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Price: from $0.7 per photo

VERDICT:ScanMyPhotos is one of the most popular services for scanning your physical photographs, film negatives of any format, and videos from old videotapes quickly and easily.

Learn more how this agency works, discover their prices, what services they offer, and what alternative options you can use to digitize your photographs.

  • They ship everything you need including a postage paid package
  • Quick delivery
  • Can download photos for faster access
  • Fast batch scanning
  • Risk of damage while being transported
  • Different types of storage devices need to be scanned in separate orders
  • Rather complex website
  • Quality isn’t always perfect
scanmyphotos services

Most scanning orders are completed within 7-10 workdays and they also offer a 1-day scanning option. The company is California-based and is known for scanning and restoring negatives, APS-film, 35mm images, and recovering files from digital storage devices. All photos go through scanning on the same day they were sent.

Completed orders are prepared for shipment within 1-day of receipt. The service also offers 24/7 customer service support. You have to pay for the size of the required box, but that’s mitigated by the fact that ScanMyPhotos ships all orders for free.

Offered Services

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep your photos in perfect condition, they are doomed to slowly degrade over time. If you refuse to scan them and preserve their digital copies, you’re risking losing them forever.

By ordering the scanning services offered by ScanMyPhotos, you can receive professional copies of your photos in 300 or 600dpi JPEG files. After being scanned, your images are copied to an archival DVD that can be used for about 80 years as long as you keep the disc in a cool location to prevent damage and warping.

If you own old image slides, Scan My Photos can scan them and create their digital versions. You can pick between 2 kinds of services. The basic service doesn’t offer color correction so if the slides have faded colors, then it’s recommended to choose the premium service instead.

Another medium that degrades as years pass is home videotapes. Regardless of where you keep them and how you handle them, they’ll lose their qualities over time.

To help you save your videos, ScanMyPhotos has introduced a video transfer service. It allows you to send your VHS, VHS-C and Hi-8 tapes and receive standard DVDs that you can play on all modern DVD media players. The only real downside is having your memories sent to the agency and risking them being damaged or lost during shipment.

ScanMyPhotos Blog

On its blog, ScanMyPhotos regularly posts various information about how photo scanning is done, interesting articles about the history of photography and individuals, who are important for this niche.

Additionally, the blog contains information on how to store your photographs and slides properly. In addition, the blog is the perfect place to learn the latest news about the company.

ScanMyPhotos Gallery

The company uses its personal Pinterest page as a gallery. Here you can view their completed projects, how the scanning is done, and see examples of improved photographs.

Additionally, ScanMyPhotos uses Pinterest for publishing interesting gift ideas involving physical photographs and more.

ScanMyPhotos Prices

Photo Scanning Pey-Per-Scan from 8c per scan
Prepaid Photo Scanning Box (up to 1800 photos):
72dpi - $145
150dpi - $159
300dpi - $285
600dpi - $329
Family Generation Collection (up to 10 800 photos):
300dpi - $799
600dpi - $1440
Slide Scanning Pey-Per-Scan from 71c per slide
Slide Scanning Box (up to 540 slides):
2000dpi/Standart - $235
2000dpi/Premium - $294
4000dpi/Standart - $325
4000dpi/Premium - $394
Negative Scanning 35mm Negative - from 47¢ per frame
APS Negative - from $7.95 per roll
120 MM Negative - from $1.95 per slide

The Fastest Photo Scanning

Scanning old photographs and storing their digital copies allows you to ensure you keep your most important memories forever and don’t have to worry about the state of the physical photos.

All images sent to ScanMyPhotos are processed by professionals working from Irvine, California. The photographs are scanned and used to create 300 or 600dpi JPG images that are stored on reliable 80-year archival DVD discs.

As soon as the photography scanning is finished, your pictures are immediately sent back to you. Their prices begin at a mere $0.16 per photograph and the service also has a same-day scanning option. That being said, the most advantageous option is to order a prepaid box for $145 that can fit 1800 photographs.

Easy Scanning of Old Slides

Ensure you continue to enjoy cheerful moments captured in your old slides by scanning them and preserving their digital copies. The slides are scanned into JPG files with a 2000 or 4000 dpi resolution and are stored on high-quality 80-year archival discs. There are two pricing plans for slide scanning, with prices starting at $0.21 per slide.

The standard pricing plan uses the Digital ICE Kodak technology for scanning that reduces the amount of dust and scratches on the slides while costing 20% less than the premium plan. However, the slides aren’t color corrected or edited.

The premium plan has professional specialists scanning each slide manually and carefully correcting images to obtain the perfect colors and density, guarantying the best possible quality. The service also uses Digital Ice Kodak technology.

Scanning Negatives in Any Format

ScanMyPhotos offers 35mm film scanning for antique cameras, Advanced Photo System film rolls, and 120 film that is widely used by both professionals and enthusiasts.

For APS and 35mm scanning, they offer scanning in either 2000 or 4000 dpi, and 120-mm can be processed into either 1000 or 2000dpi JPEGs.

Transferring Old Video Tapes to DVD

You can digitize your VHS/-C Hi8 videotapes, with each tape costing you $19.95, which is great value if you only need to convert a couple of videos to DVD, as well as individual 8mm reels. The service guarantees flicker-free, full-frame playback and retiming the final footage at $0.19 per foot.

New Life for Old Photos

  • photo restoration scamyphotos vs fixthephoto
  • photo restoration scamyphotos vs fixthephoto
  • photo restoration scamyphotos vs fixthephoto
  • photo restoration scamyphotos vs fixthephoto
  • photo restoration scamyphotos vs fixthephoto

    All basic image restoration orders cost $45.50 and are delivered within 20 days. You can speed up the delivery further for an additional fee. Moreover, you can request extra prints on Kodak paper when making your initial order or afterward using Scan My Photos online lab. Since all such orders are custom-fulfilled, you can’t expect any discounts, promo codes, etc.

    ScanMyPhotos vs FixThePhoto Comparison

      ScanMyPhotos FixThePhoto
    Photo Restoration from $45,5 per image from $25 per image
    Discounts No 15%-30%
    Coupon Code No Yes

    One of the main services provided by ScanMyPhotos and FixThePhoto is old photo restoration. FixThePhoto has a significantly lower price for a single image, just $25, while ScanMyPhoto prices start at $45.5 and increase rather severely depending on how damaged the photograph is.

    ScanMyPhoto clients regularly complain about the clarity of received images that sometimes end up looking a bit blurry. Professional retouchers at FixThePhoto do everything they need to ensure the finished photographs look highly-detailed in high resolution.

    Discounts and Prices

    ScanMyPhotos doesn’t offer any discounts or certificates for photo restoration orders due to the nature of such projects. The website sometimes has discounts for scanning photos.

    Meanwhile, FixThePhoto offers a 15% discount on all photo restoration orders during a month for orders over $300 and 30% off on all restoration services if your orders cost more than $1,500.

    customers feedback

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    The photos look better than I could imagine. The turnaround was also pleasantly fast and I’m glad I chose FixThePhoto.
    rank rank
    Quick and satisfying work by FixThePhoto. My old photographs look perfect now!
    rank rank
    I thought I’ll never see my photograph the way it used to look since it completely degraded over time. The local team of professionals managed to prove me wrong!
    rank rank
    The retouchers are wizards. My order was completed very fast and met all of my requirements.
    rank rank
    Working with FixThePhoto was an all-round great experience.
    rank rank
    Thanks for the terrific photo restoration service. Perfect color reproduction. I’m very happy with the quality and speed of your work.
    rank rank
    Perfect service for restoring damaged images!

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