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SandAndArt Review

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Verdict: SandAndArt can turn your photos into sand masterpieces. These guys will commemorate your most valuable memories using colored sand.

This company can turn your photo into a sand painting. They provide a client with detailed information by taking photos and videos of each production stage. Their experts are open to suggestions and will edit a sand sculpture as many times as needed. The Sand And Art company guarantees client satisfaction and offers a money-back guarantee.

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When a sand picture is ready, SandAndArt experts seal a vessel with silicon to make sand stay in place. They donu2019t use glue, adhesives or binders when working with sand, but they ensure that a sand portrait will remain unchanged over time.

They dye the sand to create natural-looking images. SandAndArt experts use up to 81 sand colors to create realistic works of art.

The company cooperates with various delivery services, so they can ship an order to any place in the world.

Sand Paintings from Photos u2013 SandAndArt Review

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If you are interested in sand portrait art, you need to learn more about the techniques that are used to create it. Sand artists pour dyed sand and powdered pigments from crystals or other natural or synthetic sources onto a base of smooth sand. This way, they can create a sand painting.

They use sand taken from various sources, such as from the river, stream or sea. This craft requires professional skills, talent and patience. Thus, you wonu2019t find many companies providing sand and art services.

Plus, it takes a lot of time to create artwork from the sand. The speed depends on the craftsmanu2019s skills and a source picture.

Realistic Sand Images

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Sand And Art experts can create two types of sand paintings, traditional and modern ones. It can be a family portrait, a photo of one person or a picture of your pet. They pay high attention to details so it might be difficult to tell the result from the original. Keep in mind that you need to upload photos in the highest image quality format.

Once you have placed your order, it will be sent to a graphics designer. Then, an edited image will be sent to an artist who creates sand portrait art. If you need to enhance your photos before placing an order, you can contact the professional photo retouch service.

Only Natural Tools

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If you are wondering what tools artists use to create those sand portrait art, you might be surprised to find out that they use the simplest tools u2012 a small scoop, funnel and a stick. In this way, they can move sand particles to produce the required picture. It is a meticulous process that requires much time and effort.

Anyone can buy these tools and colored sand and get down to business. If the color of the sand used as a natural base looks off, artists can dye sand with natural pigments that will not fade over time.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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The Sand And Art company guarantees they will give your money back if you are not satisfied with the results. They accept returns within 15 days. If you change your mind and decide you donu2019t need a sand photo anymore, you may return it and get your money back.

Mind that if you want to return your order, you will have to pay for the shipping. When the company receives the order, you will be refunded.

Full Control and Support on Every Step

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The company is client-focused and allows for an unlimited number of revisions. You will get photos and videos to see how artists work on your photo or picture. When placing an order, you can send detailed instructions to designers. They will work on your picture till you are satisfied with the results.

SandAndArt experts can also help you choose the right photo. If you want to get a sand painting of your pet and canu2019t select a suitable image, send several pets photography samples and a designer will help you find the best option.

Fully Customizable Product

The Sand And Art company allows a client to fully customize a final product. You can indicate a custom size instead of selecting the most widely used formats. Besides, you can add an inscription with good wishes or greetings using up to 10 words. You can also add a company logo, an emblem or a name engraving.

High Quality Materials

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You can send a portrait, family, landscape or pet photo. Besides, artists can turn into a sand painting any other image that you like.

The final result directly depends on the container used. In most cases, it is a glass frame. It consists of two glass panes with space between them. You may also order a sand picture in a jar or any other glass container.

Sand Paintings From Photos - SandAndArt Prices

The price of sand portrait art depends on the size and the number of details in the photo. Thus, the smallest image of 7u04459.8 inches with one subject in the frame will cost you around $189 - $289. If there are two objects in the photo, you will have to pay at least $252. You donu2019t need to pay any extra fees, taxes or shipping charges.

Similar Products

Nowadays, SandAndArt is the best company that offers personalized sand art services. No other company can create such detailed sand copies of your pictures. Similar agencies offer a limited range of services. They create pictures in one color or use glue to seal them.

SandAndArt experts demonstrate a high degree of professionalism. Even if a new competitor appears on the market, it wonu2019t be able to beat SandAndArt in terms of quality.