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Spybot Search And Destroy

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Spybot Search and Destroy is by far one of the more popular free antivirus utilities available on the internet. The program can often be used for regular internet browsing however, it is also capable of scanning for viruses and other common infections that many other utilities can miss. Because of its popularity Spybot has several add-ons which can be downloaded from the official website for a fee. These add-ons often work together to better safeguard your PC against future attacks. Below we will discuss what is Spybot Search and Destroy and what you should do with it.

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The main feature of Spybot Search and Destroy is its ability to perform a real time anti-beacon operation. This basically means that it will scan all of your incoming traffic and stop any of these communications being hijacked by unscrupulous software publishers. The main problem that is faced by most anti-virus software is that they are limited in the number of 'calls' that they can monitor. However, because Spybot has a built in 'cabal' to detect potential threats, this is never an issue. The software will monitor all outgoing traffic, regardless of whether it contains malicious codes or not.

System Requirements

OS: Windows
Disk space: 200 MB
Screen: 1280×1024
CPU: Intel, nVidia

Windows 7 Spybot Search And Destroy

Filename: spybot_search_and_destroy_free_download.exe (download)
Filesize: 14 MB

Windows 10 Spybot Search And Destroy

Filename: spybot_search_and_destroy_free_download.zip (download)
Filesize: 10 MB

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