7 Best Laptop Cases in 2021

By Robin Owens 24 days ago, Hardware

The best cases to keep your laptop safe from accidental damage.

best laptop cases

If you use your laptop at work or in college, you need to purchase a laptop protective case that will secure your device and add a stylish detail to your look. Moreover, these cases are usually spacious enough to store your other goodies like books, pens, etc. We have compiled the list of the best laptop cases for everyday use.

Top 7 Laptop Carrying Cases

  1. AmazonBasics - Our Choice
  2. UZBL - Protective
  3. DOMISO - Shockproof
  4. ZINZ - Lightweight
  5. Supgear - Hard
  6. Pelican - Armored
  7. MCheng - Best rugged

An indisputable advantage of a laptop bag is that it can protect your device from various types of damages. As laptops are expensive and require careful handling, it is better to spend a coin and safeguard such a necessary and valuable electronic device. What is more, some cases can repel water providing reliable protection from moisture and spilling.

1. AmazonBasics

Our Choice
laptop case amazonbasics

Weight: 1.15 pounds | Laptop size: 15 inches

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⊕ Long-lasting construction from neoprene
⊕ Shock and moisture-proof
⊕ Pockets for storing accessories
⊕ Fastens with a zipper
⊖ The quality of material is dubious

AmazonBasics is one of the best laptop cases that is suitable for securing 14-inch and 15-inch devices including such models as MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Dell. The smooth construction of this laptop bag is made of neoprene and repels water spills which is very important when we speak about the safety of your device. AmazonBasics can safeguard your laptop from various damaging factors such as dust, scratches, and more. Fastened by a zipper, the construction also contains smaller pockets for your other accessories.


Best laptop protective case
laptop case uzbl

Weight: 1.22 pounds | Laptop size: 12-13.6 inches

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⊕ Slim construction
⊕ Rugged EVA covering
⊕ Waterproof
⊕ Qualitative zipper with smooth sliding
⊕ Comes with shoulder strap
⊖ No pockets for accessories

UZBL is a rugged laptop case that protects your device by keeping it securely inside with slips and special bottom straps. Moreover, the bag features a rugged EVA outer shell that safeguards your device from scratches and other damaging factors. Its inner soft padding provides extra security measures keeping your device safe from accidental fallings. This laptop bag is compatible with 12-13.6-inch laptops. For convenience while carrying around, UZBL comes with a shoulder strap and rubber slit handles, making this case model perfect for long travels.


Best shockproof laptop case
laptop case domiso

Weight: 1.4 pounds | Laptop size: 15.6 inches

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⊕ Ultra-thin construction
⊕ Shock resistant
⊕ Contains an extra layer for repelling water
⊕ Compartments for accessories
⊖ Doesn’t come with a shoulder strap

DOMISO is one of the best laptop cases as it ensures a high level of protection for your device. Its construction is shockproof, water- and pressure-resistant, and it features a soft fabric inside that serves as a cushion that safeguards your laptop from accidental drops or hits. With a DOMISCO bag, you can be sure that your expensive device won’t get scratched or filthy while carrying around. The bag is designed for holding items inside firmly and secured. Moreover, the case has special compartments for accessories.


Best lightweight laptop case
laptop case zinz

Weight: 0.6 pounds | Laptop size: 15-16 inches

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⊕ Can fit many laptop models
⊕ Thin and lightweight design
⊕ Shockproof and waterproof
⊕ Handle that can be extended
⊕ Special compartments for accessories
⊖ Zipper has an inconvenient location

The outer side of the ZINZ laptop case is made of polyester that is quite durable. A soft fleece is the material of the case’s inner part. It is very soft and serves as reliable protection from various factors such as scratches, shocks, etc. The case comes with two pockets: inner and outer.

The first one is meant for a laptop, and the other one is an additional compartment for carrying cables, flashcards, and other accessories. The detachable and extendable handle makes this laptop protective case convenient to carry around. Besides, it features protective cushioning around zipper that provides extra protection from scratches.

5. Supgear

Best hard laptop case
laptop case supgear

Weight: 1.14 pounds | Laptop size: 13-13.3 inches

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⊕ Hard-shell case
⊕ Water- and dust-resistant
⊕ Internal pockets
⊕ Full protection
⊖ Lack of handles for carrying around

Supgear is one of the best laptop cases designed to fit in 13-13.3-inch laptops. It features a great organizational system that includes four inner compartments, which provide enough space for a great variety of accessories. This is a hard-shell bag that is resistant to dust, water, and shock. Moreover, the case comes in two colors, namely black and rose gold. Fitted with 4-layer protection and safe zipper closure, this thin laptop case is definitely a perfect choice for any laptop user.

6. Pelican

Best armored laptop case
laptop case pelican

Weight: 3.6 pounds | Laptop size: 14 inches

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⊕ Waterproof construction
⊕ Latch that is easy to open
⊕ Self-activating purge valve
⊕ Detachable shoulder strap
⊖ Weighty

Pelican is a laptop protective case that boasts water, hit, and dust resistant construction. Featuring a waterproof O-ring seal and pressure equalization valve, the bag will protect your device even if you get in heavy rain. The inner part of a case is covered with cushioned foam that serves as reliable protection when you transport a laptop. To make sure that that the bag will remain shut even in tough conditions, it is equipped with stainless steel hardware and easy-to-close latches.

7. MCheng

Best rugged laptop case
laptop case mcheng

Weight: 1.23 pounds | Laptop size: 14 inches

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⊕ Four protective layers
⊕ Waterproof design
⊕ Versatile
⊕ Thin and lightweight
⊖ Lack of a shoulder strap

MCheng is a multifunctional laptop case that features PU leather cover that safeguards your laptop from a great variety of harmful factors like scratches, spills, dints, etc. Moreover, its construction is water, dust, shock, and splash repellant. It can also resist pressure. Besides, it features a handle that can be hidden and serve as a laptop sleeve. With its 90-360 degree opening ability, you can put it into and take out a laptop fast and easily. All these features make MCheng one of the most popular laptop cases.

Image Name Features  
laptop case amazonbasics
Our choice
  • Weight: 1.15 pounds
  • Laptop size: 15 inches
laptop case uzbl
  • Weight: 1.22 pounds
  • Laptop size: 12-13.6 inches
laptop case domiso
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Laptop size: 15.6 inches

How to Choose the Best Laptop Case?

best laptop case

The protection of your laptop from various damaging factors is important as it can prolong the life of your device and will preserve its appealing look. A perfect laptop bag should have the measurements to fit snugly your device. One of the most important aspects is the durability of a case, so it should have a high qualitative construction.


The size is a very important aspect to pay attention to while choosing the right laptop protective case. The manufactures design cases to fit particular laptop models and sizes. But sometimes, you can’t find the size specifications on a bag. Then you will need to take measurements or your device and the case.


The laptop cases are made of various materials that serve for various purposes. There are five most typical types of material used for manufacturing laptop bags.


Leather is one of the most durable materials that ensure high quality. A cheap option can be mistaken for high-quality artificial leather, but even cheap leather is stronger than a leather substitute.

Fake Leather

As this material type is a plastic replica of leather, it is often named pleather. This material can be of various quality and types, as it is manufactured by different brands. That is why such characteristics as durability and water resistance are also variable characteristics. Fake leather is generally lighter than leather products.

best laptop case


Neoprene bags are commonly known as sleeves for laptops. They can retain your device in a favorable condition and provides a great cushioning for your laptop protection. The quality of neoprene cases between various manufacturers do no vary greatly.


The manufacturers use synthetic and natural types of cloth. For example, canvas and cotton are natural materials. Canvas cannot repel water, but it can feature a wax coating that protects fabric from moisture. The synthetic materials are nylon and polyester. Nylon is waterproof, durable, and abrasion-resistant. But this material is prone to fading. Polyester is durable, dries fast, and retains colors. Moreover, it is cheaper than other synthetic materials.


Many laptop cases are made of plastic as it is one of the most durable materials. The majority of them are lined for extra protection. Plastic laptops are also popular because of its water-resistant nature. The only drawback is that the construction of plastic bags is a little bit bulky.

Extra Storage

The best laptop cases contain two pockets: the main one for a laptop, and the other one for its accessories. It would be a plus if a bag has more compartments for other necessary things like flashcards, business cards, a mouse, etc.


  • • How can I take measurements of a laptop for a case?

You need to measure the size of the laptop screen. Put one end of your measure tape to the bottom left part of the laptop screen and hold it diagonally (to the top right of the laptop screen). This is the size of your device.

  • • What should I pay attention to in a laptop case?

The most important features of a laptop carrying case is its ability to resist water and lightweight design. If an empty bag is heavy, then it will feel much heavier with a laptop in it. The case should have a cushioning inside to protect the device from scratches and damages. Pay attention to the quality of zippers and clasps.

  • • How can I protect a laptop from fallings?

Prefer a laptop bag made of durable materials like leather, ballistic nylon, or rigid plastic.

  • • Can I put a 14-inch laptop to a 13-inch bag?

Some 14-inches ultrabooks may be slimmer and have a more compact design and thus fit in 13-inches cases. Older 14-inches Alienware gaming laptops may require a larger 15-inches case.

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