5 Best Book Writing Software in 2022

If you have always aspired to become a published author, make sure to use the best book writing software. It’s suitable for those who want to write a bestseller or self-publish their first book.

Top 5 Book Writing Software

  1. Scrivener - Our choice
  2. Vellum - For creating beautiful eBooks
  3. Google Docs - Very easy to use
  4. Hemingway App - Grammar checking
  5. Squibler - 30+ book templates

By using such software, you can keep your research notes nicely organized, create believable characters, proofread your manuscripts and prepare them for publication. Book writing software presented below don’t have a steep learning curve, which is why you can master it in no time.

Such programs come with many automated tools for optimizing your workflow. Thanks to them, you can pay more attention to developing a plot, writing and editing your manuscript.

1. Scrivener

Our choice
  • 30-day free trial
  • Free templates
  • Personalized setup and interfaces
  • Includes tutorials
  • None

Verdict: Scrivener book writing software allows you to focus more on developing your plot and characters instead of struggling with spelling, grammar, and vocabulary problems. With its help, you can not only type text, but also organize information for a future book or document. For such purposes, the program even includes a special manager that works with images, PDF documents, videos, music and saved web pages.

It is also important that Scrivener allows you to add a short description to each file and post author's notes in the appropriate section. You can also use book design software when you need to create print or interactive documents.

scrivener interface

2. Vellum

For creating beautiful eBooks
  • Professional looking, aesthetic book styles
  • Versatile importing function
  • Interior design tools
  • Vellum Previewer tool
  • For Mac only

Verdict: What makes Vellum so great is that it is so easy to use. All you do is drag and drop the text in whatever document you are working on, and it will automatically transform into a clean document that looks just like a flash presentation. It allows its users to easily create eBooks, documents, reports, articles, blogs, and more.

Vellum is ideal for writers, editors, musicians, graphic artists, copywriters, and anyone who want to be able to produce professional writing skills. To avoid any plagiarism issues, you can also use third-party tools to check your text content against other articles available online.

vellum interface

3. Google Docs

Very easy to use
  • Free and powerful
  • Visually elegant designs
  • Excellent feature set
  • Exports in multiple formats
  • Less powerful than desktop-based software

Verdict: Google Docs is one of the many advanced spreadsheet programs designed by Google. It is basically a set of desktop software that can be accessed through a browser to allow the user to create, edit and share documents in the form of a PDF file.

This type of service has been around for quite some time, but it has only been recently that high-quality services have become available online to compete with older systems like ePublishing.

google docs book writing software interface

4. Hemingway App

Grammar checking
  • Identifies all instances of passive voice
  • It highlights messy and complex sentences
  • Ensures you don’t overdo it on adverbs
  • It’s useful when you need an easy-to-understand style
  • Not every word has to be simplified

Verdict: Hemingway App is an innovative program to help aspiring authors write great books with a lot of confidence. With its help, you can analyze any text and identify all problem areas: too complex constructions, unnecessary adverbs, unsuccessful phrases and simply banal mistakes.

I also recommend you using free screenwriting software that boast beautiful UI and has an abundance of functions.

hemingway app book writing software interface

5. Squibler

30+ book templates
  • For creating drafts
  • Has customizing templates
  • Good sharing options
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Only 14-day trial period
  • Expensive

Verdict: One thing that I like about this particular book writing software is that it helps you come up with the best titles possible for your books. The reason why I say this is because it allows you to generate a large number of titles and it allows you to see which ones are actually the best.

Another thing that you'll be able to take advantage of is the fact that the book writing software also allows you to easily change the structure of your chapters.

squibler book writing software interface