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Various resources offer to download Topaz Labs completely free of charge. It should be mentioned that any cracked or portable Topaz Labs free download link will lead you to a pirated program.

Consequently, having installed it, you expose your gadget and yourself to various risks. Here are several ways to get Topaz Labs free without violating the law. Moreover, you will get acquainted with the programs that may become decent alternatives to Topaz Labs.

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Topaz Labs Free Download Benefits:

  • Powerful and versatile plug-ins for controlling contrast
  • More than 100 presets developed for various photography genres
  • Large previews of presets
  • A masks tool to help isolate the effect on specific areas of the image
  • Accepts PayPal support
  • Provides promo code support


  • What is Topaz Labs?

Topaz Labs specializes in the development of top-notch software products for shooters. It uses the latest technologies to cope with the most popular picture post-processing issues ‒ sharpening, enlargement, noise reduction, etc.

  • Can I use a free trial in Topaz Labs?

Yes, you can use the Topaz Labs free trial version. All Topaz programs have a 30-day trial period so you may test them and see whether they are effective in your workflow. By the way, Topaz products will not add watermarks to your images during the trial.

  • Is there a Topaz Labs students’ discount?

We have recently reviewed Topaz Labs and may claim that there are no students’ discounts at the present moment. However, you may always visit an official website and get all the necessary info on the students’ discount policy.

  • How much does Topaz Labs cost?

There were some changes in the pricing policy. Customers used to pay for each add-on they wanted to get. Now you may get Topaz Studio 2 with all adjustments by default for a single payment of $99.99.

Topaz Labs: Pirated Version

There are free Topaz Labs versions on the web but, unfortunately, all of them are pirated ones. Although this free software seems really appealing, it may cause numerous problems.

1. Virus Attack Risk

Hacked versions of the program may contain malware. Consequently, you may lose your personal data, or your computer will work unstably. All the failures may be fixed by the antivirus software.

2. Performance Failures

Unlike an original product, torrented Topaz Labs free download is hacked so no one will guarantee stable work of all functions.

3. No Customer Support

An official developer cares about its users, providing stable support. With cracked Topaz Labs free download, don’t expect to get any help.

4. No Updates

Unlike a legal product, illegal Topaz Labs free download doesn’t support any updates. In such a way, you deprive yourself of new functions.

Free Topaz Labs Alternatives

You may get acquainted with free programs featuring the same functions as Topaz Labs.

1. Adobe Lightroom

adobe lightroom topaz labs free download alternatives
  • Convenient organization with collections and galleries
  • Fast and easy photo books, slide shows, and web galleries
  • Non-destructive editing that preserves file data
  • Quick syncing of picture editing steps
  • Absence of layers or blend modes

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular tools among professional shooters. Today, you may choose between two options ‒ Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. The first program, Lightroom, is developed for those users who want to work online applying effective picture editing and organizing photographs.

Speaking of Lightroom Classic, it is a program with a traditional UI and customary tools. Adobe has been enhancing the program, but it still lacks some local printing and plug-in support, as well as some other functions.

2. HDRtist

hdrtist topaz labs free download alternatives
  • Suitable for fast photo editing
  • Perfect for beginners without picture editing or photoshopping skills
  • Mathematical algorithms guess at your most suitable optimizations
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Manual picture editing skills can’t be applied

HDRtist Pro offers a basic picture editing toolset, providing all the necessary functions and corrections. Moreover, thanks to drag-and-drop tools and one-click optimizing functions, you will cope with any task in a short time.

Thanks to the HDR and Exposure Blending tools, you may create highly detailed and realistic images. Applying complex mathematics, the HDR effect is achieved by combining exposure info. As for the Exposure Blending tool, it selects and cuts out the best parts of each photograph.

3. Retouch Pilot

retouch pilot topaz labs free download alternatives
  • Easy removal of defects
  • Changing of photos with cool effects
  • Trial Mode
  • Image retouching of complex backgrounds is available
  • Free version lacks some features

If you download Retouch Pilot, you will easily remove all the defects from your images. It means that the pics you are working with will be free of any scratches, dust spots, unnecessary hair. What is more, you can get rid even of technical flaws.

Frankly speaking, it is quite difficult to describe all the tools offered by this program. In short, you may erase scratches and defects, change some face and body features, and smart patch your images.

4. PhoXo

phoxo topaz labs free download alternatives
  • Numerous special effects
  • Layer support
  • Convenient toolbar
  • Easy to use
  • Old-fashioned design

PhoXo is a program developed to perform the most popular changes, like adding special effects or photo editing. It doesn’t offer advanced features provided by professional software. The program is really easy to master since it uses customary interface elements, such as tool sidebars and layers. In general, PhoXo is something between Photoshop and Paint.

If you are a complete beginner without any skills, but Paint is too simple for you, you should give PhoXo a chance. Of course, it can’t be compared to Photoshop or Illustrator. Still, it is a decent intermediate photo editor offering basic tools.

5. Sumopaint

sumopaint topaz labs free download alternatives
  • Simple and convenient UI
  • No annoying ads
  • Masks and layers
  • Advanced tools for digital drawing
  • Requires Flash
  • Some tools lag

Being a well-equipped, painting and online image editing program, Sumopaint belongs to qualitative alternatives that may successfully replace a Topaz Labs free pirated version.

Thanks to the studio-grade OpenGL-based painting engine, the projects are accurate and quickly performed. The program has a pleasant UI that guarantees a convenient image editing process.

Sumopaint doesn’t cost much. But if you still hesitate, you may test a free trial version. However, mind that a free program features only some quick brushes, pencil sketches, and some basic web graphic designs.

Topaz Labs Free Download

topaz labs free download

Instead of pirated programs from third-party resources, it’s better to download Topaz Labs free from the official website. In such a way, you will avoid system failures and problems with the law.

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