Greater Than Gatsby Presets

Greater Than Gatsby Presets

Greater Than Gatsby company was founded in 2012. It managed to become very popular thanks to Lightroom and Photoshop filters. Many beginning retouchers around the world prefer Great Gatsby actions and presets. Today, I will tell you more about this company and its products. Moreover, you can download FREE alternatives to Greater Than Gatsby presets below.

Greater Than Gatsby Presets

Greater Than Gatsby Lightroom presets are incredibly popular among portrait and wedding photographers, because they can significantly simplify the color correction and batch editing. I present you 8 amazing collections of their Lightroom presets that will be useful in any type of photography. In addition, they can help you achieve a vintage and film photography effect.

The Golden Hour Collection

greater than gatsby presets golden hour

Download Professional Lightroom Presets

You will definitely like this collection if you have ever dealt with light problems. Golden Hour Greater Than Gatsby presets will help you eliminate the flaws taken in the evening light. In addition, you can easily remove unwanted shadows from the models’ faces caused by the backlight and give some brightness to background colors. This set consists of 6 parts, such as Warm, Airy, Vivid, Dark, B&W, and Muted.

  • 4 Artistic B&W Presets
  • 20 Artistic Presets
  • 6 Toolkit Presets

Price: $59

The Wedding Collection

greater than gatsby presets wedding

This collection was created for work in the classic wedding style. Restrained harmonic shades will give your photos a film effect. The main features of this set are pure, natural skin shades.

If you need unusual matte, pastel or vintage Lightroom presets for wedding, download our 10 free wedding Lightroom presets designed by FixThePhoto to edit photos fast and give them a glorious touch.

These presets are ideal for different photos, such as group portraits with guests and romantic photos of newlyweds.

  • 5 Black&White and 6 Film Wedding Lightroom Presets
  • 25 Color Lightroom Wedding Presets
  • 4 Final Adjustments

Price: $59

The Newborn Collection

greater than gatsby presets newborn

In addition to Great Gatsby actions for Photoshop, Amy McDaniel from Dewdrops Photography also helped create this collection of Lightroom plug-ins for baby images. This is the perfect kit for baby color correction. Its main characteristic is a wide range of possibilities for skin tone correction, taking into account the lighting features.

  • 48 Standard Presets
  • 10 Retouch Brush Presets

Price: $59

The Innocence Collection – Portrait Lightroom Presets

greater than gatsby presets portrait

Send your photos to FixThePhoto and receive professional color correction fast and easy for $0.20 per photo.

Look through Greater Than Gatsby tutorials and you’ll understand that this collection is the best option for child and family photography, as it is very simple to use. These tools will allow you to improve images and adjust the light in a few clicks.

  • 25 One-Click Artistic Enhancements
  • 10 Stylized Black & Whites Presets
  • 10 Bonus Presets
  • 30 Retouch & Artistic Brushes

Price: $59

View more about how to get Lightroom free in 2 ways and forget about paying a $10 month-subscription. Start editing photos professionally and free right now.

The Darkroom Film Collection

greater than gatsby presets film

This collection of presets contains 32 Greater Than Gatsby tools for creating a film effect with a predominance of gritty and bronze colors. Such warmth of shades helps achieve a beautiful vintage effect maintaining the realism of the photo.

  • 22 Artistic Film Presets
  • 10 GTG Standard Film Presets

Price: $59

The Watercolor Film Collection

greater than gatsby presets watercolor

Most of the photo effects from this set imitate the look of photos taken with Fuji Pro 400H. Highly recommended for studio portraits with maximum natural light.

  • 23 Artistic Film Presets
  • 10 GTG Standard Film Presets

Price: $59

The Hitchcock Film Collection

greater than gatsby presets hitchcock

This collection is a continuation of the previous Watercolor & Darkroom bundles. Such tools can help you achieve an incredible vintage effect. The creators of these Greater Than Gatsby presets were inspired by the mystical and sophisticated atmosphere of Hitchcock’s movies, which are popular even nowadays.

  • 20 Film Emulation B&W Presets
  • 7 Bonus Presets

Price: $59

Clean Workflow

greater than gatsby presets clean

Inspired by Greater Than Gatsby actions under the same name, the company created a similar collection of presets for Lightroom. It consists of professional tools for consistent photo editing. You can find 10 stylized B&W presets as well as 15 Clean Tones tools in the pack for editing skin tones without ruining its structure.

  • 15 Clean Tones
  • 10 Stylized B& W Presets
  • 3 Utility Presets

Price: $59

Greater Than Gatsby Actions

Photoshop actions are the main direction of Greater Than Gatsby website. At the moment, it contains 9 separate collections of actions with various effects that are suitable for different types of photography.

The Portrait Retouch Collection

greater than gatsby photoshop actions

This set contains the best Greater Than Gatsby actions for portraits. Thanks to the convenient Photoshop tools, you can improve the color of the skin, regardless of the model’s age, add some freshness and hide flaws. Most users often apply Magic Contouring to select the desired areas quickly and accurately and Fine Art to create a stylish photo look.

  • 64 Actions
  • 7 Additional Eyelash Brushes

Price: $69

The Painterly Portrait Collection

painterly portrait photography actions

The Painterly Portrait Collection is the perfect choice for beginning photographers who are looking for tools to create the painting photo effect. This set contains 74 Great Gatsby Photoshop actions that can help you achieve softness of the image without disturbing the sharpness of the lines. This combination allows you to get the desired painting effect with incredibly realistic clarity.

  • 74 Actions
  • Simple and Clear Guides
  • Easily Modified and Customizable Actions

Price: $89

The Newborn Collection

great gatsby actions

The Greater Than Gatsby team developed this collection with Amy McDaniel from Dewdrops Photography. It was designed for editing newborns photos. Tools from this set will let you soften the image without loss of clarity and important details.

Retouch is one of the most popular Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop actions from this collection. It allows the retoucher to get accurate, harmonious skin tones. Newborn II tools can add some softness to your pictures without changing their style and mood. The Newborn I Set (formerly known as Newborn Essentials) consists of actions aimed at work with pastel shades and haze.

Newborn Collection I - $69
Newborn Collection II - $89
Bundle - $109

The Three Nails Collection

great gatsby photoshop collection

This The Greater Gatsby Photoshop collection was developed in collaboration with famous wedding photographer Hunter Leone. It consists of two parts. This set allows you to get an incredibly dramatic effect. The whole point of the Three Nails collection is expressive super-dramatic shades. Workflow II contains 8 Painterly tones, 25 Enhancement Tones, 5 Painterly Black&White, 6 Overhead Light Actions, and 4 complete Workflow Foundations.

If you have never worked with these Photoshop plugins, look through a quick but easy video tutorials about how to install Photoshop actions.

Three Nails Workflow I laid the foundation for the development of this amazing collection. Try Painterly effect and you will see that your everyday photography can be very creative and artistic. Get rid of boring photos. Give them a dreamy vintage look.

Workflow I - $89
Workflow II - $89
Bundle - $119

The Carving Tree Collection

greater than gatsby carving tree recipes

This collection contains 140 Photoshop actions to create a special nostalgic look. Such vintage set has tools for work with shades and customizable sunlight bursts. They will help you get really vivid, creative pictures. Try all 140 actions, mix them and look for the perfect combination. Create retro, vintage and classic images in just a few moments. In addition, this Greater Than Gatsby collection has some helpful workflow tools and quick fix shortcuts.

Price: $69

The Radiance Collection

the greater gatsby photoshop radiance collection

Add brightness and glow to your boring photos with these 110 Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop actions. It has a lot of cool tools for editing portraits taken at the Golden Hour. Highly recommended for the portraits with a blurred background.

Price: $69

The Woodstock Collection

greater than gatsby actions

If you like to work in the retro style, I advise you to pay attention to this reater Than Gatsby collection that offers 110 Ps actions. It will offer you many enhancements to get a film photography effect and a vintage look. Yes, you will spend many hours experimenting and searching for the perfect combination of color settings from this collection. Try to create vintage haze pictures that will never lose their relevance.

Price: $69

Clean Workflow

greater than gatsby actions clean

According to many Greater Than Gatsby reviews, this collection is the most convenient and universal set for basic image editing in Photoshop. It will help you get natural, clean shades in your images. Unlike previous examples, less attention is paid to dramatic or retro effects. The main aim of this collection is to simplify work on achieving clear images.

  • 65 Actions (25 Actions Unique to This Set)
  • Collaboration of All Workflow Tools from Every Collection

Price: $69

Greater Than Gatsby Overlays

Greater Than Gatsby company focuses on Photoshop overlays which help add objects and frames that were impossible to use while photographing. These are sky, snow and other unique overlays that you may apply to achieve the effect of 19th-century photography.

The Innocence Snow Day Collection

greater than gatsby snow

Add a winter feel to your images using new Innocence Snow Day Actions and Overlays. This universal collection turns any ordinary picture into a fairylike winter shot. Greater Than Gatsby snowfall actions and brushes change the trees and create a bright winter composition. Conversely, the snow overlays efficiently frame and highlight the subject.

  • 42 Artistic Actions
  • 1 Overlay Applicator Action
  • 12 High-Res Snow Overlays

Price: $59

The Wet Plate Collection

greater than gatsby overlays

These Great Gatsby actions give an effect to your photo as if it was taken in the 1800s. In cooperation with well-known photographer Hunter Leone, this exclusive collection takes your shots back to the 19th century. Moreover, it gives an incredible effect that is rarely seen in modern photography. See how Greater Than Gatsby actions and textures take on the classic look that every photographer is looking for.

  • 30 Three Nails Wet Plate Actions + 12 High-Res (300dpi) Wet Plate Textures (6000px)

Price: $69

Photoshop Cloud & Skies Overlays

greater than gatsby overlays sky

The Great Gatsby Photoshop overlays give great dramatic background in a format with a soft focus. It is ideal for those who prefer to photograph wide open. These are personal painterly skies that were used in different photoshoots in recent years.

  • 12 High-Res Sky Overlays Each Overlay is 300dpi (6,000 x 4,000px)
  • 1 Overlay PS Applicator Action

Price: $29

Photoshop Light Overlays, Leaks & Lens Flares

greater than gatsby sculpted light

Create impressive lighting effects and receive an amazing result with a spectacular range of light flashes, light glare, light rings and lens flare.

  • 12 Light Overlays & 1 Light Overlay Applicator Action
  • Custom-Made & Easily Modified Actions

Price: $29

Greater Than Gatsby Actions Free Download

Without a doubt, a lot of photographers often look for Greater Than Gatsby presets, actions and overlay at no cost. They check different resources on the web that offer to download “fake” actions rather than the original ones. I tried numerous Greater Than Gatsby Lightroom presets for free and I can say with confidence that the effect you receive with “fake” plugins is very different because the people who develop these filters do not care about their quality.

Greater Than Gatsby Sale

greater than gatsby sale

If you think Greater Than Gatsby is too expensive, use Greater Than Gatsby coupon code to receive a discount. Go to such sites as RETAILMENOT, OFFERS, GOODSHOP and obtain a 10%-30% discount on numerous products. It is worth mentioning that there is one disadvantage – these promo coupons are usually limited or are available as a single coupon. So it is necessary to occasionally visit these sites and be the first one who uses this single coupon.

Moreover, the Greater Than Gatsby official website constantly offers seasonal discounts, where you can use a code or the secret word to get up to 25% discounts on any collections. Also, it is possible to achieve permanent discounts on full bundles, where discounts also reach 25%.

Greater Than Gatsby Scholarship

greater than gatsby scholarships

Greater Than Gatsby provides the annual scholarship to support the young generation and intellectual content creators as well as to develop fine art. The recipient will get $10,000 each year. This money will help pay the schooling and academic expenses to an accredited non-profit educational establishment in the USA.

Eligibility Criteria

  • It is necessary to be a newly accepted high-school student, undergraduate, or postgraduate at an accredited educational institution in the USA.
  • You have to specialize in any kind of art, English language and literature, communications, photography, fine and visual arts, film, journalism and multimedia.
  • It is necessary to confirm your identity if you win a scholarship.  You must provide a valid student identity card or driver’s license.

In order to be applied you should provide the following:

  • Send 3 photos to demonstrate your photography skills. Choose the images that are 72dpi and no more than 1000px on their longest side.
  • Write an essay and describe your photography experience and plans for the future. Mind that the size of the essay should be no less than 500 words.
  • Provide your name, surname, address and a valid telephone number.
  • Specify the name of the school that you attend or are going to attend, as well as the address and telephone number to the office of financial aid.

The closing date for submitting the application is March 1st of each year. The scholarship winner will receive the email with notification two months after. The scholarship will be granted in the form of a co-payable check. It will be sent to the winner’s school.

Greater Than Gatsby Alternatives – FREE Presets

To receive similar effects in your pictures, it is not necessary to buy The Greater Gatsby Photoshop actions or presets. Specifically for you, FixThePhoto team has prepared a collection of 10 FREE presets that are inspired by Greater Than Gatsby effects.

Read my full reviews of Pretty Presets, Mastin Labs presets, and VSCO presets to know how the final photos look before paying money for them.

1. FREE Lr Preset “Wedding”

This outstanding preset is a great alternative to Greater Than Gatsby “Wedding”. It gives a cold clean effect to your pictures. It is possible to change the gray tints into cold blue. Moreover, this preset makes your photo lighter and colors more contrasting. Using this preset, you can emphasize the light areas of the picture, especially the sky and water.

2. FREE Lr Preset “Watercolor”

Having used this preset, I can say that it gives very clean, light and holographic greenish-blue tone to bright pictures. It adds a pleasant reddish-brown hue as well as muffles yellow and green shades. This preset creates exceptional color contrast in the light and dark areas of your picture. It will be perfect for shooting during the daylight hours. This preset is similar to Greater Than Gatsby preset combination from the “Watercolor” collection.

3. FREE Lr Preset “Fashion”

Discover an excellent alternative to Greater Than Gatsby “Golden Hour”. This filter is great for lifestyle images. It adds to your photographs crushed blue glare, perfect tones of skin and warm tints. It is great for harsh and dim light with some exposure settings.

4. FREE Lr Preset “Portrait”

This plugin is good for dim images. It increases the contrast of your picture and adds amazing rich red hue. It is usually used to enhance skin and to apply warm tints to bright parts of your picture. Select this preset for photos with interior objects, coffee beans, newspapers, wood items or things made of leather. The mixture of vivid, soft color with a matte hue reminds of the “Clean Workflow” of Greater Than Gatsby package.

5. FREE Lr Preset “Film”

This preset reminds “Darkroom” bundle. It gives a delicate matte effect which works great with portrait photography. Applying this filter, you will see that practically all colors are a bit desaturated, apart from the skin tone. This way you can make the subject more appealing to the viewer.

6. FREE Lr Preset “Sun Flare”

This is an excellent alternative to “Golden Hour” bundle because this preset gives a sun glare effect. It provides an exceptional color correction that is used in most films. This filter is good for portrait photography as it increases the contrast of warm and cold tints, makes the skin smooth as well as adjusts the yellow shades. It changes the light parts of the image into light-turquoise color.

7. FREE Lr Preset “Best”

This filter is a combination of "Watercolor" and "Golden Hour". It gives a photo a natural color along with white balance enhancement. It intensifies the green color adding a slight matte shade. This preset makes a skin tone a bit reddish. It puts emphasis on shadows and highlights bright parts of the image. The preset is ideal for landscape and portrait photography taken in natural lighting conditions.

8. FREE Lr Preset “Pine”

Use this preset to achieve lively juicy tones. It is great for sports and lifestyle photography and reminds of “Golden Hour” to some extent. This filter allows correcting skin tone, makes it more natural and gives a slight contrast color.

9. FREE Lr Preset “Glamour”

The color of the water or the mountains can be dark blue, purple or greenish-blue. Everything depends on the lighting conditions. If you are looking for the best analog to “Hitchcock” bundle, this preset will give your pictures a deep and dark blue color with a green tint. It works best with outdoor portraits featuring lakes or rivers.

10. FREE Lr Preset “Film Effect”

This preset gives your photo a stunning look and emphasizes natural shades. Moreover, it adds a subtle vibrancy to the picture. A gentle magenta finish perfectly enhances skin tones, while a softer contrast provides excellent shadow recovery. This preset is similar to the combination of Greater Than Gatsby presets “Darkroom” and “Watercolor”.



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