Shootproof vs Pixieset

Shootproof vs Pixieset: Which Is Better

Shootproof vs. Pixieset occupy the top places among online picture proofing and delivery systems. If you are interested in simple photo delivery, then Pixieset is what you need. It is user-friendly and very easy to use. On the other hand, Shootproof is a more advanced delivery system that allows you to send contracts and receive payments.

These two systems are in high demand among professional photographers who need a reliable way to deliver, exchange, proof and sell pictures on the Internet. Both Pixieset and Shootproof features are well-designed and are constantly improved to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Platforms: Windows, macOS
Price: Free Trial or from $10/mo

VERDICT: Many photographers use Shootproof to manage their business and share images. The platform got its name thanks to the gallery proofing feature. Working with the gallery, you have a wide range of opportunities for organizing your photos. This feature distinguishes Shootproof from other free platforms.

You can check how your photo pages will look on mobile devices and on desktop. To do this, you need to go to the Gallery Settings and click on the “Layout” tab.

  • Contracts/model release
  • Ability to get help from a Facebook support group
  • Mobile version is available
  • The slideshow with a music feature
  • Integration with PayPal system for customer invoicing
  • Gallery themes leave much to be desired
shootproof interface

Shootproof platform will not only allow you to create your own online photo gallery. You can also sell pictures, issue invoices, use it for printing, managing contracts, making and saving backups.

Convenient Work with Gallery

shootproof gallery

You can create galleries according to your style, tastes and needs thanks to the flexibility of this platform. It is a significant advantage of Shootproof over other free applications. Using the “Layout” tab, you can preview your gallery on desktop or mobile.

Another advantage of this program in the Pixieset vs Shootproof competition is the ability to protect your images with a password. Using watermarks or creating a print release will also help protect your copyrights. Besides, you can set the number of available downloads for one user.

Contracts/Model Releases Function

This is the most noticeable difference between Shootproof and Pixieset. This feature gives you the opportunity to exchange contracts with your clients and send them model releases. The LawTog allows you to receive releases and clients on Shootproof.

The cost varies between $40 and $175. Maybe it seems a little expensive, it's a pretty handy feature. Using Shootproof photographers do not need to spend a lot of time and create tons of paper contracts as the customers sign the agreement electronically and send it back via email.

Concept of a Vendor Album

shootproof vendor album

You can provide access to this kind of album to a limited number of people using a special link. Thus, users can download photos from this hidden gallery only by your permission. A “Vendor Album” is often created by wedding photographers to provide vendors with the opportunity to share full-res images on various social networks.

The main feature of this album is its secrecy for most wedding visitors. Since the same image can be in different albums, you do not need to upload multiple pictures.

Many Client Payment Options

shootproof payment

You can offer your customers several payment/invoicing options. It is worth noting that you do not receive your client’s payment to your account at once since the system holds it for five days.

If you're going to offer discounts, service packages or other promo codes, you'd better create an invoice template. Just go to Commerce > Invoices > Templates > New Template. If you don't want to spend time on this process, download Photography Invoice Templates created by Sweet Snappin photographer.

You can also set up various discounts for your customers, for example, a Shootproof summer sale, and offer your customers a 50% discount on the purchase of the entire gallery within two days. Another option to optimize your workflow is the session billing feature.

Mobile Options and Sharing Available

shootproof mobile version

This feature allows you to create mobile applications with your galleries for customers. In turn, they can post them on social networks. You can also add the option to download your client’s own photos.

Music Adding

The ability to add background music is one of this platform’s advantages. This feature has a beneficial effect on sales performance since viewing the gallery is more enjoyable with music.

Informative Blog

shootproof blog

The Shootproof blog is a great source of ideas and useful marketing tips for professional shooters. You can receive its regular updates by email. You will not be overloaded with information, but you will know everything about current trends, the latest marketing approaches, and ways to interact with customers successfully.

ECommerce Opportunity

This platform includes effective tools for creating price lists, packages and discounts. A self-fulfillment feature is useful if you are not engaged in making your prints. BlackRiver, Miller’s and ProDPI are among the most popular choices of US shooters.

Australian and Canadian photographers can also find some decent options. For Europeans, Shootproof offers LoxleyLab. Using the Shootproof app for working with orders, you will not reduce your profit since the system does not require additional fees.

Reasonable Price

shootproof pricing

Before you choose a paid plan, you can familiarize yourself with the platform through the demo version. You can test the system for two weeks absolutely free. In addition, you do not need to provide your credit card number before starting a trial.

When the trial period is over, you can choose one of the Shootproof pricing options:

  • FREE for 100 photos
  • $10 per month for 1,500 photos
  • $20 per month for 5,000 photos
  • $30 per month for 25,000 photos
  • $60 per month for unlimited photos

Design Themes for Galleries Could Be Better

It is perhaps the main point where this system is inferior in the Shootproof vs Pixieset battle. Developers should improve design themes, make them more polished and clean.


Platforms: Windows, macOS
Price: Free Trial or from $8/mo

VERDICT: If you need a simple and convenient platform for online delivery of photos to your customers, then Pixieset is just for you. It allows you to create personalized galleries for each customer, taking into account all his/her requests.

  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • Excellent mobile layout
  • A great choice of printing features
  • Several subscription options
  • Fast customer support
  • Client invoicing features aren’t available
  • It’s impossible to add music to client slideshows
pixieset interface

You can use this platform to send proofs or finished photos to customers for further download or purchase. Since Pixieset has close integration with Lightroom, you can use a special plug-in to send photos from the photo editor to the gallery.

Great Client Galleries

pixieset gallery

Comparing Shootproof vs Pixieset, it is worth mentioning that the photo galleries of both platforms are quite similar. You can customize the layout and create separate albums with photos.

If necessary, you can specify a separate price for each print you sell. The layouts of the galleries are very simple and straightforward. You can easily figure everything out and create albums that are understandable to customers. Your customers will be able to quickly and easily download albums, share them, and mark their favorite images.

Perfect Mobile Version

pixieset mobile version

Your customers can install the Pixieset mobile app if they want to buy photos, mark favorite pictures and share them directly from their smartphones. This feature will appeal to those who prefer using smartphones more than computers.

Useful Settings During Photo Uploading

pixieset uploading photos

After you add images to the online gallery, you can configure such options as the location of the pictures in the album, watermarks and presentation. Pixieset studio manager allows you to change the style of mobile and desktop design, configure purchase and exchange options, and do many other useful things.

Built-in Store

pixieset store

The store includes all the necessary options for trading. You can track orders for downloading or printing that are placed here, as well as customize them. The user interface is very clear and straightforward, which greatly simplifies such a complex process.

The store consists of several sections, like products, orders, taxes, settings, coupons and delivery.

Direct Interaction with Printed Publications

The sale of printed and digital images is one of the main sources of income for photographers. Without profit, they will not be able to pay taxes and bills. The Pixieset website has a simple and convenient option to purchase photos and prints directly from the platform.

Moreover, there is close interaction between Pixieset and some well-known publications, including ProDPI, White House Custom Color, MPIX and Miller.

Private Galleries

Pixieset download can be protected with a special PIN. You can set an expiration term for such a password or make it unlimited. The PIN allows you to receive a whole gallery or individual photos, track downloads, Google analytics, etc.

Good Price

pixieset pricing

File size affects Pixieset pricing. This is especially beneficial for users with small files. You should choose the Plus package if your business is expanding. The Pro package is suitable for a stable business.

When a trial period is over, you can choose one of the following plans:

  • Basic (10 GB cloud storage + commission-free sales + unlimited mobile gallery apps + connect your domain + add custom logo + remove Pixieset branding) - $8 per month
  • Plus (100 GB cloud storage + ALL the rest) - $16 per month
  • Pro (1000 GB cloud storage + ALL the rest) - $24 per month
  • Ultimate (Unlimited cloud storage + ALL the rest) - $40 per month

No Music Options

Unlike Shootproof, Pixieset does not have the ability to add music to collections. Perhaps this feature could increase sales or make for a more engaging viewing experience.

Shootproof vs Pixieset: Conclusion

When it comes to delivering photos, determining the winner of this Shootproof vs Pixieset competition is quite difficult. It all depends on your needs and preferences as both platforms are reliable and do a good job. If you are interested in user-friendly delivery, then Pixieset is your choice.

Shootproof provides slightly more features, including options for sending contracts and accepting payment. Personally, I prefer working with Shootproof since it is important for me to be able to send an electronic contract and receive payment. I recommend testing both platforms and deciding which one is right for you.

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