Greater Than Gatsby Actions

Greater Than Gatsby Actions

Since 2012 Greater Than Gatsby Actions are frequently downloaded by beginning photographers who want to enhance their photos fast and easy. Today I will tell you more about what they offer, photo results you will get, and share FREE alternatives inspired by Greater Than Gatsby Actions.

greater than gatsby actions

Greater Than Gatsby Actions – Complete Review

Photoshop Actions can help you bring your pictures to the top level and make them pop by means of boosting your Photoshop editing process. All Greater Than Gatsby Actions are designed in order to let photographers improve their photo editing workflow and create qualitative images in a matter of seconds.

The Portrait Retouch Collection of Photoshop Actions

greater than gatsby actions Download Photoshop Actions

Price – $69

This portrait photography collection includes Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop Actions suitable for any age and skin type. It provides ideal skin tones with unsurpassed consistency.

The best tools in this collection are Magic Contouring brushes and Fine Art Finishes. Magic Contouring brushes contour a person in your photo allowing you to save time and get rid of an exhausting manual routine of dodging and burning.

The Innocence Collection of Photoshop Actions

gatsby actions

Price – $89

It is used by more than 50.000 photographers all over the world. The Innocence Collection was designed especially for children portraits. This set includes180 actions. It optimizes and improves your color correction process, adds pure and creative identity to your photos.

The Innocence II offers 6 new Color Bases, 28 new Artistic Tones, and a huge number of visible improvements. The main part of this collection is Velveteen Finishing Touches but provided Botanical Blends, Fix-The-Green Brushes, and Sun-Drenched Vignettes are recommended for portraits.

The Three Nails Collection of Photoshop Actions

greater than gatsby recipes collection

Price – $89

This collection is the result of collaboration with Hunter Leone, a prizewinner in wedding and portrait photography. The set adds rich and dramatic effects to your pictures.

Three Nails Workflow II offers the newest photo editing styles and methods thereby making it one of the most popular pack of actions. It works perfectly by itself as well as a supplement to the original version.

Stunning highly dramatic hues make your photos look awesome. This set of Greater Than Gatsby Actions offers 25 Enhancement Tones, 8 Painterly Tones, 5 Painterly Black & Whites, 4 Complete Workflow Foundations, and 6 Overhead Light Actions.

The Newborn Collection of Photoshop Actions

greater than gatsby photoshop actions Download Photoshop Actions

Price – $89

Greater Than Gatsby developers have created this collection in partnership with Amy McDaniel from Dewdrops Photography. These actions add softness to your photos without losing the details. This set can create super precise skin colors.

The Newborn II provides sophisticated shades and matte effects which supplement your baby pictures rather than overtaking them. The Newborn I (Formerly Newborn Essentials) offers soft blur and pastel hues. All these features make these Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop Actions a must-have for each newborn photographer.

The Carving Tree Collection of Photoshop Actions

great gatsby photoshop collection

Price – $69

These vintage Greater Than Gatsby Actions give your images a nostalgic vibe. With its 7 special color bases and a huge number of adjustable sunlight bursts, this collection offers a huge spectrum for picture editing and expressing your creativity.

140 various actions will help you get a great vintage, classic or retro look within a few minutes. This multidimensional set provides useful tools and quick fix shortcuts in your working process to make photo editing simpler.

The Woodstock Collection of Photoshop Actions

the greater gatsby photoshop actions

Price – $69

Use these Great Gatsby Photoshop Actions to create a retro atmosphere in your photos. Achieve this effect with the help of matte and film filters that this collection provides.

By means of a beautiful and distinctive range of colors, hues, finishing touches, you’ll be willing to spend hours upgrading your mixes and combinations! Create perfect film, matte or retro pictures in several clicks that will never lose their artistic appeal.

The Radiance Collection of Photoshop Actions

the great gatsby actions radiance

Price – $69

This set offers glowing and shining effects in order to create dynamic and pure pictures. This collection of the Greater Gatsby Photoshop Actions is an ideal collection for portrait studio photographers to add to their set of tools.

In a matter of seconds, it turns basic images into wonderful and fantastic masterpieces. The Radiance Collection offers great working tools and plenty of correctors and improvements.

Clean Workflow of Photoshop Actions

greater than gatsby reviews clean workflow

Price – $69

This set of The Great Gatsby Actions will emphasize natural colors and make your photos clean. The collection pays less attention to artistic improvements and concentrates on tools that make photo editing simpler than it used to be in order to create clean pictures.

Greater Than Gatsby Actions Free

greater than gatsby sale

These 12 free Photoshop Actions taken from Greater Than Gatsby premium collections are suitable for both beginners and professional photographers. They are good to train your photo editing skills. Become a member of Greater Than Gatsby Inner Circle and get the link for downloading it on your e-mail.

Greater Than Gatsby Sale and Discounts

greater than gatsby sale

In case Greater Than Gatsby prices are too high for you, there are a few coupon codes. Get 10%-30% discount on such websites as RETAILMENOT, OFFERS, GOODSHOP. Nevertheless, there is a considerable disadvantage – the number of such coupons is small or they are offered as one coupon. That’s why you need to check these websites all the time to be the first to get and use them.

Besides, the official Greater Than Gatsby website always offers seasonal discounts, where by means of using a code or a secret word you can get up to 25% discount on any collection or permanent up to 25% discounts on full bundles as well.

The Complete Actions Bundle

the great gatsby actions complete bundle

This collection contains 9 Greater Than Gatsby action packs including 12 special sets with more than 985 unique actions. Having bought this set with the best Photoshop Actions you can save $619.

Greater Than Gatsby Scholarship

greater than gatsby scholarship

This scholarship was created by Greater Than Gatsby group in order to support the following generations, the future of photography art and content creators. Each year one photographer gets $10,000 USD to pay an accredited non-commercial college, university or vocational, technical school in the US for their studies.

Eligibility Requirements

1. You must be a student who has recently entered high school, graduated from an accredited college or university or is currently an undergraduate student in the US.

2. You must have a major of any kind of art, communications, English, journalism.

3. You must have and be ready to give proof of your identity if you have become a winner. The qualified ID will be a student ID or a driver’s license.

Every year March 1st is an official deadline for the submission of documents. In 2 months after the deadline, the winner is determined and informed either via e-mail or the Greater Than Gatsby official website. This scholarship is provided to the winner in the form of a pay-check sent to his/her school.

Free Greater Than Gatsby Alternatives

If you want to get a similar effect in your photos, you don’t have to purchase these actions. Especially for you FixThePhoto team has created a collection of 3 free Photoshop plugins that are inspired by the effects of Greater Than Gatsby Collections.

Fashion B&W Free Photoshop Action

This one looks like Greater Than Gatsby Painterly Recipes in black and white interpretation. It adjusts the shadows and bright areas of the photo perfectly to create sharp, stylish look.

The skin gets perfect texture, also this action highlights small details and makes hair look amazing.

Color Tone Free Photoshop Action

This is a Great Gatsby Photoshop alternative action that resembles a combination of several Photoshop filters from the The Three Nails collection.

It enhances the natural colors and introduces a delicate vibrancy with softened contrasts.

Smooth Skin Free Photoshop Action

Use this free action for studio portrait editing to create perfect skin tone. Eyes will look clear and lips with eyebrows will become pop just in several clicks.

It’s a perfect free alternative to The Portrait Retouch Collection by Greater Than Gatsby.

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