9 Best Quickbooks Alternatives in 2024

Looking for effective QuickBooks alternatives to keep financial records of your growing business? Continue reading if you need accounting software that will help you track transactions, manage assets, monitor debits and credits without using third-party instruments. This article describes 9 programs that can replace QuickBooks.

Top 9 Quickbooks Alternatives

Keeping financial and accounting reports is complex processes that require maximum security. Thus, QuickBooks is not a cheap service. However, many people owning small businesses are not happy about it, so they try to find some budget alternatives.

The market is flooded with dozens of programs that will help you handle financial issues when your business is developing. These programs offer functions similar to those of QuickBooks; moreover, in some areas, they are even better.

Top 3 Quickbooks Alternatives:

These 3 QuickBooks alternatives will help you keep accounting and control your accounts not only in small businesses but also when managing large companies. They have an extensive set of features and tools to raise your financial awareness.

Also, the Article Considers:

1. Xero

Xero is a simple but effective accounting software offering the convenience of conducting your accounting business from virtually anywhere. Designed specifically for today's small business owner who does not require extensive training in accounting, but still wants to stay up on company performance, Xero operates for all niche markets, including online retail, information technology, legal, e-Commerce, and start-ups, and has been downloaded by hundreds of people from around the world.

xero interface
  • Lack of accounting jargon
  • Integrates with over 700 apps
  • Has 3 subscription packages
  • No time tracking features

The software is cloud-based meaning that you do not have to download it on to your computer, nor do you have to install it on your computer. Instead, everything is handled online. This is accomplished through a simple web browser interface, which makes it easy to operate.

All of the accounting functions are performed via the Internet, which means that you can access and change information at any time and from anywhere, whereas most other software packages require you to be in front of your computer at all times in order to make changes.

2. Wave

Wave isn't as well known as Microsoft Money, but that doesn't mean that it isn't great software. If you aren't sure which business software to get, then Wave is a great choice because it has all the features that most people need and also provides a great customer support system.

It comes loaded with money management tools, including an advanced balance sheet and financial analysis that allow you to see where you are financially. If you want to do some serious planning, then this is one of the best tools for you to get.

wave interface
  • Customizable tools
  • Convenient user interface
  • Free
  • Not ideal for large teams

What's great about Wave is that it is highly customizable, which means that even if you have a limited budget you can configure it to meet all your financial services needs. It is priced similar to a paid freelance accountant software (it is free) and so it offers a great service for that particular niche.

However, it also comes loaded with enough extras that even a small company with few employees can utilize it with just some caveats.

3. AccountEdge Pro

AccountEdge Pro is a software tool for handling online invoicing. Most businesses use the email system to communicate with their customers. This system does require the sending of many invoices, but when they are properly organized and filed, you can save a lot of money on paper costs.

In fact, many businesses that have a computer and internet connection to use this application in conjunction with an existing accounting program. AccountEdge Pro can make your life easier if you use it correctly.

accountedge pro interface
  • Excellent selection of features
  • Can be used by both small and large businesses
  • Convenient subscription terms
  • Complex working interface

Most people don't realize how much money they are losing because they aren't keeping track of what they spend. If you use this software, you'll be able to analyze your invoicing easily so you'll know where you can cut corners and still make a profit.

You will have the ability to create a worksheet so you can see at a glance what items are making you money and what ones aren't. Most people will find that having this type of software as part of their business means that they can cut expenses and increase profits, which means you will eventually have enough money to retire.

4. Kashoo

Kashoo is a network marketing company that has been around for quite some time. Kashoo is actually a very successful direct sales company that offer many different types of products and services to its clients, but one thing that they have always had in common is the opportunity to sell their own direct selling software systems.

Kashoo's founder Ken Schwaber started the company in 1985 with the mission of making marketing more accessible to the common person.

kashoo interface
  • Intuitive system navigation
  • Use of any tax data
  • Full control of transactions
  • Limited reporting options

With the software sold through the distributor's site, the company offers training and guidance for new distributors as well as continuing education for current distributors who wish to be upgraded.

There are many features on the site that show how easy it is to become successful with the program, but the most important aspect of the site is the information on the products. Each product is separated into sections by its type, price, and the amount of training you need for that particular product.

5. Sage

Sage data mining software can be considered as the ideal program for the finance industry. It is an optimum choice for anyone who wants to keep track of all the financial transactions of his or her companies. The software will help you in getting all the information about your clients, your sales and profit margins.

Besides, Sage also helps you in analyzing the tax returns of your business and in tracking down the expenses incurred by your company.

sage interface
  • Connects with more than 100 apps
  • Using the barcode system
  • More than 10 types of reports
  • Limited report customization

Sage is the best choice for analyzing financial data of any company in no time. It is capable of processing thousands of transactions in a day and it does this in a fraction of the time of other average cloud accounting software products.

Sage performs all the mathematical functions and calculations with great ease and efficiency. In addition, the software allows you to easily create and store reports. Therefore, Sage can also be used for creating tax reports.

6. Zoho Books

Zoho Books has been in the accounting software market for several years and is a very reputable company. If you want a robust, easy-to-use accounting program that integrates effortlessly with your company's other programs as well, Zoho Books can meet your needs.

It is relatively inexpensive when compared to other accounting software programs and has won numerous awards, including the Best Accounting Software for Small Business in the Information Security Management Association's 2021 Readers' Choice Awards.

zoho books interface
  • Wide range of functions
  • Working with spreadsheets
  • Cross-platform
  • Limited third-party apps
  • Only one pricing level available in inventory

One of the best things about Zoho Books for accounting is that it provides a number of different modules. For example, if you need to perform an on-site transaction with a customer (such as a cash transaction) in order to close a credit card transaction, you can use the Quick Pay module to automatically charge the customer's bank account when they visit your web site. This feature is especially useful if you are conducting multiple transactions in a day and want to be able to collect data in an efficient manner.

7. Bonsai

Bonsai software has the ability to manage your projects from beginning to end. From planning, to watering, fertilizing, weeding and pruning your software can manage all of these tasks, saving you time, and even money. Some programs are programmed with complex logging so you can track your plants, while other programs will log the day-to-day events. Either way, the software can save you tons of time and money.

bonsai interface
  • Good customer support
  • Free plan available
  • Client forms and questionnaires
  • Limited features
  • Limited integrations

The best part about using Bonsai taxidermy software is the ease of use. If you have never been able to keep up with a Bonsai plant, then this software will come in handy. It is very intuitive and user friendly. If you have no experience with using computers or managing a business, then the software is definitely for you. You can set up your first Bonsai in less than an hour.

8. FreeAgent

FreeAgent is a free full featured invoicing software created specifically for small to mid-size businesses. It allows small business owners to create professional invoices within a matter of seconds.

You could use FreeAgent as your online billing solution for your small online business or you could use it as an online desktop program and connect it to your billing software. The flexibility of this software allows you to take advantage of all of the features without having to understand or install any of them.

freeagent interface
  • Comprehensive invoicing tools
  • Simple account setup
  • Reasonable monthly cost
  • Unlimited users
  • Expensive for sole proprietor
  • No cash-basis accounting

When you are using FreeAgent, you will notice that the software does not require any web server or connection to the internet for you to be able to use the software. FreeAgent will not interfere with the functionality of your email accounts, websites or social media accounts.

Another great feature of FreeAgent is that you can take advantage of its advanced transaction capabilities to do things like provide incentives for customers, accept payments online and perform multiple billings through one single application.

9. Quicken

Quicken is an instant cash management tool designed by Quicken Incorporated. Invented in 1987, Quicken has quickly become one of the most popular financial planning tools available to consumers. On September 3, 2008, Quicken Incorporated announced plans to acquire Quicken Pro; terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Since then, Quicken Pro has been integrated into many financial software packages, including those produced by Intuit, Third Key, and A.M. Best and Company.

quicken interface
  • Financial institution integration
  • Track and manage your bills
  • Ample financial reports
  • Limited functionality on mobile devices

There are many versions of Quicken, with each version requiring a fee to download and using the Quicken software requires a subscription to the Quicken International website. However, there are several online versions of the program. Quicken Online is free to download and it is not considered as being inferior to Quicken Pro nor comparable to Quicken Ultra or the other versions of Quicken.

There is also no need to install the program on a computer in order to run the program; instead, the program can be downloaded and run directly from a computer that has an Internet connection.