11 Best Jewelry Design Software

By Eva Williams 16 days ago, Software Reviews

11 Best Jewelry Design Software in 2023

A jewelry design software is meant for designers, novices, experienced and aspiring career pros who wish to create elaborate and captivating jewelry items. Using direct modeling, micro paving, realistic rendering and stone creation, you will produce beautiful jewelry in no time.

Top 11 Jewelry Design Software

  1. Adobe Illustrator - Advanced vector technology
  2. Blender - Supports 3D pipeline
  3. SketchUp - The best for intermediate users
  4. AutoCAD - User-friendly interface
  5. LibreCAD - Advanced snapping system
  6. 3Design - Video games technology
  7. RhinoGold 6 - The best for professionals
  8. MatrixGold - Realistic animation tools
  9. Zbrush - Powerful brush system
  10. WizeGem - Great choice for amateurs
  11. Jewelry CAD Dream - LED DLP projector for accuracy

Jewelry design programs will help you effortlessly create 3D jewelry models of different kinds - whether these are elegant or more geometric/edgier pieces. You will be able to adjust the models without any limitations, as well as make life-like visualizations.

Besides, such software enables you to calculate the number and weight of stones required, set up STL files for 3D printing and files for CNC machining.

1. Adobe Illustrator - Our Choice

Advanced vector technology
  • Diverse toolset - fill & stroke, vector, gradients
  • Isometric drawing, 3-way diagrams
  • Gemstones library
  • Laser engraving capability
  • None detected

Verdict: Adobe Illustrator may be effectively used as a jewelry design program for drawing 2D lines. Then you can convert the lines into a 3D model for technical illustration. The software offers laser engraving capability. Besides, it is possible to use a scanned picture of an item to produce a 3D print model, which is rarely found in similar programs.

Thanks to the seamless integration with the rest of Creative Cloud apps, such as Ps, InDesign, XD, Premiere Pro, Illustrator will save the design straight to the cloud, simplifying the entire working process. As the graphics design is vector-based, feel free to make its size smaller for mobile devices or increase it to more massive dimensions - the quality won’t be affected.

adobe illustrator jewelry design software interface

2. Blender

Supports 3D pipeline
  • Exports files to an array of file formats
  • Swift poly modeling toolset
  • Mesh-based direct modeling system
  • Extremely customizable input
  • UI isn’t really intuitive

Verdict: Blender is free open-source 3D modeling software. Its direct modeling system is mesh-based, not parametric. Although the net is full of helpful Blender tutorials, it is quite a sophisticated jewelry designing software that won’t be suitable for novices.

Blender offers support for the entire 3D pipeline - animation, compositing, rigging, motion tracking, rendering, modeling and simulation. The software won’t limit your creativity in any way and gives you the freedom to bring to life any project you have in mind.

blender jewelry design software interface

3. SketchUp

Best for intermediate users
  • Ability to save designs in the cloud
  • Exports files into STL format for 3D printing
  • Scale tool, artisan organic and sandbox toolsets
  • Mobile model viewing and interoperability
  • Compatible not with many filetypes

Verdict: SketchUp is a free 3D jewelry designer that boasts an integrated presentation toolset for on-the-spot creation even of complicated jewelry design models. In comparison with similar software, SketchUp wins over with its 3D programming capabilities. This AutoCAD alternative facilitates the designing process since it is possible to document 3D designs in 2D formats. If you are taking the first steps in designing jewelry, you will appreciate numerous helpful guides.

Given the fact that SketchUp is an efficient tool for designing geometrical models, it will greatly help those who are interested in creating geometrical jewelry items. Such well-known products as 3D Warehouse, LayOut and SketchUp Viewer push this software forward.

sketchup jewelry design software interface

4. AutoCAD

User-friendly interface
  • Vast array of plugin tools
  • Picture tracing capabilities
  • Simplified user control
  • Possible to make quick modifications
  • Requires a robust PC

Verdict: Due to the presence of 2D drafting, AutoCAD users are able to create custom dimensions for drawings and then copy them for other drawings within the same project. Besides, it is possible to customize drawing-sheet layouts and sizes, as well as preview the way the elements were modified at different scales. AutoCAD serves as an excellent jewelry design software with the ability to create stunning 3D pieces.

The 3D modeling capabilities of the software let you visualize drawings with the help of solid, surface and mesh modeling processes. Thanks to 3D navigation, you can take advantage of rotation, zoom and orbit functions to visualize a building model. Cross-sectional views are supported as well.

autocad jewelry design software interface

5. LibreCAD

Advanced snapping system
  • Numerous tool categories like text, spline, line
  • Support for thirty languages
  • Ability to modify previously created models
  • Extensive drawing toolset
  • Lacks the feature-set for 3D models design

Verdict: This jewelry designer software is based on CAD and 2D drawing technologies to help you produce jewelry designs swiftly and precisely. One of the main benefits of LibreCAD is cross-platform support and multilingual interface. If you are involved in jewelry design, you will love quick sharing and modeling tools.

LibreCAD offers an efficient jewelry designing workflow, with decent and universal capabilities. Due to the extra line of command at the bottom, you will be able to facilitate the working process and make it more enjoyable.

librecad jewelry design software interface

6. 3Design

Video games technology
  • 3Shaper for developing images
  • Micro setting, advanced pave and custom stone builder
  • 3D objects with photorealistic images
  • Multilingual support
  • You need some time to master it

Verdict: 3Design and its dynamic toolset may be used to add CAD functionality to jewelry designs and prepare true-to-life images for jewelry designs. With its help, you can modify elements in the design, focusing on the creative process of designing jewelry and adding special effects. To get better results, take advantage of jewelry retouching services.

Since this software drew inspiration from video game graphics technology, it is possible to achieve true-to-life rendering. Although the software’s interface is user-friendly, you will need some time to master it. 3Design offers an extensive and accurate toolset that will come in handy for creating micro pave or stones. Besides, the software incorporates a library of different objects.

3design jewelry design software interface

7. RhinoGold 6

Best for professionals
  • 3D modeling of complicated geometry
  • File conversion of various 3D file types
  • Enables creating jewelry from scratch
  • Cutter studio libraries, eternity builder, new 3D motifs
  • All extra tools are paid

Verdict: RhinoGold 6 is the most sophisticated CAD software for creating customized 3D jewelry designs, Clayoo applications, qualitative sculpted, brushed and embossed models. It is the best jewelry design software for those involved in designing jewelry at a serious level. It boasts a vast array of jewelry combinations and components, like pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc.

Also, RhinoGold pleases users with modeling and engraving modules, making it a more effective tool for creating 3D jewelry models. Feel free to take advantage of templates or build a custom design from scratch - whether you wish to design a bracelet, earrings, pendants, body rings and so on.

rhinogold 6 jewelry design software interface

8. MatrixGold

Realistic animation tools
  • Powerful content manager
  • Capable of structuring any customized design
  • Jali tool to add decorative looks
  • Step-by-step builders
  • For experienced users

Verdict: MatrixGold is an intuitive, universal and truly remarkable CAD software for 3D printing of jewelry with various prototypes. Clayoo, its most efficient modeling plug-in, excels at carving and shaping physical clay.

With Matrix jewelry design software it is possible to create renders, shanks, gems, etc. To master it, check out helpful video tutorials, guides and all sorts of learning materials. The software offers a built-in content manager that comprises style sheets, libraries, job bags and collections to incorporate them into designs using the parametric history toolset.

matrixgold jewelry design software interface

9. Zbrush

Powerful brush system
  • Elastic and liquid options for curve mode
  • Remembers draw size
  • Simplifies mesh topology
  • Low poly modeling toolset with 4r7 version
  • Interface isn’t really intuitive

Verdict: Zbrush is a digital sculpting software that enables modeling, painting and texturing the objects you are going to print in 3D. Due to the integration of 3D Pixel technology, you will be able to achieve high-resolution models. You won’t find a better jewelry design software to work on the surfaces and texture of 3D models.

Jewelry designers admire Zbrush for its ability to produce elaborate designs of fashion accessories and jewelry pieces. If you are going to design an item with plenty of details, like gemstones, the software will let you do it and sculpt whatever you wish.

zbrush jewelry design software interface

10. WizeGem

Great solution for amateurs
  • 3D vax printing
  • Ready-made elements and templates
  • Unlimited downloading of STL files
  • 3D customizers for selling jewelry
  • A web version only

Verdict: WizeGem is an online jewelry design app that integrates 3D technology to help you create custom jewelry designs. It will also come in handy for customers who need to view the freshly created designs in real time. With this software, it won’t be a problem to convert sketches of an item and create copies of the sought-after jewelry items.

WizeGem makes it possible to upload jewelry photography, icons, texts, textures, etc. to a jewelry item, turning it into a unique masterpiece that has nothing in common with the preset, characteristic properties. Besides, users are able to import external file models and contact email support if necessary.

wizegem jewelry design software interface

11. Jewelry CAD Dream

LED DLP projector for accuracy
  • Integrated materials library
  • Cutter, Pave and Setting tools for the required cuts
  • Top-grade mesh tool for 3D printing
  • Morphing capabilities and direct editing toolset
  • Absence of free version

Verdict: Having over 30 years of experience, this jewelry design software will surely impress you with its advanced capabilities. Enjoy an extensive CAD jewelry toolset that will save your time, as well as a hybrid modeling engine with direct modeling. With Jewelry CAD Dream, you can adjust the model in any way you wish and make life-like visualizations.

Aside from jewelry design, the software will involve you in the manufacturing workflow. It offers the ability to effectively set up models for 3D printing, pick the perfect orientation and achieve an optimal working process. To provide speedy printing of designs and polishing smoother surfaces, the software incorporates floating glass technology and Protective Layering System (PLS).

jewelry cad dream design software interface