7 Best Keyboards for Fortnite in 2022

By Robin Owens 16 days ago, Keyboards

What is the best budget keyboards for Fortnite?

best keyboard for fortnite

If you are a fan of Epic Games Battle Royale, you may be interested in the best keyboard for Fortnite. This game is constantly changing when new seasons or custom maps are released.

But the basic skills for a player remain unchanged. You need quick reflexes, a good sense of space, and the ability to think ahead to be a decent competitor.

Top 7 Best Keyboards for Fortnite

  1. Logitech G815 - Our Choice
  2. Razer Huntsman - For professionals
  3. HyperX Alloy - Budget
  4. Roccat Vulcan 121 - With titan switches
  5. SteelSeries Apex Pro - Stylish
  6. Corsair K70 - Solid build
  7. Redragon K556 - Rich functionality

For those, who want to gain various advantages in the Fortnite Season 2 Champion series, become a strong competitor and aim to win, the best Fortnite keyboard is a great chance to increase power.

We've reviewed the best keyboards for this game and have outlined both their advantages, and disadvantages below to help you make an informed choice.

1. Logitech G815

Our Choice
Best keyboard for fortnite

Interface: Bluetooth / Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes / No

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⊕ Premium, portable model
⊕ Intuitive software
⊕ GL Linear keys are great
⊖ Too expensive
⊖ Poor preset and media control buttons

The Logitech G815 attracts with its low-profile design. Users, who are looking for a premium keyboard for Fortnite and are ready to spend much, will be satisfied with this mode. Due to its portable design, you can bring the keypad to your friend’s house and play together.

The Logitech G815 Lightsync RGB is a wired mechanical keyboard for gaming. Considering its status, it is quite expensive. Still, the low-profile design and good GL switches fully justify the cost.

2. Razer Huntsman

For professionals
best fortnite keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: yes

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⊕ Fast key operation
⊕ State-of-the-art hybrid switches
⊕ Easy-to-use media controls
⊕ Per-button RGB backlit
⊖ Needs two USB docks for power
⊖ Without dedicated macro buttons
⊖ Disjointed software
⊖ High price

The Razer Huntsman Elite is a Fortnite keyboard that will give you many advantages over your competitors with optical switches and useful features like the programmable wheel and backlit wrist rest.

The $200 cost of the keyboard is unjustifiably high, considering the lack of certain features that, let’s say, a Corsair K95 from the same price range has. Despite this, the best lighting options and several essential features make the keyboard a worthy choice.

3. HyperX Alloy

fortnite keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: yes

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⊕ Strong chassis
⊕ Reasonably priced
⊕ Proprietary switches deliver pleasant feel
⊕ Removable USB-C wire
⊖ No dedicated macro buttons
⊖ No USB pass-through ports

HyperX Alloy is the best gaming keyboard for Fortnite. The new model costs $109.99 and will make any hardcore gamer enjoy gaming. Due to its strong build and pleasant typing, the mechanical keyboard is a worthy device.

The main advantage of the model is the new patented HyperX Red switches. The keyboard doesn't boast dedicated macro keys, volume controls, or USB pass-through ports, but for the price, it is one of the best mid-range mechanical devices.

4. Roccat Vulcan 121

With titan switches
keyboard for fortnite

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: yes

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⊕ Titan switches
⊕ Durable
⊖ Needs keycaps
⊖ Too bright RGB
⊖ Poor palm rest

We cannot say that this is the best keyboard for Fortnite, but it is worth the money in terms of its durability. However, the model is not for everyone.

Being an average gamer, you cannot reap the full benefits of the device. Still, if you are streaming, taking part in competitive battles, or just playing more than 10 hours a month, the Roccat Vulcan 121 is what you need.

5. SteelSeries Apex Pro

best keyboard and mouse for fortnite

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: yes

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⊕ Great button press feedback
⊕ Responsive
⊕ Lighting is amazing
⊕ Fine per-key RGB lighting
⊖ Doubtful long typing experience
⊖ High-priced
⊖ Cancellous switches
⊖ OLED screen adds a bit weight

Apex Pro Fortnite keyboard has magnetic switches, dubbed Omnipoint. This made it possible to realize the ability to change the actuation point and thus adjust the sensitivity of the keys. In this case, the increased reliability of the keys will be a pleasant bonus.

Visually, the Apex Pro is an exact replica of the Apex 7. Everything is exactly the same: the metal top of the case, the curved profile in the style of the Apex line, the USB port on the rear panel, and the wrist rest with magnetic mounts.

6. Corsair K70

Solid build
best gaming keyboard for fortnite

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: yes

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⊕ Looks great
⊕ Solid build
⊕ USB 2.0 pass-through
⊖ High price
⊖ Without dedicated macro buttons

The K70 RGB MK.2 is an enhanced version of everyone's favorite mechanical keyboard for gamers. The model has all the best features of its predecessor, the K70, with new options that aren’t actually must-have for gaming.

Small changes did not affect the quality of the device, leaving the K70 RGB MK.2 a good Fortnite keyboard with a stylish design, and a solid set of options that highlights it among competitors on the market.

7. Redragon K556

Rich functionality
fortnite keyboard and mouse

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: yes

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⊕ Offers button/switch remover
⊕ Solid and high-end design
⊕ Reasonably priced keyboard
⊖ Without removable wire

Redragon made the right choice, designing the new K556. This device is a reasonably-priced mechanical keyboard for gaming, which has colored switches – brown or blue. If you want brown switches, you can opt for either basic square buttons or round ones (choice for the more daring users).

Redragon keyboards are popular for their durability and low price of $60. What can improve the keyboard is a detachable cable, but if you want to use it in one place, the absence of a cable will not affect your gaming experience.

Image Name Features  
Best keyboard for fortnite
Logitech G815
Our Choice
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes
best fortnite keyboard
Razer Huntsman
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes
fortnite keyboard
HyperX Alloy
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes

How to Choose the Best Keyboard for Fortnite?

best keyboard for fortnite


The first thing you need is a mechanical keyboard. All hardcore gamers who tried different models opted for mechanical devices. If you follow the lead of the pros, you will also want a mechanical model for gaming.

Compared to a conventional membrane keyboard, a mechanical one has many advantages. The first thing that attracts is its durability. The Cherry MX is a basic switch often used in these models with over 50 million keystrokes. Unlike a membrane keyboard, the best Cherry MX Brown keyboards have a lifespan of about 5 million (on average) clicks.

Still, the main advantage is not reliability and durability, but a mechanical switch, which is more accurate. It is highly important for advanced gamers that every button press is registered, as problems with this function can lead to your defeat during the battle. Nowadays, you can find many cheap mechanical keyboards that ensure seamless gameplay.


best keyboard for fortnite

Another option that makes mechanical keyboards stand out from the competitors is their broad variety. You have a choice not only of different models, but switches (click here for an overview of the most popular mechanical switches), that are perfect for your playing style and needs. There is no such option when choosing membrane keyboards.

In general, we recommend choosing a mechanical backlit keyboard. In terms of size and function, there are no definite standards among professional players (we have both full-size devices with various additional options in the described list, as well as more compact keyboards for playing in tournament style). In this case, the choice depends only on your needs and preferences.

We still recommend considering in advance what functions you expect to get from the keyboard. Thus, if you often participate in LAN games (at home with friends or something like that), you will be interested in a large and heavy Corsair keyboard with a lot of additional USB ports. In case you realize you've never used the number pad on a keyboard and don't need it, you can opt for a model without these keys. This will give more room on the table to move the mouse. The factors described here are just a small part of what can influence your choice. Fortunately, today’s market is full of different models for any taste, so it’s up to you to decide which one to choose.


  • • What keyboard model does Tfue use?

Being a Fortnite pro, Tfue uses devices that have not yet been released on the global market. An example is the new 65% Ducky Mecha Mini keyboard. Of course, if Tfue hadn't produced some add-ons, it wouldn't have been Tfue's keyboard. Thus, he’s replaced the keycaps on the Ducky Mecha Mini with the unreleased Ducky Tfue keyset.

  • • Will it be easier for me to play Fortnite with a keyboard?

Fortnite keyboard and mouse deliver faster results, while controllers are often more accurate due to Fortnite's aiming assistance. Besides, with the latest changes, there is a setting that lets controller gamers customize the exact power of their aim assistant.

  • • What device is better for Fortnite: PS4 or PC?

If you have a good, high-end computer, it produces more FPS than PS4 or Xbox One consoles. While the maximum FPS on game consoles is 60 FPS, the computer can offer up to 300 FPS to its users. Due to PC’s smooth gaming experience with minimal latency, most professional gamers choose a PC for their gaming.

  • • Why are PC gamers better at Fortnite?

The average computer gamer is thought to be more advanced than the average console gamer. The thing is that the building is more intricate, the aiming is correspondingly more accurate, and the movements of a hero, without analog sticks, are completely different and smoother.