Plak Theme Review: Professional Shopify Themes 2022

Plak Theme

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Verdict: Plak Theme provides a variety of professional Shopify themes that will help you optimize your website to drive more traffic and boost sales. In this Plak theme review, I will tell you how this company will help you create all kinds of websites, including blogs, eCommerce sites, and professional pages for promoting your brand or providing various services.

  • Each theme has unique features
  • Responsive design
  • The team replies quickly
  • In-built keyword optimization
  • 24-hour support
  • Only three themes
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You can use ready-made Shopify themes to create a website from scratch, optimize your eCommerce store or update an existing theme so that it meets all modern requirements. The Plak theme Shopify themes provider company will analyze your competitors and help you optimize your website.

You can also ask them to add new widgets and plugins that will help you save time and avoid using popular website builders for photographers.

Plak Theme Review: Main Features

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Plak Theme creates custom Shopify themes that will help you drive traffic from search systems, improve your Google search ranking, and boost a conversion rate.

Optimized Themes For All Kinds Of Businesses

Plak Theme allows you to use the 3 most popular Shopify themes, such as Plak, Sly and Grass. They were used for building thousands of eCommerce websites and personal pages. You can take a look at the projects created by the developers by scrolling down to the list of the samples below each theme.

There, you can find links to websites, analyze their load speed, take a closer look at plugins and widgets, and check whether they are optimized for various devices.

modified plak shopify theme

Plak Theme is mostly suitable for eCommerce since it allows you to add a shopping cart and various tools that will help you keep in touch with your clients. If you want to promote your website without using third-party eCommerce platforms, it will be a perfect solution for your needs.

These themes have a quick load time (0.4 seconds), a well-thought-out UI, smooth navigation, side panels for mobile devices. They have handy blog filters and support keyword and link optimization.

modified sly shopify theme

Sly Theme might come in handy for an eCommerce store that sells one product or for those who want to promote their photography or videography services. It allows you to use a dynamic page to boost your conversion rate. Besides, it has a smart panel and 28 animation themes for each section.

modified grass shopify theme

Grass Theme will be a perfect option for those who want to create a personal blog or a photographer’s portfolio. It allows you to show your images in Full HD resolution. You can also use this theme to create pages for a full-size blog.

Unique Site Settings

more than 30 new features from plank theme service

The developers have released new, unique features of these Shopify themes that allow you to add a 3D model, use blurry coupons to promote your services, create page content, set custom product parameters, add an automatic currency converter, a shipping estimator, and a countdown timer for products with temporary discounts. These themes also allow you to automatically display SKU and ISBN for every product.

Unlike WordPress themes, these options protect your content from being copied. You can add the predictive search option and use animated product labels. Dynamic pages and the Megamenu will help you promote your site more effectively.

Full Back-End Code Cleanup for Ecommerce Stores

full back-end code cleanup from plak theme service

If you already have a popular online store but have noticed that the speed has recently dropped, which has affected your Google rankings and communication with clients, it might indicate that you need back-end code cleanup. The Plak theme Shopify themes provider company will help you delete the traces of apps, widgets, and plugins that were incorrectly installed on your website.

The Plak Theme experts provide a wide range of back-end cleanup services and can delete unwanted codes that might compromise your website security and your clients’ data.

You just need to contact the team, send your data, and place an order. The Shopify experts will analyze all the installed apps and third-party codes to delete the ones that you don’t need. They can complete this task in 1-2 workdays.

Free Lifetime Technical Support

Unlike other developers, Plak Theme provides lifetime support for those who purchase their Shopify themes. This option is available for those who pay for plans for small, mid-size, and large businesses. It means that if some widgets or features stop working, the team will analyze and fix the issue for free.

Information About Theme Customization and Answers to General Questions

Make sure to visit F.A.Q. section if you have any questions about theme customization, coupons, price lists, animated counters, quick preview options, or the reCAPTCHA feature.

Here, you will find information about the currency converter, countdown timer, predictive search, announcement bar, shipping estimator, and other features.

Plak Theme Prices

Plak Theme has a transparent pricing policy. You can buy the Sly Theme for $95. It will allow you to create a blog or show your products in Full HD.

If you have an eCommerce store or provide photography services, make sure to take a look at the Plak package that costs from $295 or Grass package, with its price ranging from $195 to $395. Besides, you can pay $299 for the full back-end cleanup of your store.

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