5 Best Auto Dialer Software in 2023

We have reviewed the best auto dialer software for companies that specialize in different sectors, such as sales, healthcare, education, hospitality, etc.

Auto dialer is a program that automatically dials numbers from a list and connects you with a person or sends a recorded message. This way, agents don’t have to waste time manually dialing each number. They are focused on communication.

Top 5 Auto Dialer Software

  1. RingCentral - With data integration
  2. Agile CRM - With voicemail automation
  3. EngageBay - With outbound calls
  4. CallHub - With phone number verification
  5. Ameyo - Offers multi-filter auto-dialing

Some auto dialers are built into contact center infrastructure software or telecom services for call centers. Others integrate with customer service software. However, there are many standalone options as well.

Auto dialer software is very similar to outbound call tracking software but there are some differences between them. For instance, auto dialers automatically call phone numbers while outbound call tracking software doesn’t. Plus, the former store the call data.

1. RingCentral - Our Choice

With data integration
  • Campaign management
  • UI Is nice and easy to use
  • Great features for a small/mid-size team
  • Difficult 3-way calling could be simpler

Verdict: RingCentral is one of the top auto dialer software providers. If you are running an auto dialer, you need to have a good quality dialer. RingCentral can provide you with a quality dialer that has many features that will be very useful to you.

One of the most popular features available with RingCentral is the integration with Microsoft Outlook. When you use the automatic dialer feature with Microsoft Outlook, it can automatically dial your contacts from your computer and display any information that is relevant to your call such as a name, phone number or address. Also, it can be used as call center software.

ringcentral interface

2. Agile CRM

With voicemail automation
  • Offers third-party integrations
  • Keeps track of your communications
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy-to-use setting
  • Buggy email capabilities

Verdict: Agile CRM is one of the best in the business and one of the more cost-effective as well. If you don't have a company that employs auto dialers, then you are definitely missing out. You can implement your own auto dialer software solution if you choose, but I would suggest going with an Agile CRM solution as opposed to trying to build your own from scratch.

It is much easier to integrate and all of your customer information will be automatically leveraged for your sales team to turn into productive leads!

agile crm interface

3. EngageBay

With outbound calls
  • Wrap-up calls
  • Centralize business data
  • Tracks marketing campaigns
  • Very fewer options in templates

Verdict: With the advent of the Internet and advances in technology, it has never been easier to market your product and reach a larger audience. There are many different platforms available on the web to use as a way to market your business or products, but some have proven to be more successful than others. One such platform that has been proven to be very effective is EngageBay auto dialer software.

When you take the time to learn about this particular program, you will see how it can help you market your business with ease. If you have access to the Internet, you may think that the answer to this question is obvious, but many people do not. If you cannot quickly find the information that you need, you are losing out on potential sales.

engagebay auto dialer software interface

4. CallHub

With phone number verification
  • Offers unlimited agent accounts
  • Flexible and easy to manage
  • Provides detailed report and analytics
  • Hard to import contacts

Verdict: CallHub is one of the leading providers of auto dialer solutions in the UK. It can help your business to grow and progress at a faster rate by helping you and your customers to connect with each other in a better and more efficient way.

This great auto dialer system has many unique features that can boost the productivity of both your customer services and your marketing departments. It has a comprehensive integration system that allows you to be able to share all sorts of information with your clients. This can include data regarding product sales, customer service, appointment confirmations and so much more. You may also outsource telecom services to create scalable solutions for your business.

callhub auto dialer software interface

5. Ameyo

Offers multi-filter auto-dialing
  • Dialing based on last retry time
  • 24*7 costumer support
  • Offers randomized predictive dialing
  • Recording quality is low

Verdict: Ameyo is a new technology that is becoming more popular in the field of marketing automation. It integrates all of your customer service tools to provide you with improved productivity and efficiency. What does it mean to have the best auto dialer software? In a simple sense, this means that your customers won't have to deal with dialing by hand and that you will be able to increase your productivity simply by automating the process. Use this social media customer service software to perform better service.

This integration means that when customers call your company they can do so from any location using an Internet connection. The system will then record the number and what they said as well as what the car number is and how long they stayed on the line. With this information, the auto dialer software will be able to tell which of your salespeople are taking the calls and which aren't, and in turn, what you will be able to do differently.

ameyo auto dialer software interface