Photo Creator Review 2020

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
Price: Free or $19.90/month

Verdict: Photo Creator is a remarkable web tool that, despite having a paid premium version, lets graphic editors, web developers, graphic designers, marketers, SMM and content managers, bloggers, publishers, and photographers without experience to create targeted photo compositions instead of searching for stock content quickly.

The service is free with the condition that you specify a link to icons8 on the resource. Premium features and commercial content are restricted by a paid subscription.

  • The service is free, multilingual, and cross-platform
  • Large collection of models, objects and backgrounds
  • Import/export and picture post-production capabilities
  • AI-powered editing
  • Special skills aren’t required
  • Responsive technical support
  • Some features, formats and content are available via subscription
  • Offline access is restricted by connection and subscription
interface photo creator review

Photo Creator (simplified from Moose Photo Creator) comprises thousands of masked models, objects, and 3D background rendering with the ability to blend them into a single high-resolution picture.

Setting up and creating photo collages for specific projects is simple and fast, which decreases the time and cost required to launch a website or publish a blog. It works with AI, offers an extended gallery with thousands of masked elements, lets users try swapping faces, and upload their own content.

Content is created and edited by designers for specific stories: you pick pictures of different people, combine models in teams, change emotions, pick the environment and combine it all in an individual picture that reflects your specific idea.

It is possible to manipulate pictures, such as eliminating backgrounds, and using third-party picture editors like Photoshop Editor Online.

Photo Creator Review

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Stock pictures are stereotypical, too generic, and limit diversity. Another problem is searching for pictures and vector sites or the content of an undesired element: special software and skills are required to change it.

The Icons8 team came up with the Photo Creator app to help create the perfect photo content to convey the idea in the best way on a website, blog, or social media. Creators want more control over the picture they post.

Photo Creator is a tool to solve these problems and create a suitable royalty-free picture for a specific purpose.

Extensive Collection of Billiard Combinations

moose collection photo creator review

An expanded Photo Creator kit comprises thousands of models, objects, 3D backgrounds, and environments. There are tons of pictures with fictional characters, animals, and people of different ages, races, body types, features, poses, emotions, and styles.

The variety of backgrounds and objects is also striking: from buying a 3D model to removing the price tag, creating a scene, and rendering it.

Instead of searching for a suitable picture, it is possible for users to create their own unique and ideal pictures. Creative experiments by developers are found in the collage category on Moose Photos. They were shot by professionals after casting and makeup.

By merging models, objects, and backgrounds into one picture, you can get 1 billion combinations (without picture editing), so there will be no repetitions.

AI-Powered Editing

ai face changing photo creator review

One of the premium capabilities of the Photo Creator software is the functionality that lets users modify the appearance of a specific model. With this method, it is possible to diversify the options for picture compositions and create tons of new characters.

Face change is provided by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The tool learns to make results better based on the analysis of user interaction and a growing database. Modify faces, make models smile, or change their facial expressions.

The rapid growth of the gallery to expand the capabilities of pictures is now also supported by AI. The online background remover copes faster thanks to the intelligent clipping process. In this way, the speed of processing and masking pictures is now about 250 per hour. Therefore, the variety of compositions in Photo Creator is infinite.

Export to PSD for Unrestricted Picture Editing

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Other features that are worth mentioning in this Photo Creator review are the ability to resize the background, model, or object. Pictures may be exported to .jpeg or. png formats for free.

For the subscription price, you will be able to export all icons, models, and objects on your specific collages, masked and layered, to a multi-layer PSD file and continue editing in Photoshop. This way, designers can customize, edit, and polish pictures for newsletters, prepress, and post-production.

Simplified Interface

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The tool lets users get qualitative content without special skills and expensive software. As with many picture editors, Moose enables users to undo and redo changes, as well as save the pictures in drafts. Some keys and combinations (delete, Ctrl + Z, etc.) can be used to make the process of creating pictures more familiar and convenient.

Select or drag pictures from the large gallery, mix them as you wish for a specific purpose and story. Play around with the size by dragging the markers, and funny combinations.

Uploading User’s Images

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For full creative freedom, one of the most widespread requests from users of Photo Creator is implemented. Now, it is possible for users to upload or import their own pictures to the tool and take advantage of them in the process of creating pictures collages based on the principle of Free Collage Maker.


This tool may be used for free only in case you are going to provide a link to icons8. It is quite fair since you are getting good free content, convenient functionality, and responsive technical support.

For those who require unrestricted access to all commercial content with the ability to save, music, as well as a useful export function to SVG and PSD files along with a desktop application for icons, I suggest signing up for a monthly or annual subscription.

It can be canceled on demand at any time. There are large discounts on the number of 5 or more.

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. .

To end this Photo Creator review, I would like to share a list of similar and equally effective products. You can use them as a source of free content for new ideas once you are registered.

In Adobe Stock it is possible to receive 10 pictures for free. As for Shutterstock, despite a subscription, it shares a free photo or vector image on a weekly basis, as well as royalty-free stock assets on the occasion of events.

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