7 Best Instagram Image Downloaders in 2024

7 Best Instagram Image Downloaders in 2024

Enjoy looking through pictures on Instagram and wish to save those pictures? Then the best Instagram image downloader will come in handy.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t make it possible to download pictures from its app/website. But you can do it if you use one of the following Instagram photo downloaders.

Top 7 Instagram Image Downloaders

  1. 4K Stogram - The best desktop Instagram image downloader
  2. DownloadGram - Photo download in 2 clicks
  3. Free Instagram Downloader - Can be saved in Zip file
  4. Image Downloader for Instagram - Extension for browser
  5. FastSave - Android - The best mobile app for saving Insta photos
  6. InstaGet - Saves pics straight to the gallery
  7. Regrann - Immediately downloads photos and videos

Instagram is the most well-known platform for sharing pictures and videos from any corner of the globe. A report by Statista claims that the number of active Instagram users per month reaches 1 billion, which is mind-blowing.

In this article, you will find online services, software for PCs and mobile apps for downloading pictures from Instagram. All of them let you download pictures in a few clicks.

1. 4K Stogram - Our choice

Best desktop Instagram image downloader
  • Simultaneous pic downloads
  • Private account pic downloads
  • Retrieve Instagram content by username, hashtag, or location
  • Clean, minimalistic interface
  • Limited free version

Verdict: 4K Stogram stands as the ultimate Instagram image downloader, providing users with a seamless way to save and enjoy their favorite content.

With 4K Stogram, you can effortlessly download and save pictures from any Instagram user. Simply input the username or paste a picture link, click "Follow User," and you're set. This client allows you to effectively "follow" accounts, hashtags, or locations, ensuring you stay updated with your preferred content.

What sets 4K Stogram apart is its ability to mass-download entire Instagram accounts, hashtags, and locations with just a few clicks. Even posts from private Instagram users you follow can be downloaded in their original quality and resolution, granting you permanent offline access.

4k stogram Instagram image downloader

2. DownloadGram

Photo download in two clicks
  • User-friendly
  • Trustworthy online service
  • Ability to download IGTV videos
  • Completely free
  • Unable to download private photos

Verdict: This online video downloader is capable of downloading Insta pictures as well. Simply copy the address of a picture or video and you will be able to save it to the hard drive.

Besides, this Instagram downloader grants the ability to save IGTV videos. If you don’t want to visit the website constantly, use the opportunity to install a bookmarklet to the browser toolbar. In this way, you can download pictures and videos effortlessly – in a simple click of a toolbar button.

  • downloadgram instagram image downloader interface

    3. Free Instagram Downloader

    Can be saved in Zip file
    • Intuitive UI
    • Ability to save in zip file
    • Fast download
    • Additional installations aren’t required
    • Absence of browser bookmarklet

    Verdict: If you are wondering what is the best Instagram downloader online, pay attention to this option. It is completely free and doesn’t require any additional software installations. The process of saving Insta selfie ideas is hassle-free.

    You only need to type in the name of the Insta user whose pictures you wish to download. Then you will see the list of pictures uploaded by them. Either download pictures individually, pick a number of pictures or download them all as a Zip file.

    The only insignificant drawback is the absence of a browser bookmarklet. So, visiting the website whenever you need to download files will become a routine for you.

    free instagram downloader interface

    4. Image Downloader for Instagram

    Extension for browser
    • For Chrome, Firefox or Opera users
    • Adds a download button to all Insta pictures
    • Qualitative pics
    • User-friendly
    • Absence of configurable options
    • Downloads only one pic at a time

    Verdict: In case you often surf through Instagram on PC in such browsers as Chrome, Firefox or Opera, this extension will be the best Instagram image downloader for you. It simplifies the process of downloading Insta pictures to PC.

    This extension will add a download button to all Instagram pics. If you click on the button, a picture will be automatically downloaded to the default download location. You can expect only the highest quality image formats as a result.

    The configurable options are absent. But you can enable/disable the extension by playing around with a toolbar button.

    image downloader for instagram logo interface

    5. FastSave

    Best mobile app for saving Insta photos
    • Provides details of the saved pictures
    • Swift download
    • Extensive feature-set
    • Hides saved pictures
    • Disturbing ads

    Verdict: In case you wish to find out how to have a successful Instagram, FastSave will help you with saving creative ideas from this social media platform. The app enables downloading Insta pics and videos on the device and viewing them even when the Internet connection is off. With this app to download Instagram photos, it is possible to repost the saved photos without watermarks.

    The number of downloads on Fast Save isn’t restricted. So, feel free to download pics and videos from Instagram in any quantity.

    • fastsave instagram image downloader interface

      6. InstaGet

      Saves pics straight to the gallery
      • Ability to save all the favorite pics
      • Effortless repost and sharing
      • Copies and saves tags from the application
      • Files are saved to the gallery
      • Crashes after the new update
      • Disturbing ads
      • Certain download restrictions

      Verdict: The InstaGet app will come in handy whenever you need to download Instagram pictures and videos. As a result, you won’t have to open the Instagram app once you need to view a particular picture/video.

      With this app to save Instagram pictures, you will have all your favorite pics at hand. However, mind that InstaGet doesn’t offer the ability to download private pictures and videos. Before you decide to repost such content, get permission from the owner first.

      • instaget instagram image downloader interface

        7. Regrann

        Immediately downloads photos and videos
        • No in-app purchases
        • Instant download of pics and videos
        • Watermarks may be enabled/disabled
        • Supports TikTok videos
        • Presence of ads
        • Not very fast sometimes
        • Free version with limitations

        Verdict: "Regrann is a nice app to save Instagram photos and repost Insta pics without having them on the account and without watermarks (optional). You have an opportunity to repost the saved pictures and videos from the Instagram app itself.

        Simply pick “Copy share URL”, and you will get your hands on the necessary picture. The Regrann Pro app enables users to schedule posts to any preferred time and take advantage of other extra capabilities.

        • regrann instagram image downloader interface
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