23 Save the Date Photo Ideas for Your Inspiration

23 Save the Date Photo Ideas for Your Inspiration

All these save the date photo ideas will help you create unique invitations for guests. Whether you are planning a wedding or a birthday party, you can indicate the place and date of the event on an invitation.

Top 23 Save the Date Photo Ideas

With the help of such photos, you can set the tone for your wedding or give hints about the theme. Below, you will find both romantic and funny ideas that are easy to implement.

1. Photo with Pets

save the date photo ideas picture with pets

For such a photo I recommend choosing beautiful accessories for both you and your pets. It’s up to you whether to order a ready-made engagement photo prop sign for your pet or make it on your own.

save the date engagement photo ideas with pets

When considering a location for the save the date photography, I recommend choosing an open space where your pet feels comfortable enough. Pay attention to the background of the shot as well.

As a rule, you should not choose complex locations with many elements. Photos with a lot of greenery in the background or pictures taken in a room with white walls will be perfect.

2. Sport Style

save the date photo ideas sport style

You can take sports style save the date images by using a great number of interesting ideas. For instance, you can take a photo on a baseball field, a picture of you and your partner playing sports together or just a romantic shot of both of you in sportswear with a date printed on the T-shirt.

Choose a favorite sport of a bride and groom-to-be and take some relaxed shots. I recommend using Lightroom sports presets for post-processing your photos.

3. Numbers on Balloons

save the date photo ideas numbers on balloons

To organize a great save the date photoshoot, you can print your wedding date on balloons. Alternatively, you can buy ready-made number balloons and fill them with helium. A photo session with balloons can take place both outdoors and indoors.

4. Dates on Your Palms

save the date photo ideas dates on your palms

To take such a photo, you don’t even need props. All you need to do is take a marker and nicely write the engagement date or the phrase “I said yes”. You can choose interesting couple poses as well. The main thing is to ensure that the palm with the date is perfectly visible in the frame.

5. Memorable Moments with Children

save the date photo ideas memorable moments with children

If a couple has children already, you can take save the date images together. To get started, check out how to photograph children and select poses that flatter each person. A picture must look natural, without looking too staged.

6. Champagne to Remember the Occasion

save the date photo ideas with champagne

You can add festive notes to a photo with a bottle of champagne. Write an important date on the bottle, and it will make your save the date photoshoot more memorable. Make sure to select an appropriate location and a classic style to make your picture look harmonious.

I recommend focusing on a bottle of champagne so that your picture looks more eye-catching. To blur background in Lightroom, use these step-by-step guides created by professional photo retouchers.

7. Printed Numbers

save the date photo ideas printed numbers

Capture a date on a photo by using cardboard or metal numbers. You can either order them or create them on your own. To enhance the color gamut and contrast, use Honeymoon Lightroom presets.

8. Date on Pumpkins

save the date photo ideas date on pumpkins

If a couple is planning the engagement in the fall, you can take a picture with pumpkins. Using hand-painted pumpkins is a great idea for any save the date photoshoot.

Besides, you can use other fall photoshoot ideas as well. For instance, you can take photos outdoors surrounded by fallen leaves or wrap a couple in a warm blanket and take photos against a colorful autumn background. Fall Lightroom presets can be useful for editing your photos.

9. Photo with Donuts

save the date photo ideas pictures with donuts

Using donuts is a great way for taking unique save the date pictures. With such a photo, you can tell your loved ones about the upcoming event and set the theme for your wedding. If you want to follow a consistent style, use a backdrops photo background.

10. Let’s the Party Begin

save the date photo ideas for party mood

Laughter, splashes of champagne, sparklers and confetti are the main details that will allow you to create a party atmosphere. The main thing is to take a cool and professional picture using this decor. Don’t forget to edit your photos by using Photoshop Sparkle actions.

11. Pandemic Re-Save

save the date photo ideas during pandemic

Planning and preparing a wedding is an exciting process. Unfortunately, there are situations when the wedding needs to be rescheduled for some unforeseen reasons, like a pandemic or family circumstances.

save the date photo ideas pandemic re-save

In such a case, you can have a funny photo session, proposing once again. You can also choose face masks and arrange a photo shooting outdoors. If the wedding is postponed due to the pandemic, don’t take it to heart, use these save the date engagement photo ideas to let your guests know about a new date.

12. Mini Story in Photos

save the date photo ideas mini story in pictures

If you want to make an unusual announcement about an upcoming wedding, take a series of similar photos with such props as signs with texts and dates, balloons, garlands, etc. You can combine pictures into one by using free photo collage makers.

13. Phrase on the Feet

save the date photo ideas phrase on the feet

If you want to implement funny save the date ideas, put the date or the phrase “I do” on the sole of the shoes. A couple should sit so that their legs look beautiful in the frame. Choose an original couple photo idea and find a beautiful location.

You can also use more creative ideas, such as involving a groom’s friend. Besides, you can select an unusual location, such as railway tracks, a lavender field or a bridge.

14. Photo in a Familiar Place

save the date photo ideas in a familiar place

Take pictures in a place that is familiar to a couple. For example, it might be a room with their favorite couch. You can also show the future spouses’ everyday activities.

save the date photography at home

Experiment with the Lightroom presets to enhance your photos. The Vintage Love collection is fine if you want to add a retro style to your pictures. To make your photos look like film shots, use the Film LP collection.

15. For Hunting Fans

save the date photo ideas for hunting fans

If a bride and groom share a hobby, like hunting or fishing, you can take thematic wedding save the date images. Besides themed clothing, you will need to use special attributes, such as a gun and a framed chalkboard.

save the date photography share a hobby

Good lighting is important for such photos. I recommend shooting outdoors during the first hour or so in the morning. Alternatively, you can take photos during the last hour before sunset.

16. Funny Engagement Announcement

save the date funny photo ideas for engagement announcement

You can make fun of your friends and family by taking pictures with the phrase “He asked, but she said No.” You’ll need to use special props and practice your acting skills.

To enhance the color gamut, take time to edit your images. If you are using dedicated software, take a closer look at the Affinity photo presets collection that includes 50 presets.

17. Arrested

save the date photo ideas in a prison style

You can tell about an engagement in a humorous way using a prison-style photo shoot. To take such a photo, you need to use a police lineup background and plates with a date. After selecting a save the date photoshoot dress for a bride, think about appropriate makeup.

18. Many Emotions in One Photo

funny save the date ideas

Another interesting option for a collage is to take portraits of a bride and groom and show a full range of emotions. To organize such a photoshoot, make sure to use the best portrait photography ideas.

romantic save the date photo ideas

You can implement this idea not only in a funny way but also in a more romantic one. There is no need to use portrait photos only, you can take dynamic pictures while walking around the city or over a cup of coffee.

19. Instant Photos

save the date photo ideas with instant photos

You can tell relatives about a significant event by using instant photos taken in a photo booth. To create an invitation, print all the details on the back of a photo.

save the date template with instant photos

Alternatively, you can search for photo booth ideas on the Internet. If you order a photo booth, your guests will be able to take instant photos as souvenirs.

20. Calendar with a Memorable Date

save the date photo ideas to make a calendar

One of the most romantic save the date photoshoot ideas is to create a calendar where you can circle an important date. Use a photo of the proposal as the main cover. Take a look at various engagement photo ideas and choose the one that works best for your needs.

21. Movie Heroes

save the date photo ideas movie heroes

A fun way to tell about an engagement is to turn a bride and groom into heroes from their favorite movie. First, discuss which movie to choose and find an interesting idea to use. Alternatively, you can create a movie based on the couple’s favorite film.

save the date photo shoot ideas in movie style

To bring this idea to life, you can experiment with background retouching. You can also add effects using Fire Photoshop overlays.

22. Invitation-Passport

save the date photo ideas for invitation

To create such an invitation, you need to take a portrait photo of a couple and use Photoshop. Alternatively, you can use an online image manipulation service to create a passport. Professional photo retouchers will process photos and create invitations that will stay in memory for a long time.

23. Childhood Photos

save the date photo ideas with childhood photos

To implement of one the most interesting save the date photoshoot ideas, you don’t even need to organize a photo session. Use baby photos of future newlyweds. You can print invitations on artificially aged paper and ordinary cardboard. To make them more unique, create a new design or use ready-made Photoshop card templates.

save the date photo shoot ideas with childhood photos

An old damaged photo restoration service can help you enhance old images. Photo retouchers will remove scratches, improve colors and repair damaged areas.

Freebies for Save the Date Photos

freebies for save the date photos

For post-processing save the date photos, I recommend using Warm Lightroom presets. These tools can enhance the colors in your photos, add warm tones or create the atmosphere of Hollywood movies.