SketchBook vs SolidWorks eDrawings

What software is better – SketchBook vs SolidWorks eDrawings? Read on the article, and you’ll get the answer.

SketchBook is among the many preferred drawing and sketching tools, which enables to sketch from any angle of users’ choice, and it also allows an artist to edit and modify their sketches at any point of time.

SolidWorks eDrawings is an innovative program with flexible, user-friendly drawing and design features, which is a top industry standard for building mechanical, electric, and compositional components and assemblies.

Final Verdict:

A unique feature that sets SketchBook apart from other similar programs is the capability of using different art boards, including Pads, Palettes, and Smartboards. The use of these specialized tools enables to retouch ideas, visualize patterns and create unique artwork. This versatility makes it the best choice for most drawing purposes.

SketchBook is the winner >

SketchBook Features:

  • Manual controls
  • Variety of drawing tools
  • Different formats support
  • High quality output
  • Import and export of images

What is SketchBook?

sketchbook interface

SketchBook provides various drawing and sketching features that can be used to create different kinds of projects. It has intuitive interface and several innovative features like import and export of different formats such as PSD, JPEG, GIF, or PNG. It uses SmartRay compatible brushes that are ideal for fine drawing. Other useful options are: erasing and masking, along with a complete set of functions for photo retouching, restoring color, brightening, contrast, etc.

SketchBook also comes with several other features such as undo, eraser, multiple brushes, background options, sketch palette, and many other functions. With all these tools, the program is certainly a wonderful tool for creative artists and professionals. This makes it one of those applications that provides the ease and flexibility that artists and designers need.

Besides drawing features, SketchBook also offers other ones such as palette manager, print preview, layers, and much more. With advanced drawing capabilities, it enables an individual to express himself on the canvas, while saving time and effort that can be spent in conceptualizing the final project. Moreover, it provides professional-quality output.

What is SolidWorks eDrawings?

solidworks edrawings interface

SolidWorks eDrawings together enables to easily edit and draw on electronic diagrams. You have a wide variety of drawing features that make it easy to create, share, and process your diagrams, without any technical experience. With it you get exactly what you need in a cost-effective product design data solution.

The program comes with drawing options for architects, engineers, contractors, interior designers, and even artists. This application can also be used as an electronic sketching tool for the purpose of creating 3D model drawings. It comes with features such as draw anywhere feature, which allows to view drawing in different layers. Moreover, eDrawings has drag-and-drop option, which helps to simplify modifying drawing or sketch.

SolidWorks also features other functions such as multiple tool tips, line breaks, adjustable shadows and highlights, opaque and translucent fills, etc. It comes with an electronic eraser, which can be used to remove unwanted lines, and masks that can be applied to add highlights and shadows to objects.


sketchbook logo
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SketchBook & SolidWorks eDrawings Features:

  • Animation support
  • Third-party plugins
  • Adjustable colors
  • Wide range of brushes
  • Camera scanning
  • CAD tools
  • Simulation options
  • API scripting
  • Augmented reality support
  • Markup feature

SketchBook and SolidWorks eDrawings Price:

STARTING PRICE $4.99/month Free trial
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FixThePhoto Choice:

With intuitive interface, SketchBook is easy to use even for beginners. Customers can import digital sketches made with software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Paint Shop Pro.

SolidWorks eDrawings provides support for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform. Users can edit and view the drawing or sketch by dragging and dropping objects on the screen.