7 Best Laptops Under $900 in 2024

By Robin Owens 23 days ago, Hardware

Durable laptops under 900 dollars.

top laptop under 900

Today a laptop became a great assistant for users of any age and profession. The first market laptops cost quite a lot. But nowadays a laptop is no longer a luxury but a must. The prices were considerably reduced, and the variety of models was extended, so you may buy a good laptop under $900.

Top 7 Laptops Under 900 Dollars

  1. Dell Inspiron - Our Choice
  2. ASUS ZenBook - Business
  3. HP Pavilion - For your workday
  4. HP Pavilion x360 - Windows laptop
  5. Acer Swift - Thin laptop with backlit KB
  6. HP Pavilion Gaming - 15 inch laptop for gaming
  7. MSI GF63 Thin - i7 laptop with SSD

If you are looking for a new laptop the price of which won’t exceed $900, take a look at our article that provides a detailed description of each worthy model. Earlier not everyone could afford to buy these computing devices, but today you can find a highly functional gaming laptop under 700 dollars.

However, if you are not an expert on laptops, you will need some help to find a worthy model that will meet all your requirements. So read this comprehensive review of the best laptops under $900 and make the right choice.

1. Dell Inspiron

Our Choice
laptop under 900 dell

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7530U | GPU: AMD Radeon Graphics | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 1 TB | Display: 14-inch | Weight: 3.61 lbs

  • ✚ Compact design
  • ✚ Good performance
  • ✚ USB Type-C, USB Type-A, HDMI ports
  • A little dim screen
  • Average battery life
  • Lack of Thunderbolt 3 port

Dell Inspiron is a compact hybrid laptop that is fitted with numerous features. The device comes with a 14-inch screen that doesn’t strain eyes even when working long hours. Although the design of the Dell Inspiron is not as exquisite as more expensive laptops feature, it still has some serious advantages, including price and convertibility. Offering a full HD screen, decent RAM, and SSD, this PC laptop under 900 dollars can serve you for various purposes. Unfortunately, the laptop doesn’t support 4K resolution, but it is stuffed with all those useful features mentioned above.

2. ASUS ZenBook

Best business laptop under $900
laptop under 900 asus

CPU: Intel Core I5-8265U | GPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 512GB | Display: 13-inch | Weight: 2.5 pound

  • ✚ Affordable
  • ✚ Long-lasting battery
  • ✚ Almost borderless display
  • ✚ Has USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI ports
  • Cramped keyboard
  • Lacks Thunderbolt 3 port

The Asus ZenBook 13 is an ultraportable laptop that is equipped with a powerful Core i5 processor. Although it features a slightly crowded keyboard, many users consider this model as the best laptop under 900 USD. Asus ZenBook looks much the same as a premium ZenBook S. The design is easy to recognize by its elegant aluminum finishing and concentric circles around a gold Asus logo that is located in the central part of the lid. When the laptop is open, its keyboard is tilted to a 3-degree typing angle thanks to a special Asus ErgoLift technology.

3. HP Pavilion

For your workday
laptop under 900 hp

CPU: Intel Core i7 | GPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 512GB | Display: 15-inch | Weight: 4.08 pound

  • ✚ Great value for money
  • ✚ Elegant design
  • ✚ Works well
  • ✚ Responsive keys
  • A little bit dim screen
  • Only one USB-C port

HP Pavilion is one of the best Windows laptops under $900, as it comprises many premium features that typically characterize more expensive models. Boasting a stylish design, this model is slightly lighter and thinner than its predecessor, although they were released almost at the same time. Fitted with a full-HD screen, HP Pavilion delivers amazingly sharp and high-quality pictures. Incorporating in-plane switching technology, the laptop provides you with a great quality of images from various angles. However, when viewed from the side, top, or bottom, the screen will be slightly dim.

4. HP Pavilion x360

Best Windows laptop under $900
laptop under 900 hp

CPU: Intel Core i5 | GPU: Intel UHD Graphics | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 512GB | Display: 14-inch | Weight: 3.62 pound

  • ✚ Affordable
  • ✚ Durable battery and ergonomic keyboard
  • ✚ Great audio
  • ✚ Nice convertible construction
  • 128GB SSD that is often not enough
  • Bland screen

Pavilion is one of the most popular brands that produces affordable and qualitative laptops. You can see the company’s circular logo on the laptop’s lid and lower display rim. An updated four-slash logo appeared on the upscale systems of the device. By grasping the corners of the display or mashing the keyboard, you will feel only a little bend.

5. Acer Swift

Thin laptop under $900 with backlit KB
laptop under 900 acer

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Octa-Core | GPU: Radeon Graphics | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 512GB | Display: 14-inch | Weight: 3.36 pound

  • ✚ Aluminum chassis of a premium quality
  • ✚ Many features for the price
  • ✚ Decent performance
  • Non-touch screen
  • The keyboard layout is a bit inconvenient

Acer Swift 3 is one of the greatest business laptops under $900 as it has a stylish aluminum chassis and an elegant overall look. This laptop is fitted with reliable input devices and can brag about a multi-touch gesture touchpad that performs well. Considered as one of the best affordable ultrabooks, this model boasts amazing functionality that is not typical for such a budget-friendly device. Users prefer this laptop because of its stylish look, well-built construction, and capacious battery. Acer Swift 3 performs well, and will definitely boost your typing experience. However, it has some drawbacks like a dim display and poor speakers.

6. HP Pavilion Gaming

Best 15-inch laptop under $900 for gaming
laptop under 900 hp

CPU: Intel Core i5-9300H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 | RAM: 12GB | Storage: 256GB | Display: 15-inch | Weight: 4.96 pound

  • ✚ Full HD gaming mode
  • ✚ Battery can work long enough
  • ✚ Wi-Fi 6 support
  • Lack of Thunderbolt 3 port
  • Dull screen

HP Pavilion Gaming is a popular gaming laptop under 900 dollars that boasts a modern design and comes with many updated features developed by the company. This model comes with a better cooling system. The device with a 17-inch screen has enlarged ventilation grills, as well as the exhaust cut-outs.

HP Pavilion Gaming is fitted with a new 1080p 144Hz screen that can greatly enhance your gaming experience. The device can use the Core i7-9750H and even GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q. This model has a greater functionality resembling the processor, and features a better construction. All these characteristics make HP Pavilion Gaming the best laptop under 900 dollars for gaming needs.

7. MSI GF63 Thin

Best i7 laptop under $900 with SSD
laptop under 700 laptop

CPU: Intel Core i5-9300H | GPU: GTX1650 8GB | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 256GB | Display: 15-inch | Weight: 4.10 pound

  • ✚ Slim and lightweight construction
  • ✚ High-quality graphics
  • ✚ Competitive price
  • Battery life could be better

MSI GF63 Thin is a budget PC laptop under 900 dollars that attracts with its sleek design and lightweight construction. Inexperienced users can mix up this model with the more expensive GS65 Stealth Thin, as it has narrow bezels, backlit keyboard, and a brushed-aluminum finishing. Moreover, the model comes with a powerful Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and features Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050/GTX 1650 Ti graphics.

laptop under 900 dell inspiron 14 inch
Dell Inspiron
Our Choice
  • CPU: AMD 6-Core Ryzen 5 5625U
  • GPU: AMD Radeon Graphics
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 1TB
laptop under 900 asus zenbook 13 inch
ASUS ZenBook
  • CPU: Intel Core I5-8265U
  • GPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 512GB
laptop under 900 hp pavilion 15 inch
HP Pavilion
  • CPU: Intel Core i7
  • GPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 512GB

Best Laptops under $900 - Buyers Guide

best laptop under 900

Is a Laptop under $1,000 Any Good?

Many qualitative budget laptops can meet your computing and gaming demands. However, you should pay attention to the fact that the manufacturer cannot stuff all possible features in a gaming laptop under 1000 dollars, and you should be ready that a laptop may lack some characteristics that are important for your work. Nonetheless, even premium models are unlikely to incorporate all the necessary features. Therefore, choose the right laptop that will have the characteristics important for you.

To buy the best laptop under 900 bucks, you won’t need to go to a great deal of expense, but will receive safety and decent performance in return. Moreover, affordable models don’t require much money for their maintenance. Of course, they cannot compete with some premium laptops for game development, but their functionality is more than enough for fulfilling basic tasks without experiencing any problems. The laptops under $1,000 are quite reliable and perform well while fulfilling a great variety of operations.

Should I Buy Windows, Mac, or Try a Chromebook?

You should consider many aspects before deciding what kind of OS your future laptop should run. First, it depends on the tasks your device should perform effectively. Each platform has its pluses and drawbacks. Pay attention to the fact that the majority of new budget lightweight laptops are supplied with Mac OS.

The devices with Chrome and Windows OS support different software, so your need to determine your priorities and choose the right variant. If you want the best laptop for Microsoft Office, it is better to prefer Windows devices.. But if you aim to find a device for browsing the web, using some simple applications, you should consider purchasing the Chromebook.

What Processor Should I Buy?

The majority of Windows laptops under $900 have Core i5-8265U processor, which is powerful enough to perform all tasks without any failures. i5 laptops have quite a capacious battery that can function for a long time allowing you to work without interruptions.

But if you prefer a Chromebook, you should know that it uses a slower processor like Intel Core i3 or Pentium processor that is great for fulfilling basic tasks. Unfortunately, the budget laptops don’t typically come with a more powerful processor like Core i7. Therefore, we can conclude that Core i5 is the most appropriate choice if you are looking for the best laptop under 900 USD.

What Graphics Hardware Should I Look for?

The majority of affordable laptops come with a built-in graphic card. Typically, they use Intel’s UHD Graphics that will perform well enough for your productivity needs, running games that don’t require premium graphics characteristics. However, as you could see in our guide, some budget laptops can operate such entry-level GPUs as Nvidia’s GeForce MX150 and GTX 1050.

These upgradeable laptops provide you with greater gaming experience and allow you to perform some creative tasks in the graphic design field. As you can see, even affordable laptops can serve you for gaming as for other computing needs.


  • • What is the best laptop brand?

Nowadays there a great number of reliable laptop brands that offer qualitative premium and affordable models. In 2020, Lenovo attracted the attention of many users. This news may seem surprising to you, as such brands as Apple, Microsoft, or HP are always considered as the most reliable and popular ones. However, numerous positive reviews about Lenovo products prove its growing popularity. So, if you are looking for the best laptop under 900 bucks, pay attention to Lenovo devices. There are also some great Asus laptops that are worth considering.

  • • Should I prefer Dell to HP?

Although HP laptops come with many components that are similar in their characteristics to those that Dell laptops have, HP cedes to its competitor in terms of quality. However, HP is better when we speak about battery life.

  • • Why should I consider buying 2-in-1 laptops?

The first advantage of 2-in-1 laptops is that they have larger displays that are great for various presentations. The second important plus is that they have more powerful processors. There are also detachable 2-in-1 laptops, which can be used as tablets that are easy to carry around. However, such models feature smaller screens and are less powerful.

  • • What is the average cost of a good laptop?

You can buy a good touchscreen laptop for $800-$1,000. Of course, this sum won’t be enough for purchasing premium models, but will allow you to buy some affordable laptops with strong points in the important areas. If you are looking for a gaming device, be ready to spend at least $1500.