10 Best Instagram Story Viewers to Stay Anonymous

Until recently, it was nearly impossible to remain anonymous on Instagram. That’s why third-party app developers made their move and created a variety of Instagram story viewer apps that allow users to watch or even download stories on Instagram without being spotted by anybody. Apps in this list were chosen for their outstanding functionality, user-friendly layout, and most importantly, for the complete privacy they guarantee.

Top 10 Instagram Story Viewers

  1. Qoob Stories - Receive access to private stories
  2. StoriesDown - Completely free
  3. InStories - Registration-free
  4. Insta Stalker - View even deleted stories
  5. Glassagram - Direct message reading
  6. mSpy - For simple parental monitoring
  7. Cocospy - Accurate geo-fencing functions
  8. eyeZy - Full Instagram activity observation
  9. Inflact - Automatically saves stories
  10. uMobiX - Observe the online status

As with selecting apps for Instagram stories, a convenient interface should come in the first place. It’s completely pointless to ignore this feature because nowadays there are plenty of apps with user-friendly interfaces so it makes no issue to find a suitable variant. Currently, if any developer wants his/her app to get noticed on the market, it has to deliver easy and confidential access to the content users want to see.

Remember to check out whether the tool you intend to use offers 100% anonymity. Another thing to take into account when selecting an alternative Instagram viewer is an option to save video content on your device to watch it offline later. Some apps even grant access to hidden profiles which otherwise are impossible to visit.

1. Qoob Stories — Our Choice

Receive access to private stories
  • Top-notch download and sorting variants
  • Download video and image content in high quality
  • Automatic download option
  • Straightforward
  • Some services are non-free

Verdict: Qoob Stories is undoubtedly one of the most versatile choices available. It contains a kit of helpful features and can download any type of content from Instagram.

The main difference between Qoob Stories and the rest of similar apps is that hidden accounts make no problem for this anonymous story viewer. Just write down the account names you want to look through, and you’ll get immediate access to the content. Additionally, it is fairly simple to download Instagram photos in high definition together with meta data from Instagram profiles.

qoob stories instagram story viewer interface

2. StoriesDown

Completely free
  • Saves content in high quality
  • Registration free
  • Absolutely anonymous
  • No advertising
  • No access to private profiles

Verdict: StoriesDown is free to use and you don’t need to register anywhere. So, there’re no concerns regarding your anonymity because you don’t share any personal information. Besides, this Instagram story viewer has a great design and clear layout.

Find a textbox just in the middle of the screen, enter the username you want to check and that’s all. I also appreciate that there are no intrusive ads. Anything you want to save, whether it is pics or videos, won’t lose quality during the download process.

storiesdown instagram story viewer interface

3. InStories

  • Full anonymity
  • Content-saving feature
  • Compatibility with all types of devices
  • 100% free
  • Private profiles remain unavailable

Verdict: InStories is a free tool for anonymous reviewing of public Instagram accounts. Using it, you can covertly monitor stories, news, highlights, all kinds of photo and video posts, live or recorded online broadcasts, number of likes, subscriber lists, and comments.

Instagram stories can be checked without signing up or downloading an app; no personal IG account is required. Your actions are absolutely untraceable, your personal information and all the details of your visits are not recorded and undetectable by Instagram account owner. You can also download Instagram posts and stories with Instagram image downloader to your laptop, smartphone, or computer.

instories instagram story viewer interface

4. InstaStalker

View even deleted stories
  • No installation required
  • Completely free
  • Advanced profile data
  • User-friendly
  • No way to browse private profiles
insta stalker instagram story viewer logo
Insta Stalker

Verdict: InstaStalker lets you view IG stories anonymously and smoothly. Furthermore, you can also track all profile updates, new subscribers, posts, likes, and comments on public profiles. If you added an account to this anonymous story viewer, all posts and stories will be saved so you can watch them even if they were deleted from Instagram.

InstaStalker collects and processes public data to provide daily reports on all details and updates that may be interesting to you. It’s not necessary to download or install any apps or software to use InstaStalker. It’s compatible with any Android and iOS device, Windows computer or tablet.

insta stalker instagram story viewer interface

5. Glassagram

Direct message reading
  • Determines the GPS location
  • Instagram video monitoring
  • Allows watching even hidden stories
  • Many additional features
  • A free version is limited
glassagram instagram story viewer logo

Verdict: Glassagram is an advanced spy app. It’s created for incognito viewing of profile’s content, even if those accounts are private. Users get access to many settings and functions. It is possible to view hidden users’ stories, check reactions from the followers, read private messages, etc.

This alternative Instagram viewer allows users to see the content that the targeted account owner looks through most often. You’ll receive comprehensive reports which will be saved in your dashboard.

glassagram instagram story viewer interface

6. mSpy

For simple parental monitoring
  • Simple installation process
  • Undetectable
  • Remote management feature
  • Incredibly accurate GPS tracking
  • The price is relatively high
mspy instagram story viewer logo

Verdict: mSpy is a top-notch Instagram tracking tool that is excellent for parents who worry about what their kids are doing on Instagram. It makes all IG chats and activities of the targeted account visible.

mSpy is completely anonymous and there’s also no need to install anything on your kid’s smartphone. As a result, they remain totally unaware that you’re looking after them. Unlike the majority of alternative Instagram viewers, mSpy also has a GPS tracking feature. As for the extra features, you can remotely make a record of the screen, create a blacklist of the websites you don’t want your kids to visit, and read even their deleted messages.

mspy instagram story viewer interface

7. Cocospy

Accurate geo-fencing functions
  • Grants access to every message
  • Operates in absolutely hidden mode
  • Compatible with numerous apps
  • Useful both for employers and parents
  • The premium version monitors a single device
cocospy instagram story viewer logo

Verdict: Cocospy is another great Instagram story viewer. It takes just a couple of minutes to set everything up. All you need to do is create a Cocospy account and install the app on the device. When the installation is complete, you will receive full access to the user’s data. But it’s not limited by stories. The app also displays call history, location, and all conversations.

This app operates in 100% stealth mode, so nothing will give away that the phone is being watched. But Cocospy can monitor more than just Instagram. The list also contains well-known social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, etc.

cocospy instagram story viewer interface

8. eyeZy

Full Instagram activity observation
  • Wide variety of features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Precise location tracking
  • Automatic screen captures
  • Becomes pricey when used on several devices
eyezy instagram story viewer logo

Verdict: With eyeZy, you receive a full-featured remote smartphone tracking app that just shines at Instagram spying. It not only lets you anonymously observe all posts and stories but also records your target’s direct messages. Additional features like screen capture and keystroke tracker make eyeZy the ideal solution for remote Instagram surveillance.

You will therefore be informed of all received and sent messages and when the conversation actually occurred. That’s why eyeZy is the best Instagram story viewer for families who are trying to safeguard their children from inappropriate content on social media platforms.

eyezy instagram story viewer interface

9. Inflact

Automatically saves stories
  • Works with all types of devices
  • No third-party software installation
  • Free
  • Marketing functions
  • Some features are paid
inflact instagram story viewer logo

Verdict: Inflact is a safe, anonymous, and efficient Instagram story viewer. This app assists you with hashtags for content planning, promoting, and expanding your Instagram presence. Therefore, if you desire to have a successful Instagram, Inflact will handle this task perfectly.

You can retrieve older IG stories in an incognito way via this app. It will keep tabs on each new story a user uploads. Inflact will compile stories from up to 100 profiles you’ve chosen to follow, so you can forget about constant monitoring.

inflact instagram story viewer interface

10. uMobiX

Observe the online status
  • Real-time updates
  • Browse private messages
  • Read the newsfeed
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Not free
umobix instagram story viewer logo

Verdict: If an advanced spying tool with a huge list of various observing features is what you seek, then uMobiX will fit perfectly. It detects a user’s geo position, scans social network activity, and allows observing all actions, phone calls, and text messages included.

uMobiX guarantees full confidentiality and can be run without any risk of being spotted. You can examine the data that people you care about submit, publish, and follow to guard them from other people and themselves. The app offers an effective way to cover posted stories that you can’t usually see.

umobix instagram story viewer interface