5 Best Free Intrusion Detection Software For Windows in 2022

The best free intrusion detection software for Windows detects cyber attacks, malware, DoS and port scan attacks. It tracks network traffic and detects malicious activity by analyzing suspicious patterns in incoming packets.

It can report suspicious activity to the administrator or collect it using a security information and event management (SIEM) system.

Top 5 Free Intrusion Detection Software For Windows

  1. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection - Complete web protection
  2. OSSEC - Multiplatform solution
  3. Snort - With great signature blocking
  4. Zeek - Comprehensive logs archive
  5. Suricata - Multi-threaded function

Such programs can be quite pricey, but there are some free alternatives that you can use. On this list, you will find the top tools that will cope with this task. Check out this review and choose an option that suits you more.

1. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection - Our Choice

Complete web protection
  • Application hardening feature
  • Machine learning-based anomaly detection
  • Centralized cloud-console
  • GUI is very intuitive an easy to use
  • No notification process to inform

Verdict: Malwarebytes Endpoint Protects free web protection for Windows is a common and reliable way to protect your computer from the things that are lurking around the Internet, waiting to infiltrate your machine and ruin it.

It is computer anti spyware software designed to infiltrate your personal computer and do some damage without your permission or knowledge. This sort of behavior is considered bad in the eyes of the law and can cause you to be held financially liable for something that you didn't create.

malwarebytes endpoint protection free intrusion detection software for windows interface


Multiplatform solution
  • Runs on any operating system
  • Supports tcl/tk
  • Can receive alerts from other tools
  • Open source HIDS
  • Primarily a wireless security solution

Verdict: When using OSSEC you will get some of the same features that you would from the Internet security suite. You will be able to automatically update your virus database, have dedicated IP address space, firewalls and even dedicated monitoring capabilities.

One feature that OSSEC offers that is often not found in other products is web filtering. This feature will allow you to restrict certain web pages from being able to access your network and can help to reduce the amount of web intrusions that occur on your network.

ossec free intrusion detection software for windows interface

3. Snort

With great signature blocking
  • Real time updates
  • Keeps your network visibility high
  • IPS detection and blocking
  • Can be behind in updates

Verdict: The best web security for Windows that you can get for free is an application called Snort. If you want to be protected from the most serious types of web threats, then this program is what you should be using on your PC. This web security tool works by installing a program known as "XoftSpySE" onto your system and then working to make sure that it has the most up to date anti virus protection on your PC.

snort free intrusion detection software for windows interface

4. Zeek

Comprehensive logs archive
  • Supports cybersecurity knowledge management
  • Can help analysts identify threats
  • Flexibility
  • No traditional signatures

Verdict: Zeek has been making quality products for over 10 years and one of the best products they have come out with is their Zeek Free Intrusion Detection Software for Windows XP Home Edition. They have kept that same powerful software but added in so many features. One of the best things about this software is that it is free and you can find it at the link below. I am sure once you download this free antivirus software you will see the many benefits it can give you.

The main reason why I like this product so much is because it not only detects intrusions but also many other web threats as well. They have a web protection scanner that will check your computer for any intrusions such as spyware, adware, Trojans, worms, and viruses.

zeek free intrusion detection software for windows interface

5. Suricata

Multi-threaded function
  • Built in hardware acceleration
  • File extraction
  • Cross-platform support
  • System and network resource intensive

Verdict: Suricata can protect your PC from the threats posed by the likes of spam, phishing, malicious software and other online threats. Internet security has been growing over the years as more people rely on the internet for their day to day needs and to help keep them safe there are many security programs that can be downloaded from the internet.

However, many of these free programs aren't as effective as the anti-spyware programs that can be purchased and are prone to having a number of false alarms, which means that your computer could be vulnerable to further attacks. It's important to have the best protection possible, and so we've put together this guide to helping you identify the best free intrusions detection software for Windows XP Home Edition to help ensure you get the protection you need.

suricata free intrusion detection software for windows interface