6 Best Dell Keyboards in 2023

By Robin Owens 17 days ago, Keyboards

The best Dell keyboards that are budget and reliable.

best dell keyboard

Dell is a world-known computer company with the head office in Texas, the USA. It manufactures, sells, repairs and supports computers and computer products. Dell is known thanks to its robust and affordable keyboards.

However, it offers a great number of models so it might be challenging to choose the best Dell keyboard. Read on and you will easily cope with this task.

Top 6 Best Dell Keyboards

  1. Alienware AW568 - Our Choice
  2. Dell 0DJ458 - Ergonomic design
  3. Dell Alienware AW768 - Stylish
  4. Dell KB212-B - Budget
  5. Dell M22MF - Solid performance
  6. Dell KB813 - For office tasks

Having read numerous reviews and posts about possible keyboard solutions, I believe that the Red Dell Keyboard is the best option in 2023. The article below describes the best 6 keyboards by Dell, varying in features and prices.

After reading it, you will definitely find what you need, whether you want to purchase the best Dell keyboard with premium features or a budget option with basic functionality.

1. Alienware AW568

Our Choice
best dell keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Backlighting
⊕ Reasonable price
⊕ Mechanical
⊖ Not silent

The Alienware AW568 is a Dell gaming keyboard that provides a superior experience for a reasonable price. It has a gamer-friendly design and intuitive software. This a mechanical keyboard with AlienFX lighting comes with five programmable macro key functions.

Thanks to the iconic Alienware design, it looks stylish and cool. This model will fit any desk set-up. The RGB lighting system makes your gaming experience more immersive since dynamic lighting effects are tied directly to the in-game events.

2. Dell 0DJ458

Ergonomic design
dell keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Slim body
⊕ Easy typing
⊕ Durable design
⊖ Plastic build

The Dell 0DJ458 is a perfect solution for communications, transaction terminals, interactive clients, industrial automation apps and personal use. This Dell keyboard delivers impressive performance and meets the demands of a modern user. If you are interested in power-embedded computing, this model is exactly what you need.

3. Dell Alienware AW768

dell wireless keyboards

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Solid feeling
⊕ Cool, angular design
⊕ Five customizable macro keys
⊕ The keys can be remapped
⊖ No palm rest
⊖ Plastic body
⊖ Odd macro key placement

Although the Alienware Pro is very similar to the Alienware Advanced keyboard, this model was upgraded with some new features. Of course, these improvements influenced the price, but it is fully justified. This Dell mechanical keyboard features macro functions and LED backlighting. So, it is definitely worth the money you pay.

4. Dell KB212-B

dell cordless keyboard

Interface: Bluetooth / Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes / No

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⊕ Durable
⊕ Lightweight
⊕ Long lifespan
⊖ Nothing special

This is the best Dell keyboard for business and personal purposes. Its quiet key design provides the most comfortable working experience and enhanced productivity. The Dell KB212-B has 104 keys constructed for a long life span of repetitive use.

This keyboard was tested and validated on Dell systems. If you use it with a Dell system, you can count on their technical support team.

5. Dell M22MF

Solid performance
dell mechanical keyboard

Interface: - | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Affordable price
⊕ Simple to install
⊖ Compatible only with laptops

This Dell keyboard is a great solution for your laptop, notebook or netbook. It will work smoothly with any Dell laptop. Moreover, it is very easy to pair it with other devices. Having installed it, you will see that this model works just as advertised. It has 102 keys.

6. Dell KB813

For office tasks
dell gaming keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Wire wrap
⊕ Smart Card USB
⊖ Not reliable

This Dell keyboard is a perfect typing solution featuring a stylish design and an integrated Smartcard reader. It is a durable, model with spill-resistant features. With it, you can directly access secured computers or networks.

Thanks to the wired USB connectivity, you get secure and fast data transfer. You won’t need to worry about changing or recharging batteries. It is a full-size keyboard with low-profile keys and a detachable palm rest. Since this model was designed for a smooth, quiet typing experience, nothing will distract you when you are using this keyboard.

Image Name Features  
best dell keyboard
Alienware AW568
Our Choice
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: No
dell keyboard
Dell 0DJ458
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: No
dell wireless keyboards
Dell Alienware AW768
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: yes

How to Сhoose the Best Dell Keyboard?

best dell keyboard


When choosing the best Dell keyboard, consider the ergonomics first. If you actively use your keyboard for various purposes, you should buy a comfortable device. It should have a wrist rest and an ergonomic design that allows you to correctly position your hands when typing.

Size of the Keyboard

The keyboard form factor refers to the size, shape and the number of keys of a model. The most popular are full-size, Tenkeyless and 75% models.

Full-size keyboard: It has 104, 105 or 108 keys. Such keyboards feature an alphanumeric, navigational cluster and a separated number pad. They also have F keys at the top.

Tenkeyless: Such keyboards are very similar to full-size ones, but they don’t have a number pad on the right side.

75% keyboard: It has the same functionality as Tenkeyless models. However, it doesn’t have the space between various areas of the keyboard.

best dell keyboard

Keyboard Switches

The type of key switches determines how typing on the keyboard feels to a user. There are many keyboards with various key switches available. They differ in comfort, audio feedback and sensitivity.

If you want to find the best Dell keyboard, you should test how the keys feel. The thing is that some users like a particular typing feel while others don’t.

Wired vs Wireless

Dell wireless keyboards have numerous benefits. You can take your keyboard to any place and work or play from there. If you use it on the desk, there are no wires to clutter it. Mind that wireless models work on batteries that should be replaced or recharged from time to time.

What is more, they have a slight delay in communication. As for wired models, they provide better response time because they are connected to the computer with a cable. However, the cable makes them less portable.


  • • How do I make my Dell keyboard stay lit?

Find the option “Dell Keyboard Backlight Settings” and click on it. A new window will open. Find the Backlight tab. Here, you can change the timeout duration or set it to always on by selecting the “Never” option.

  • • How do I turn on my Dell wireless keyboard?

To turn on a Dell keyboard and a mouse, use a power switch located on the bottom of both devices.

  • • How do you type special characters on a Dell laptop keyboard?

Press and hold Alt before pressing other keys.

  • • What causes keyboard failure?

Dust might cause keyboard malfunction, as some keys might stop responding or working properly. If it happens, just turn the keyboard upside down to remove the dust.