7 Best Free Graphing Software in 2021

If you are engaged in mathematics and statistics, you definitely want to have the best free graphing software to speed up your regular workflow. There are many programs packed with tools for drawing and building all kinds of graphs, charts and diagrams, and some of them are available absolutely for free. Not to spend hours comparing their capabilities, just read this article and choose the best free graphing software from the list of the most helpful options.

Top 7 Free Graphing Software

  1. Visme - For using over 20 types of graphs
  2. FusionCharts - Comprehensive JavaScript charting library
  3. Google Charts - The best in collaboration
  4. Leaflet - Leading open-source JavaScript library
  5. Dygraphs - To handle huge data sets
  6. D3.js - For Data-Driven Documents
  7. Tableau - With real-time analysis

Conventionally, all such programs can be divided into 3 groups – on-premise flowchart software that work with the major desktop OS and can be downloaded for free, online tools, and open-source programs.

Besides, you can come across free and user-friendly 3D graph building software that will help you with your marketing, data analyses, and statistic tasks. Our list contains the best free software to create graphs in a straightforward way.

1. Visme - Our Choice

For using over 20 types of graphs
  • Provide a variety of templates
  • Handy preview option
  • Good range of support documentation
  • Versatile and offers maximum flexibility
  • Require internet connection

Verdict: Visme is a new product from Visme software which is an edge comparison software company. This software gives you the advantage of comparing two or more data sets within seconds. This is because it runs on the Mac, PC and even on the iPhone. What's even better is that you will also receive several free additional products with your initial purchase of Visme.

visme interface

2. FusionCharts

Comprehensive JavaScript charting library
  • Variety of charts and customization options
  • Charts and maps work on all devices and platforms
  • Flexibility
  • Customization can seem daunting

Verdict: A while back, I took a look at some of the free software options available online and one of them that caught my eye was FusionCharts. You may be familiar with the product, but if not, you should really give it a try.

The reason I did this is because although the product does have a rather steep learning curve, the price is very reasonable and the product provides excellent support once you get past the learning curve. This free graphing software has a number of advantages over its competitors.

fusioncharts interface

3. Google Charts

The best in collaboration
  • Shareable graphics
  • Presentation worthy charts
  • Sharing among different users
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Limited capability

Verdict: Google Charts is an excellent free graphing software package that can help you generate very detailed and attractive graphics. If you've used any other software packages, you'll quickly find that they have either been extremely difficult to use or limited in what they allow you to do. This is not the case with Google Charts.

You can draw anything and have the flexibility to change it without much effort. Although the free version is limited, there are also paid versions for those who want more advanced features.

google charts free graphing software interface

4. Leaflet

Leading open-source JavaScript library
  • Can be extended with huge amounts of plugin
  • Simple drag-and-drop designing
  • Handy preview option
  • Good for developing applications involving maps

Verdict: It has been a commonly known fact that the best way to create and print charts and graphs is with the help of Leaflet free graphing software. Most of the companies, schools, universities and even the individuals can take advantage of the benefits of using this type of software to create their graphical representations.

leaflet free graphing software interface

5. Dygraphs

To handle huge data sets
  • Highly flexible
  • Has an active community
  • Strong support for error bars
  • Majorly compatible with major browsers

Verdict: When it comes to making maps and plans for your landscape, home construction, building an addition or building a house, the advantage of using a graph making software like Dygraphs cannot be overstated. With a simple click of the mouse you can produce detailed, professional-looking plans in just a few minutes.

The advantage of using free Dygraphs free graphing software is that you don't need to know anything about drawing maps or building structures. You can produce a quality product in just a few minutes without having to know any technical stuff.

dygraphs free graphing software interface

6. D3.js

For Data-Driven Documents
  • Wide variety of visualization collection
  • Possibilities in 3D
  • Easy to customize existing visualization
  • Documentation can be improved a little more

Verdict: If you are looking for a way to get professional results and save time on complicated mathematical formulas then D3.js is the best data visualization tool for you. D3.js is actually a JavaScript library that is widely used to create professional looking charts and graphs. Many people are now switching from Microsoft Office programs to use more freely available open source tools such as D3.js.

Open source allows users to modify and tweak their programs to better suit their preferences. This means that they are able to share them among their friends and colleagues. As well as being able to share your charts with others, if you happen to come up with any new techniques or better ways of displaying the data then you can send them through D3.js tutorials.

d3.js free graphing software interface

7. Tableau

With real-time analysis
  • Remarkable visualization capabilities
  • Features a nice gallery
  • Ease of use
  • Free version comes with a big footer

Verdict: Tableau provides many of the same functions as other premium software products and it is an excellent tool for all of your graphing needs. Tableau is the industry standard for creating highly technical and professional maps, projections and surveys.

Tableau software has everything you need to produce amazing maps that reflect your business's vision and mission. If you need to create professional and easy to read GIS maps, you need Tableau.

tableau free graphing software interface
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