focusing solely on its weight. I have compiled the list of the best models available on the market to help you choose the best lightweight gaming mouse that strikes the perfect balance between functionality and weight.

Top 8 Best Lightest Gaming Mice

  1. ROCCAT ROC-11-730 - Our Choice
  2. Glorious Model O - Budget
  3. Razer Viper- Fully ambidextrous
  4. G-Wolves Hati - Exceptional performance
  5. Cooler Master MM710 - Super flexible cable
  6. CTBTBESE Z100 -Stylish
  7. Logitech G Pro - Fantastic sensor performance
  8. AUKEY Scarab - Comfortable to use

A good mouse should have a decent sensor and an ergonomic shape. Besides, it’s better to purchase a mouse made of durable materials. In this article, I have described the eight lightest gaming mice in detail to help you make an informed choice.

1. ROCCAT ROC-11-730

Our Choice
best lightweight gaming mouse

DPI: 16, 000| Interface: Wired | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

rank rank Rating

⊕ Impressive sensor
⊕ Remarkable button quality
⊕ Lightweight
⊖ Cable is inconvenient to use

The Kone Pure Ultra is a perfect choice for action-packed games. This light gaming mouse was created by Roccat for those who are looking for a comfortable-to-use model with a seamless design.

It’s the first mouse on the market that comes with an ergonomic shape and doesn’t weigh a lot. With its weight being only 66.5 g, it’s one of the lightest models on the market today. Thanks to a Roccat coating, it feels nice in your hand and can be cleaned in no time.

This durable model features an advanced Owl-Eye optical sensor with up to 16,000 DPI, which adds to its preciseness and perfect tracking. If you are a gamer who wants to purchase a high-performance mouse, the Kone Pure Ultra is a smart option to consider.

2. Glorious Model O

light gaming mouse

DPI: 400-12000| Interface: Wired| Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

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⊕ Affordable
⊕ Weighs only 67 g
⊕ Ultra-soft cable
⊕ Responsive buttons
⊖ Poorly built
⊖ Excessive branding

The Glorious Model O is an extremely lightweight mouse that comes with advanced features and is sold at an affordable price. It can easily beat its competitors thanks to its lightweight design. It is suitable for those who prefer medium or large fingertip grips.

The Model O doesn’t compromise on performance and is a great value for money. If you are on a budget and can’t buy the Air58, this best lightweight gaming mouse has everything you have ever wished for. It delivers great performance thanks to its small weight.

3. Razer Viper

Fully ambidextrous
lightest gaming mouse

DPI: 16000| Interface: Wired | Buttons: 8 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

rank rank Rating

⊕ Ergonomic design
⊕ Amazing RGB dock
⊕ Suitable for left-handed users
⊖ Limited features
⊖ The dock comes without a wall adapter
⊖ The scroll wheel is difficult to use
⊖ Overpriced

Those who are serious about esports and enjoy playing competitive FPS games can enhance their performance with the Razer Viper. Being the lightest gaming mouse, it boasts great responsiveness and has a low profile.

Another advantage is its ambidextrous design, which makes it a perfect option for lefties as well. If you want to become a skillful esports player, you need to upgrade your gaming gear by purchasing a mouse that will take your in-game performance to the next level. However, you might need to save up a bit to purchase the Razer Viper as it’s quite expensive.

4. G-Wolves Hati

Exceptional performance
lightweight gaming mouse

DPI:12000 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

rank rank Rating

⊕ Impressive performance
⊕ Comfortable shape
⊕ For lefty gamers
⊖ Not for small-handed people

If you are a fan of first-person shooters, take a closer look at the G-Wolves Hati. Besides a comfortable design, this lightweight gaming mouse has a remarkable CPI and polling rate. All the buttons can be customized for better convenience.

DPI is adjustable as well, which enables users to switch between different modes depending on the game genre they prefer. By choosing between 125, 500 and 1000Hz polling rates, you can control the cursor with amazing precision.

The only its shortcoming is its bulky size, which makes this model hardly suitable for gamers with small hands. It will be difficult for them to hold it or click the buttons quickly.

5. Cooler Master MM710

Super flexible cable
lightest mouse

DPI: 16000 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

rank rank Rating

⊕ Doesn’t cause wrist strain
⊕ Small weight
⊕ Advanced optical sensor
⊕ Extremely flexible cable
⊖ Too small to be comfortable to use
⊖ Disappointing design
⊖ Isn’t dust-resistant

Featuring an ultralight design, the MM710 is a gaming mouse created by Cooler Master. It comes with advanced features and reliable Ultraweave cable. This ultralight mouse weighs only 53 g and is quite comfortable to use.

It’s made of durable PTFE material which allows for smooth tracking and stunning accuracy. You can switch between different settings and adjust DPI up to 16000. This option is more suitable for right-handed gamers and comes with 2 additional buttons.

Omron switches are guaranteed to withstand up to 20 million clicks and allow you to control your in-game actions with high accuracy.


ultralight mouse

DPI: 12,000| Interface: Wired | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

rank rank Rating

⊕ Perforated honeycomb shell design
⊕ Extremely lightweight cable
⊖ Occasional glitches

You don’t need to install additional software to use the CTBTBESE Z100 thanks to its plug-and-play functionality. To customize backlighting and DPI, you can use a cloud-based service. It’s also quite helpful when you need to use shortcuts, as you can program all the buttons.

With this best lightweight gaming mouse, you can also save different profiles for your favorite games. All the settings will be synchronized thanks to the access to cloud software that has a well-thought-out interface. You can adjust lighting effects depending on your needs.

7. Logitech G Pro

Fantastic sensor performance
ultra light mouse

DPI: 16000| Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

rank rank Rating

⊕ Comfortable to use
⊕ Ambidextrous model
⊕ Stunning sensor performance
⊕ On par with wired devices
⊖ No DPI switch on top
⊖ Comes at a hefty price

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a top-notch gaming mouse that can be used both by right- and left-handed people. Despite being a wireless model, it has great responsiveness and boasts remarkable battery capacity. The HERO sensor accounts for perfect tracking.

However, this ultra light mouse has some disadvantages. Some users might find it inconvenient that there is no DPI switch on the top.

To change the settings, you will need to use its native software which will make your gaming experience slightly less immersive. Besides, you might decide against buying this model if you don’t have loads of cash laying around.

8. AUKEY Scarab

Comfortable to use
lightest gaming mice

DPI:7200 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

rank rank Rating

⊕ Questionable design
⊕ Braided USB cable
⊕ Doesn’t require a battery
⊕ Adjustable DPI
⊖ Cable connection only
⊖ Doesn’t allow customizing buttons on Mac

As this light mouse for gaming weighs only 75 g, your hand won’t get tired even when you play games for several hours straight. It’s perfectly suitable for any type of grip. To enhance its functionality, you can customize each of its six buttons.

With up to 7200 DPI and 1000Hz polling rate, you can control it with high accuracy. All your movements will be registered perfectly. Its beautiful lighting effects will make your experience more immersive. However, you can also switch them off.

Image Name Features  
best lightweight gaming mouse
Our choice
  • DPI: 16, 000
  • Interface: Wired
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
light gaming mouse
Glorious Model O
  • DPI: 400-12000
  • Interface: Wired
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomic: Ambidextrous
lightest gaming mouse
Razer Viper
  • DPI: 16, 000
  • Interface: Wired
  • Buttons: 8
  • Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

How To Choose the Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse?

light gaming mouse


DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and refers to the mouse sensitivity. It measures the number of movement-detection sensors that are activated whenever you use your mouse. If DPI is high, it means that a mouse will be more responsive and you will be able to move the cursor more quickly.

However, high DPI doesn’t necessarily mean that a mouse is a good one. Gaming mice usually come with adjustable DPI settings, which allows you to switch between different modes depending on the type of game you are playing in. A mouse with high DPI is less precise so you need to choose another option is you play games that require high accuracy.


Another thing to pay attention to when choosing a peripheral device is its connectivity options. There are two main types of connections, wired and wireless. Wired light gaming mice don’t need to be charged.

As such models are connected to your device via a cable, your movements are registered without any delay.

However, it will be more difficult to organize your desk when you are using a wired mouse, the cable might get tangled which might slow down your movements.

Wireless mice can be connected to your PC with the help of USB adaptors. Some of them support Bluetooth connection. The only significant shortcoming of this type is that a wireless device needs to be recharged.

Extra Buttons

light gaming mouse

If you have ever seen a gaming mouse, you might have noticed its extra buttons. They can be found on both sides of the scroll wheel. You can customize them to your preferences. For instance, you can use them as shortcuts to perform some in-game actions.

Thus, you can program them as hotkeys. In some games, it allows you to access your stats more quickly or even change the type of your weapon. Before buying the best lightweight gaming mouse with additional buttons, think carefully about whether you are going to actually use them.


  • Can I use a lightweight mouse for gaming?

If you have a heavy gaming mouse, it will be more difficult to move it quickly. However, such mice boast great accuracy at high sensitivity, which is important for shooters. If you need a lightweight mouse to move the cursor more quickly, make sure to use it at low sensitivity for better accuracy.

  • What mouse does Ninja prefer?

It’s the FinalMouse Air58 Ninja – Red.

  • Will a lighter mouse give me a competitive edge in FPS games?

A good mouse won’t make you a better gamer. If it’s heavy, you might have some acceleration issues. It also lets you control the cursor with high accuracy at high sensitivity. If you still want a lighter mouse, keep in mind that your movements will be faster and more accurate at low sensitivity.

  • What mouse does PewDiePie prefer?

He uses the BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports Ambidextrous Optical.